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Whether you need help getting started, marketing your listings, using a feature, importing your items or for any other reason at all, feel free to contact us. Find whatever you're craving, see what's good at any restaurant and learn what foodspotters, friends and experts love wherever you go. Born in 1919 in the town of Los Toldos, Argentina, Maria Eva Duarte grew up with her parents and four siblings.
The Duarte family then fell on hard times, and after a brief move to the nearby town of Quiroga where Juan attempted to regain his economic footing, the family returned to Los Toldos and lived in poverty. In 1930, Evita’s mother, Juana, moved her family to the town of Junin, where Evita got a taste of her first career: acting. After moving to Buenos Aires, Evita worked as an actress, and made her way in the big city as best she could without any real financial stability. Evita and Juan Peron were married in 1945, and in that same year, Juan Peron was imprisoned by opposition from within his party over fears that he would eclipse the presidency. As first lady, Evita was tasked with meeting foreign leaders in Europe, and in 1947, an invitation by the president of Spain lead Evita on a trip known as the Rainbow Tour. Evita did in fact have a penchant for expensive and world class clothing, jewelry, and decor. Despite criticism against her (some justified, some not), Evita is credited with many wonderful accomplishments.
Eva Peron experienced and accomplished all of this on only 33 years, the age when she died of cervical cancer. When Hernan Malleret began working at home parttime he never expected SOLIDWORKS would become a full-time interest for his 10-year-old son Tomas.

Join us and contribute by providing feedback as we work to build a first of its kind online marketplace and community for collectors, like you. Her love for the stage was what ultimately moved her to move to Argentina’s capital of Buenos Aires, where Eva would go on to change the nation. It wasn’t until 1944 that Evita would meet Juan Peron, who, as a result of his involvement with a military coup that resulted in a takeover of the Argentine government, was currently the Secretary of War and Labor. Released a short time later, Juan Peron went on to win the presidency, and thus came the rise of Evita as an influential political figure.
The particular set of policies and beliefs held by Juan Peron eventually became a political party and political philosophy known as Peronism. On this tour, Evita met with leaders in Italy, Portugal, France, Switzerland, and Monaco, as well as Argentina’s South American neighbors, Brazil and Uruguay. So while Evita was immensely popular at home in Argentina, there will still many Argentines who considered her to be a hypocritical figure.
Many who did not care for Evita bashed her for supposedly being a manipulative harlot (some referred to her “La Gran Puta,” which translates to “The Great Whore”) who was secretly pulling all the country’s political strings. She was instrumental in passing a law that gave women the right to vote in Argentina in 1947. Evita died in 1952, but the legacy she and Juan Peron left behind when they started the Peronist movement is every bit as active in Argentina today as it was when they first rose to prominence.
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La santa Peronista!” Anyone who has seen Andrew Lloyd Weber’s operetta Evita knows at least a little something about the life of Eva Peron, one of Argentina’s most beloved and controversial political figures.

Evita’s father, Juan Duarte, was given the role of Deputy Justice of the Peace in 1908, and the family enjoyed a great deal of prominence. While Peronism was popular among lower socioeconomic classes in Argentina, Argentina didn’t necessarily have too many sympathetic friends abroad, particularly in Europe. How could a woman who publicly supported the interests of the poor and working classes allow herself to live such a luxe lifestyle? In 1948, she established the Maria Eva Duarte de Peron Foundation, which served poor children and elderly people. The subject of endless debate, Evita’s Peronism (and its opposition) is still very much a defining political and social feature of Argentina.
While she was never an elected official, Evita had a profound and lasting impact on the social and political landscape of Argentina. At this time, the leftist Radical Party had won the presidency, and conservative ideologies continued to become increasingly unpopular: bad news for Juan Duarte, who was solidly affiliated with the Conservatives. Evita is perhaps best known for championing the rights of the descamisados (meaning “the shirtless ones,” referring to working class laborers). Because of this, Argentina’s future will forever be entwined with the history of La Santa Peronista.
Throughout her political career, Evita supported legislation that would improve working conditions and wages for some of Argentina’s poorest workers.

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