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The services are focused to Ortho-Spine Surgeons, Medtech-companies and the Medtech-industry.
Over 15 years Medtech experience - different roles and responsibilities in cardiovascular, gastroenterology, orthopedics and spine.
From manufacturing engineering, engineering, product development, project management to international management functions.
Activities along the product life cycle, from the idea to the product: product maintenance, innovations, market introductions and continuations. CNC Milling, Drilling, EDM, Injection Molding, Heat Treatment, Welding, Finishing, Passivation, Laser Etching, Ultrasonic cleaning, etc. In den vergangenen Jahren haben neue technische Moglichkeiten dazu gefuhrt, dass Medizingerate zunehmend ortsungebunden eingesetzt werden konnen - sowohl in der stationaren als auch in der ambulanten Patientenversorgung. Doch mit der zunehmenden Mobilitat von Medizingeraten stellen sich auch Fragen: Wie verandern sich erprobte Ablaufe in der medizinischen Versorgung? Hochkaratige Vertreter aus Klinik, Industrie und Forschung diskutieren diese spannenden Fragen und geben einen Uberblick uber Moglichkeiten und Limitierungen mobil einsetzbarer Medizingerate in der ambulanten, stationaren und sektorenubergreifenden Versorgung. Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Teilnahme und wunschen Ihnen eine interessante Veranstaltung mit spannenden Gesprachen in Frankfurt. Medizintechnik in der chirurgischen Intervention am Beispiel der Herz-, Gefa?- und ThoraxchirurgieProf. Verbesserungen in Diagnostik und Therapie stehen oft in Verbindung mit technologischen Fortschritten bei Medizinprodukten und medizinischen Dienstleistungen. From 1996 to 2000 Alex was responsible for creating and running the international healthcare publishing unit at The Economist Intelligence Unit. As in the past the reputation of the medical device industry and specific companies are measured by hundreds of patient groups from all over the world.
So kann die Patientenuberwachung im Krankenhaus mittlerweile drahtlos erfolgen, unabhangig vom jeweiligen Aufenthaltsort des Patienten. Und uberwiegt der Nutzen mobil einsetzbarer Technik den Aufwand der Entwicklung und Implementierung?
In the latest survey, conducted in March-April 2014, we gathered the views of 428 patient groups, with diverse specialties, from 54 countries. In discussing the preparation of a cavity for restoration in a modern clinic, it is essential that we talk about the many different kinds of burs available to the dentist. Radiologiebefunde konnen in unmittelbarer Nahe zum Patienten auf mobilen Endgeraten aufgerufen und beurteilt werden.
Also, as in previous years, there was strong European representation among these groups in latest study—86% come from Europe.
Regardless of the procedure being done, the burs will probably be used in preparing the cavity for restoration. Doch mobil einsetzbare Medizingerate spielen auch au?erhalb des Krankenhauses in der ambulanten oder aber sektorenubergreifenden Versorgung eine immer gro?ere Rolle.

Her most recent publication being on The Future of Healthcare, which was published by the EIU in March 2011, and was sponsored by Janssen.
The bias is intentional, but also reflects the fact that the patient movement is rapidly expanding in that region.
The definition of arrhythmia is an abnormality in the rate, rhythm, or conduction of the heartbeat. They are manufactured in different sizes and shapes suited to the various types and forms of the cavity preparation desired. Wird ein Implantat, etwa ein Herzschrittmacher, im Krankenhaus implantiert, verlasst dieser spater mit dem Patienten die Klinik, um im Rahmen der Nachsorge telemetrisch fernuberwacht werden zu konnen.
Alex was elected by the BBC in 1996 to participate in a small team assessing the Corporation’s radio and TV coverage on science and technology.
The good news For the very first time, the medical device industry ranks as the most respected of all healthcare sectors, outstripping even retail pharmacy, which came first last year. A heartbeat irregularity may be an indication of some disease or a normal response to the body's activity. You will be expected to know four different things about the burs that you are given: The shape (name) of the working end, the series number of the bur, the material of which it is made, and in which hand piece each type of bur may be used.
As well as lecturing, presenting and chairing healthcare forums worldwide , Alex also sits on the advisory board of the healthcare initiative of INSEAD management school Paris, and has worked for television and radio, appearing in an expert capacity on several programmes. With 60% of respondents saying that the medical device industry has a “good” or “excellent” reputation in 2013-2014, that places the medical devices ahead of retail pharmacists, private healthcare services, biotechnology companies, generic drug manufacturers, multinational pharma companies, and insurers (not-for-profit and for-profit) —from the patient perspective.
Series numbers and bur shapes are associated with each other: A round bur is in the ten series, an inverted cone bur is in the thirty series, a straight crosscut fissure bur is in the five hundred series, and the tapered fissure bur is in the seven hundred series. Reputation of the medical device industry—compared with other healthcare sectors How do you think your organisation’s members (or the people you represent) would rate the corporate reputation of the following healthcare industries in 2013-2014? Burs may be made of one of two materials: A stainless steel bur will have a smooth shank, and a tungsten carbide alloy, bur will have a ring, a set of parallel rings, or possibly a ring of X's around the shank. Percentage of respondents stating “Excellent” or “Good” The other piece of good news for the medical device industry is the continued perception by the great majority of patients that manufacturers of medical devices continue to remain strongly innovative, producing high-quality products, while at the same time ensuring patient safety.
Tungsten carbide burs will stay sharp longer than stainless steel burs, and they may be used repeatedly without marked reduction in cutting efficiency.
Not such good news after all But despite this positive feedback there are signals that not all is well in the medical device world. The slow-speed straight hand piece (SHP) uses a friction grip attachment and accepts a bur with a long shank.
This means that the end of the bur that goes into the hand piece is smooth and is held in the hand piece by friction. The shank of the straight hand piece bur is not only longer but also larger than the other burs.
The bur that goes into the slow-speed contra-angle hand piece (AHP) is almost as large around as the straight handpiece bur, but it is much shorter and has a notched end with a groove opposite the working end that fits into the latch attachment on the angle hand piece.

The bur for all high-speed hand pieces (HSHP) is smaller and shorter than the other burs; it also has a friction grip attachment (that is, the end is smooth). Burs are an essential part of the setup for the dentist performing a restorative procedure. A premature ventricular contraction (PVC) is a single ectopic (heartbeat arising from a place other than the SA node) caused by irritable focus in the ventricles. They are the rotary cutting instruments that replace many of the hand instruments used in a cavity preparation procedure.
The heartbeat comes earlier than expected and interrupts the regularity of the underlying rhythm of the heart.
The heartbeat rate is determined by the underlying heartbeat rhythm, PVCs not being included in the rate.
P waves will not come before an ectopic heartbeat; however, P waves may be seen near a premature ventricular contraction.
Premature ventricular contractions may be quite serious, particularly in certain combinations and in the wake of acute myocardial infarction. Dangerous signs include frequent PVCs, runs of PVCs, multifocal PVCs, and the R-on-T phenomenon. In a perfectly healthy person, PVCs may not always be considered an abnormality; however, if the casualty is experiencing acute myocardial infarction, PVCs must be treated instantly. To establish which hand piece a bur is used in, you may look at the end away from the working end, as illustrated in figure 2-3. However, any shape bur may be made of either of the two materials, and it may be made to fit into any of the three types of hand pieces. Angle hand piece steel burs numbers 4, 35, and 558 are available in either the standard or short-neck lengths.
The tungsten carbide burs function best at high-speed operations; they are harder than stainless steel burs. Diamond Stones and Wheels  Diamond stones and wheels (figure 2-5) are used to cut enamel and are manufactured in various sizes and shapes. These instruments create heat during use and require water or air-cooling if used for any length of time.
The rate can exceed 250 beats per minute of the heart rhythm progressing to ventricular flutter. Occasionally, the rate may be slower than 150 beats per minute; the condition is then termed slow ventricular tachycardia (VT).

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