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Friendship Circle invites you to Meet my Friends, a special evening for mothers and daughters. Meet My Friends is an evening of inspiration, creativity and fun for mothers and daughters over age 12. Please Note: This is an inclusive event for Parents, volunteers and girls with special needs over the age of 12. For this giveaway entry, all you have to do is enter your email, which automatically signs you up to receive the email newsletter for all 10 of our sites. With our newsletters, some of us send them out once a week, some more than that, some less than that. Now, take a minute to Meet my Friends at a glance, and visit their sites while you wait for the giveaway to complete.

This is a chance for mothers to join us at Friendship Circle and get a glimpse of the friendships your daughters build within our programs.
We are excited to offer a fantastic giveaway opportunity to our readers this week, and even more excited to introduce you to my creative blogging friends along with this giveaway. The giveaway that we’ve put together for you today is a $500 GIFT CARD!  The winner gets to pick WHERE they want that gift card from, or even a few if they want.
Blogging is kind of a crazy community that is hard to understand unless you are part of it .
In our newsletters, we share links to our best content, sales, freebies, and unique tips that we don’t share with the general audience on our sites. Let me know in the comments if any of their sites are new to you, or which you already LOVE!

If you don’t love what you receive, you are free to unsubscribe after the giveaway is over, but give them all a chance, I just know you’ll love what they share!
We text to ask each other questions, meet up at blog conferences, and work together in Facebook groups on a daily basis for the common goal of helping each other succeed.
We call them all our friends in real life, not just through a computer.  This business of blogging is constantly evolving and changing, and we need each other to stay afloat!  We truly have so many other friends that we have met through blogging and we will aim to introduce you to more in the future.

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