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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. McKinsey and Company DESCRIBE TWO CAREER PATHS ACONSULTANT COULD FOLLOW AT MCKINSEY AND COMPANY. McKinsey and Company DESPITE MAJORITY OF CONSULTANTSLEAVING MCKINSEY AFTER SEVEN OR EIGHT YEARS IT STILL REMAINS A COVETED DESTINATION. The ability to quickly produce an articulate and professional PowerPoint presentation is an invaluable skill in the corporate world.
Learn frameworks used to break down complex business issues and present findings & analyses in PowerPoint.

Storyboarding - Learn how to construct an insightful and articulate story for your audience using concepts like the Pyramid Principle, MECE, and PCPV.
Slide Design - Learn how to design your slide--from slide architecture, to diagram and chart selection, to text box size and location. Diagramming - Learn basic to advanced diagramming techniques, including how to construct "The Missing PowerPoint Diagram".
Efficiency Techniques - Learn how to greatly reduce the time it takes for you to create a presentation. Consulting Methodologies - Learn the proven methodologies developed and practiced by leading strategy consulting firms. Our PowerPoint book and products have been used by a number of MBA students, Fortune 500 companies, and other organizations.

The same PowerPoint diagrams and PowerPoint templates used in executive presentations designed by top consulting and market research firms. Founded in 2010, learnppt offers the Powerpointing tools you need to create professional and effective business presentations. These are some of the questions our book addresses in detail, as we discuss methodologies, frameworks, and tricks used to create professional presentations in the business world.

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