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Neither of us have a background in fashion or design but we both have a personal interest in street wear and an innate entrepreneurial spirit, which ultimately drove us to create our own brand. We've both travelled a lot and we are particularly keen to capture the diversity of different cultures and histories that have influenced people over time, so things that we've seen in countries such as Morocco, Sri Lanka, Egypt and Spain are where some of our designs originate. We wanted to raise awareness and money for the people who were showing such incredible strength during the uprisings in the Middle East.
No wonder this space is eccentric since the venue was founded twelve years ago by our famous controversial artist and provocateur David Cerny. Even though Meet Factory has a touch of underground atmosphere, I find it the best place if you want to catch concerts by good contemporary indie or electro bands like Sohn, Caribou, Mount Kimbie, Emika or Crystal Fighters, all of whom have recently performed here. In addition to the concert venue, there is a space for small theater productions as well as art studios of young artists. What I appreciate about this venue are its affordable concert prices and its no smoking policy. And this year The Ravenottes, Fink, Ryan Hemsworth and Elliphant will perform here, so I think those are great reasons to visit Meet Factory!
I stumbled upon one of their T-shirt designs while casually scrolling on Tumblr and had to find out where I could get one of my own.

Coming from such a diverse university like the SOAS, where we met, we were exposed to so many different cultures and histories and we felt that there werena€™t many clothing brands out there that captured this. For example in our first collection two T-shirts featured photographs from our trips to the Alhambra, in Granada, and Luxor, in Egypt. The design on the front is in the style of a political cartoon, a sort of play on the role of social media in modern political upheaval. Hand in Hand for Syria established themselves at the start of the Syrian uprising and were one of the few charities able to get humanitarian aid into Syria and regularly provide food and clothing to the families there.
We've got a couple of pieces coming out next month inspired by our recent travels around Sri Lanka this summer. Arriving at Meet Factory, the first thing you will notice are cars hanging above the entrance and paint dripping down the facade of the factory building. Therefore concerts are always accompanied by complementary art exhibitions, flea markets, or most recently, a comic book fest. Their street apparel is a range of T-shirts each with a print that's powerful, inspiring and inter-culturally relevant.
We are also inspired by people whose styles we admire, like Va$htie Kola, Nick Wooster and Nina Sky.

We wanted to highlight the importance social media took on during the revolutions, in sharing these historical moments with the rest of the world. We'll also be working with the brilliant and inspiring team at Restless Beings, an international human rights organization which aims to support marginalized communities that are deprived of media or public attention. The only way you can get here is by tram and due to the popularity of this place, they tend to be crowded. I caught up with the creators of Empiyah, Emma and Selma, and asked a few questions about their unique brand. The idea stemmed from Gil Scott Heron's 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised', which we approached from a new perspective, and so on the back of the T-shirt we have 'The Revolution Has Been Televised' in arabic and english. We want to continue to feel proud that wea€™ve built a brand which has integrity, and that continues to be something people can relate to.

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