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You know that muscular guy in the gym, who spends so much time lifting weights you don’t know how he manages to hold down a full-time job? I’ve noticed a recurring mindset from my coaching: Most women completely over-estimate the confidence of men. Ask 95% of men to approach a woman and ask for her phone number, and they’ll sweat nervously at the very suggestion.
I used to joke on my early seminars that if women ever realised the power they truly have over us men, we would be doomed as a gender. So what you’ll often find is those loud guys who try and over-compensate by being cocky or too-cool-for-school, do so so that he can feel superior to women….because he’s scared of their power over him.
Unfortunately there’s a real downside to the way that so many women are completely over-estimating male confidence: it’s killing their chances of meeting great guys! The problem is, women see the few loudest guys in the room, and they assume that all guys are the same.
You contradict yourself, telling women to be high value and respect themselves and men and then making out there is some secret formula to make someone fall for you and to pay $200 for the privilege. To give you an example, just the other day at work I was laughing and joking around with a male co-worker who I happen to like a lot but in a completely platonic way.
To give you another example that I still find completely unfathomable, a couple of years ago there was a guy at work who I actually was initially genuinely attracted to.
I worked out alone and so did he today and even though it looked like he wanted to come over seemed to be debating it as he would face me, turn around and face me again. I do feel intimidated but there is a lot of proximity for about a week now and he hasn’t tried talking to me yet but I’m guessing he might be crushing on me too otherwise it would be easy for him and I to hold eye contact for longer than 2 seconds right? I have a question: how do you let a guy know you like him without being too obvious and without giving the impression he has already won you over? Referring to the first female response described in your article- which says that women might start playing hard to get with the guy… would it actually be a good idea to do so, in order to see how much pressure this guy can take? Thanks for the reminder Matt, it’s not often that us girls take a step back and think about what the man is going through.
I’ve had difficulty with this actually, and hence difficulty relating to men in general. The UC Berkeley Startup Competition (Bplan) proudly welcomed Guy Kawasaki to the Haas School of Business. Follow these simple guidelines to build up a venture of your choosing for little to no capital.

Or that guy at the bar with the perfectly quaffed hair, who dresses like a GQ model and constantly has that narrow-eyed James Bond look on his face? Some men just love the sound of their own voice, or being the loudest, most obnoxious person in the room. And even though some men of course are genuinely confident, and maybe even over-confident, we have to be careful of assuming that all guys have the same high opinion of themselves.
And then they forget about all those great guys in the background that they could have met. She’ll repel his approaches, be cold towards his jokes, or try to be overly-aggressive so that she can combat his ego. Make sure you don’t extrapolate facts about all men on those few guys (imagine if men judged all women based on a few glammed-up, vacuous party girls he sees in nightclubs every week!). Guys who would approach a woman if she was warm and open enough, but are terrified of the ice-queen look.
Get to know their hang-ups and insecurities; you’ll be amazed at how even great looking guys melt when they see the women they want to approach. I thought he was a kind, principled, intelligent man who might be a good person to have in my life.
I really feel something special with this guy even though we dont even know each others first names. He makes me get those butterflies and well I shut myself down because he is so in shape and I’m average not skinny. How to make him feel that he still has to fight to win you over if you already give him the OK? I met a guy through a friend and we went out a couple of times as friends while he was on holiday. Two years ago I realised (or found out) that all my close guy friends are gay and since then I realised this is actually a thing like I haven’t related to straight guys, even if I go to places they hang out or have activities with them in it. Or the guy in the Wall Street business suit, who shouts too loudly on his phone because he thinks he’s a modern-day Gordon Gecko?
I heard him talking in the break room a couple of times with other co-workers about how all of his clothes were too small because of the new crossfit work out he was doing so I teased him a couple of times about his shirt maybe being too small. The tension is killing me, maybe he is a good guy though his appearance is intimidating a girl tried going up to him and he politely turned her away and kept his attention on me afterwards. On top of that I tend to put up a wall with anyone I may be interested in because I automatically think they’re probably not going to be interested in me anyway.

I go to a college with a high percentage of women, but I’ll find myself at a table full of guys and I wonder how that happened. We live in different countries and after he went home we kept in touch by Facebook and text. Not in a sexual way — I just am very laid back and often analytical so I usually get along better with men than women. I later found out from someone else that he took my comments as a sexual come-on and thought I was propositioning him. I sometimes feel like I can’t be friendly with a guy or tease him without him making it super weird or creepy. I think that’s the whole problem when starting off, especially if it’s the woman who is interested and wants to start a relationship with a man, how to approach a guy without making her intentions obvious? But now that I am, I’m learning so much and being much warmer with them and other men!
I really think sometimes that men are just broken in some way, and that makes me really sad to contemplate.
I am returning to my home country for a holiday and going to see him for 3 days during which he invited me to stay in his house. And since most of the time I’m not attracted to them at all, this is pretty confusing for me.
Another guy friend confessed that he once went out with a girl that only admitted when she broke up with him that she was never really interested in him but just wanted to be with someone. I just got a new job where about 75% of my coworkers are male, so maybe this will help me feel more comfortable being social with guys. What in the world would make him think after all the other conversations we’ve had that I’m hitting on him and especially in such a blatant, masculine manner? Some part of me knew it, but didn’t really process how deeply it affected them too until my guy friends actually started to talk to me about it. I just would never hit on a guy like that even if I was attracted to him and thought he was straight. Meeting a guy at a college party versus meeting a guy in a study group, even if it’s the same guy, sends out a completely different signal.

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