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King of the Britons: Ten Actors Who Played King Arthur in Film and TV – Which Is Your Favourite?
Check Out Our Slang Dictionary!Check out Anglotopia's Dictionary of British Slang - Your Complete Guide to over 1,000 British Slang Words and Phrases. Still, for someone who makes a career of exposing personal truths, Max remains surprisingly discreet when it comes to his own relationship. Max’s lovely wife is a world-traveling entrepreneur who sells hard-to-find fashions in her native country. No word on when the couple married, but Priscila did refer to Max as her husband in her second blog post from August 2012. Why does Joseph hold a camera (in such a way that it proves he doesn’t know how a camera works) when there’s a film crew filming them both?
I would think, that, HIS camera is HIS property, so he can use his film later, for whatever he chooses- being that he IS a Film maker…. PHOTO Jenelle Evans reportedly pregnant again, Jenelle says ‘Nope’After a picture surfaces of  Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans shopping at Target with what appears to be a sizable baby bump, a reliable source is confirming that she is pregnant again!
I hear the governing body of American football IAFA is demanding that they merge with and adopt the name of global football’s governing body FIFA. They have told FIFA president Sepp Blatter that they too play football, that theirs too is a healthy outdoor team sport, that their supporters – while admittedly a small global minority restricted to North America – are just as passionate about their game, and that an IAFA name-change and merger with FIFA would give global recognition to American football and show the world it is exactly the same as conventional football. Politicians and policy-makers at FIFA are sometimes corrupt, frequently foolish and certainly weak enough to be swayed by the decibel level of the noise accompanying the American demands. Ordinary football supporters on terraces around the world know that the two games are different. By why stop at merging with FIFA, the subjective experience of enjoying running with a ball is shared by other sports such as netball. And because American football is different from British football I despise American footballers.
Editor’s note: This article contains language that is considered offensive to some and is homophobic in nature.
So here’s the story: In Center City on Thursday, September 11th, (which is sorta near West Philadelphia if you’re that type of person to start singing the Fresh Prince theme) two men were walking when they were approached by a visibly intoxicated group of two men and six women. One of the men replied, “Yes, this is my fucking boyfriend.” (As reported by Queerty in a conversation with the victims). This was apparently too much for the group to handle, because they beat the two men into the ground. Philadelphia police worked with the victims, classified it as a hate crime and then identified the suspects. Six days later, news came out that the Philly police will only be charging three of the eight people involved: 24-year-old Philip Williams, 26-year-old Kevin Harrigan and 24-year-old Kathryn Knott. Because Philadelphia’s hate crime statutes do not cover attacks motivated by sexual orientation, the charges have been changed to two counts each of aggravated assault, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person (REAP) and one count of criminal conspiracy. Upon surrendering to the police, Knott’s and Williams’ attorneys stated they were innocent. I do believe that our justice system must process these three, and that until proven guilty, Kathryn Knott is innocent. I guess for me the most horrifying part of this is not that yet again, a gay couple was attacked for no reason, but rather that none of the assailants fit into my usual mental image of a bigot. Security images show more than just one female joining in the attacks, and the group that night was made up of mostly women. Once you get away from the Queerty posts, an overwhelming comment section repeats the same type of logic: These poor kids made a mistake. As far as this being yet another liberal conspiracy (thanks Obama), I will pull a line from Knott and her brethren: I can’t even.
The trope of rich white kids getting off scot-free when committing crimes has permeated every aspect of our culture, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that a pretty white girl committing an ugly crime is news. Unfortunately Knott is learning a lesson most recently learned by Zoe Quinn: On the Internet, what you say is the basis of your character.
Resident nerd, glitter goth, and reluctant adult, Al has been writing about the things that make her heart sing for over a decade.

Curious about this as well, wondering who will be the first to publish the surveillance footage, or if someone already has it.
My take is that she’s very into being popular with her peers, especially guys, and joined in the fight in an effort to please them. Channel 4 literally got inside an anti-gay Russian vigilante group, and filmed them planning and executing a kidnapping of a gay youth in St. Kidnapped young gay Russian forced to drink urine by vigilante groups the Russian government refuses to prosecute. The biggest network is called Occupy Pedophilia (gays and pedophiles are the same thing to these people). Then they meet with a representative of Human Rights Watch, who is monitoring the situation in Russia, and she shows a video of a young gay man kicked in the face and falling to the ground unconscious.
The HRW rep shows another video of a man in Novosibirsk, outside, naked, hands tied behind his back, with a gun to his head, forced to say to the camera that he’s gay, and then they force him to rape himself with a bottle.
HRW says that the Russian authorities have refused to condemn the attacks, so the attackers think their actions are sanctioned by the government.
You have to consider how bad the rule of law is in Russia for these people to be willing to show their faces. You can hear the muffled victim, his mouth either gagged or covered by someone’s hands, while the 13 men subdue him like an animal.
Then at 25:22 you hear and see the man in the middle, in the white sweater, holding the victim down and beating him.
Sergei punches the gay kidnap victim twice with his right arm, then once with his left, before Katya suggests perhaps he go a little lighter. Katya then warns the victim that the journalists are going to leave soon, and the 13 boys are going to do far worse to him. America has its problems, but our government doesn’t collude with ultra-nationalist groups that kidnap and torture kids. The fact that this Katya demon isn’t in jail attests to the fact that Russia under Putin is just as backwards as it was under the Soviets. They both seem to be racking up the air miles, though, between visits back to Brazil and events around the country.
Keep reading to find out how Courtney and Doug told their close friends and family, and see our Photoshop prediction of what Courtney will look like pregnant. Due to the nature of this story being about a hate crime, and the slurs being reprinted in source material, we have elected to keep the language as is. One witness came forward saying that he heard the group screaming homophobic slurs while they pounded the men into the pavement.
When I think of the typical gaybasher, I think of the people I have experience with: Westboro reject rednecks with confederate flags in their truck or on their belt buckles, usually male and definitely in their late 30’s or 40’s.
I mean, Knott’s twitter account (which still hasn’t been deactivated) is a collection of Mean Girl’s quotes, HIPAA violations (this three-year operating room tech habitually discloses sensitive information about patients), and the chronicles of a privileged police chief’s daughter that delights in her father’s position getting her out of trouble, and who also has an alcohol problem. Considering how many studies have been done in the past twenty years about how girls are crueler than their male counterparts, why would I be jarred at the realization that, holy shit, not only is that girl idolizing a Queen Bee, but she is into gaybashing after a night at a fancy Italian dinner (checking in on Facebook, of course). If you say that there’s no way this pretty young thing from Southampton could POSSIBLY be homophobic, well, she’s already proven herself to lean that way. The group started off yelling homophobic slurs and were aggressive toward complete strangers. I was wondering why she hates the gay so much and being violent, it gives me the idea that she’s a closeted lesbian and hates herself, which is why she drinks that much.
She strikes me as the type who would help her boyfriend rape and murder just to make him happy, then claim to be a victim. A In this small segment, above, the young man is punched repeatedly in a room full of 13 men and one woman named Katya. I’ll go into it in much more detail below, but in a nutshell, they lure young gays, usually teens, into meeting with someone for a date (or for fooling around), the teen shows up at an apartment and are greeted by a group of men who then kidnap and torture them, sometimes pouring urine on them or raping them with objects.
A It has cells in 30 cities across Russia, and the Russian authorities did nothing for a year and a half until CNN finally did a show about it, and the Russians reluctantly arrested the group’s leader for something else totally unrelated to the kidnappings.
In fact, the bags contain soap-on-a-rope, and a card urging the gay person to go kill themself.

A That question is a recurring theme in Russia, where only dissidents it seems ever end up in jail.
A Only after CNN reported on the group and its leader, Maxim Martsinkevich, a few weeks ago did the Russian government finally arrest him.
A At 23:30 they catch their prey and a group of them forcibly subdue him, while Katya gives orders.
A Perhaps the two Yale law professors, and a certain DC-based gay blogger, should watch this video before they post more stories about the equivalence between homophobia in America and homophobia in this Vladimir Putin’s Russia. As the cops showed up, the group took off, one of them taking a bag with one of the victim’s wallet and other items in it. Again, Knott’s twitter feed points to someone who is fully aware of the privilege she lives in, and is fully aware of her feelings toward homosexuals. In fact, “Anyone who has each and every statement, tweet, text, Instagram, sliced and diced and analyzed would be hard-pressed to defend every possible interpretation,” he said.
Need to have some questions answered or maybe discuss some PR for your upcoming indie game or geek culture project? I bet she had a thing for one of the young men in this case, probably the one who started this. She’s the ringleader, and a vicious sadist who revels in directing the kidnappings and interrogating the victims herself. A They film the assault and then publish it online to out the person to the world, which is a disaster for most of these people. A Except they refused to arrest anyone else involved with the group, even though there are videos of the committing the crimes, so the group lives on, and keeps kidnapping gay youth. A And America’s religious right is actually helping Russian anti-gay groups organize to become even stronger.
They lowered the lights and told the UK cameraman not to film, but he pushed his way in and filmed anyway.
A Katya decides she’s bored, so they force the young man to dance around the room instead.
He has a joint law degree (JD) and masters in Foreign Service from Georgetown (1989); and worked in the US Senate, World Bank, Children's Defense Fund, the United Nations Development Programme, and as a stringer for the Economist. If you can call it that!) and have their sordid little superbowls and everyone who celebrated REAL football every week, bums on terraces, were really disgusted and then no-one wanted to go anymore and they stopped holding world cups because the Americans had somehow cheapened it for everyone?… No, neither do I. I mean, come on, would anyone defend their friends if they whined about their parents giving them a check instead of cash at age 24?
A But it’s an important video, and a necessary one, that might finally break this long-ignored story wide open.
A It’s a wonder Katya is not in jail, as Katya is a vicious sadist who revels in directing the kidnapping of young gay Russians, and then interrogating the victims herself. A They finally let him go after an hour, but as reporter McKean notes, the victim knows that his video is going up online, so he’s going to be outed.
A The branches in the rest of Russia are real, and they’re participating in regular human rights abuses, with impunity. A And I can’t imagine why anyone tourist, or business, would want to have anything to do with the place. I don’t know anybody who could have their correspondence survive the scrutiny of a million different groups.
I do believe they even play at Wembley sometimes and it doesn’t crash down in a heap of rubble or get struck by lightning! I wonder how hard you grit those teeth when you masquerade as a friend of minorities, immigrants, gays, and non-christians.

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