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I wanted to give you a little something from my tour so far, so that wherever you are in the world you can get a taste of what’s happening all around America right now.
This video was taken from a question and answer session at my LA event (the first stop on the tour). I know this iif off topic but I’m looking info stqrting my own blog and was wondering wwhat all is needd to get set up?
You really make it seem really easy together with your presentation however I find this topic to be actually something that I believe I’d never understand.
It is vital that you have adequate insurance if you are going to have customers visiting your home premises. Matt makes a really great point in this video — if you are proactive, then you will get results.
I was extremely proactive (going out, online dating, being set up by friends) and it took me only 5 months to find my absolute perfect man — who is equally as excited about and into me as I am into him. It’s amazing how so many of ur ideas Matthew can be transferred into all aspects of life. I am soooooo glad I find you on you tube I love everything about you I reallyyyy what to meet you soooo bad in person.
I think you should have a pocket guide or flash cards (maybe both) we can carry on seeing this! Your answer to the woman who seems cold and unapproachable has particularly interested me because I have the same problem.
Remember that rejection you felt, when the cute guy at the party gave you the cold shoulder? When people get rejected in their love life, I’ve noticed two different kinds of mindsets, and from this mindset alone I can tell if a person is ultimately going to recover and find happiness. In that moment, we have two choices of how we define that rejection in our heads; a high value mindset or a low value mindset. So, in these moments of failure, no matter how good-looking or successful we are, how we deal with failure is going to define everything. If I could teach one thing to young people starting out in life, it would be what is known as RESILIENCE.
How much resilience we have is going to be determined by which of the above mindsets we choose. See, this is what separates high value people – High value people feel like they deserve success, even if they haven’t had success yet. Low value spend their lives waiting for someone else to tell them they are worthy, and even then they don’t really believe it, because they don’t feel loveable at their core. The tip for today is to own your failures – they have taught you more lessons than success ever will.
Today I want to ask you a question: what failures have you recovered from that have ultimately made you stronger? Had a great date planned with a guy I was really digging and I thought the feeling was mutual.
I met him over a year ago and thought I noticed him flirting so I started paying attention. Whoever is reading this, trust me whenever romance shoots a door in your face its for your own good and instead of wondering whats wrong with you think about it in a different mindset ( high value ) that u never really fail you learn a lesson that makes you stronger and more mature for your own true soulmate. Maybe, it’s because he triggered some pattern or emotional pattern in you that you are familiar with while you were a child. I then progressed to a bully and control freak, but gained an insight into the bargain, so a good lesson learned.
After a few short-lived relationships which were good and bad and ended for various reasons, I thought I had met the man I would grow old with. I have followed and learnt many things from you over the past year and decided that I needed to take control of my life again and that I’m the only person outside of my family that I can rely on to make me happy.
I guess what makes it harder to maintain resilience after a break-up is that one off or constant text from the other person, which is an indirect reminder of what has happened.
After talking to many women about the different types of men they meet, usually the wrong types!
An article in the New York Times showed from recent Census data that women in the decade after college, make more now on average than men.
Most men, even when not restricted by their disposable income, are overwhelmed with alternative means of how they spend their money; ski trips with their friends, refurnishing their apartment… the list is endless. If you’ve got ?200 to spend, and you can either take the ‘safe’ option of investing in an “asset” i.e. Typically men are very resourceful as well as reluctant to take any sort of financial risk, even if they’ve got plenty of money.
To do this, before the date, message him and reassure him of how excited you are about meeting up with him. If all your flirting and compliments have been centered around materialistic things; his watch, his car, et cetera, this may be why he has put a sudden holt to the spending. Your higher education knowledge describes you together with will help mildew you into that employable person all suppliers are searching for. Pratt 2: A chap took a train trip to visit me after several weeks speaking over some hideous dating website. Important Note: While I do believe – and have seen proof – that the advice and programs I provide can help you improve your love life , please understand that not everyone will experience the exact same results. But I can tell you that if you read the advice and continually apply it in your life, your chances of success increase dramatically.
Watch this video first, the whole way through, then check out my article below for why I think hidden within it is one of the most important lessons we can learn for our love lives.
Even in the best relationships I’ve had there has been some element of pain, for a negative reason or a positive one. The context is that Ray Winstone’s character has kidnapped the man his wife was having an affair with. Because it gives an accurate depiction of what even beautiful relationships sound like at the grittiest level.
I trust true relationship is based on affinity (affection), common reality, good communication, admiration and HONESTY. But if you made choice by decision, and after you have change, change, change, you never really Have. For this reason people like to mate with others who has fun with, they instinctively know that.
It was hard work, and it was mostly thankless, and it was ultimately futile, and at the end of it I felt pretty stupid. I am grateful…because of him, I set forth on a quest, to learn how I want to be loved. Love is something you practice every day (mostly in small moments that build trust), motivated by the feeling that you are in it together. Love has many directions, shapes, colors, scents, and a stretch of time in it, yet it is never enough on its own sadly enough. Love is a feeling and a decision at the same time you make to cherish that person and stick by no matter what! Love is to feel that aching in your belly when you’re apart, the missing limb syndrome, where you feel physical pain not holding the subject of your love. Love is to me, finding someone who talks about feelings and anything, both having a deep connection, understanding each other, just when when you know you both click with each other, and understand each other on a deeper level. I’m learning about love, relationship, communication by myself, by reading books and by watching videos and I do realise a really important thing. The second thing I learn about is that we are not responsible for the mood, thoughts, actions, choices of others. I tried to explain to my mother, to my friend that when I’m in a bad mood it has nothing to do with them. I know that when I feel hurt, unsafe or in a bad mood I chose to be in this state, even if it’s unconscious, because I accepted that the situation or the person have power over me.
I really understood it when I read the book written by Marshall Rosenberg about the Non violent-Communication. I really think it is a big help in all relationship, same for the relationship we have with ourselves. I want a deeper relation with myself and with others and I understand that it requires good communication, patience and time.

I just purchased your book a few days ago & have been reading through it as well as the associated videos.
I’m only just 19 and yes I have a lot to learn and a lot of life to experience but hear me out. Love to me is always wanting to make yourself better because the person you love deserves the best from you. When a man is truly into a woman, his brain becomes a recording device for certain phrases that trigger his attraction, prime his ego, or make him feel masculine and sexy. I’m a HUGE believer that mastering communication is the smartest thing you can do in your dating life (which is why I called my best-selling programme “How To Talk To Men”, because I became obsessed with how the things we say can make enormous changes in our relationships). It’s not about how big his biceps are, it’s about how much he feels he can take care of you.
Maybe that sounds a little weird, but basically, even if a guy knows that you’re more than capable of taking care of everything in your own life, he still loves to hear you say to him, “I feel so safe around you,” or “you really know how to take care of me”. We all love knowing that we’re in the thoughts of the person we love, and men are no different.
If you come home and say to him, “I was telling Jennifer today what a wonderful man I have. By doing this you instantly put yourself in the category in his head of woman whom I cannot live without. Not all the time (because that’s just annoying), but sometimes, a guy just wants to be able to be the one you go to when you need putting back together again.
Warning though: This only works if you are confident and strong as a person most of the time. What men want is to see their woman going out in the world and embracing her own independence; just as long as you show him that you want him with you on the way!
You need to emphasise more that women shouldn’t overfunction in relationships, particularly when pull away and that pulling away is normal for a man and not to get needy when this happens. Read previous post:3 Meaningful Compliments That Make A Guy Fall For YouI’m about to share some secret phrases that no man can resist hearing.
I highly recommend reading the book The List, in addition to following Matt’s advice. The ability to come up with a business idea can be transformed into a viable business, where ideas supported by feasibility and a business plan can then be sold to interested investors, firms, and interested parties for a lump sum or a management contract, or as agreed.
I first started reading to get ideas about dating and becoming more confidnet in that area but have found myself also thinking about it in terms of general relationships with people. What with all the travelling we do these days I would be interested on your thoughts to keep attraction going over Skype?
I know that you are touring around the USA currently but do you have any plans to tour in New Zealand and Australia? It’s the mindset that leads us to neediness, jealousy, insecurity, and all those negative traits that actually make it harder for someone to fall for us in the first place. Without it, we can spend our whole lives missing out on what we deserve because we waste it wallowing in our failures. He stares at me a lot and open the for for me and offers up a seat next to him, approached me to talk once but all he does now is stop what he is doing and watch me with a big smile on his face.
There was this guy that I really liked and one of his friends tried to set us up (even though he is in a relationship that is going downhill).
He got super embarrassed and uncomfortable so I politely told him I didnt want an answer right then, on the spot but please tell me if it was a definite not being interested. I finally let go of all of those idiot guys who used me, took advantage and manipulated situations, and ultimately rejected me (because I was needed etc.).
I’m a honest person and what u see is what u get I notice he lied on his profile and when we were talking I notice he was lying also. I know he has every right to turn me down, but my heart just hurt so bad… I wish he would call me now even though the way he turned me down was quite mean. Often times, this person is only to teach you a valuable lesson but should not be the one for you.
I would say I’ve made bad decisions relating to men, from my first love and cheating husband. However, he did the most amazing thing for me he gave me the confidence to achieve in life. I moved in with him after 8 years of a relationship and it all fell apart rapidly due to his sons, who are adults and supposedly not living at home any more, causing problems which neither him or I handled well. I still do call him, ask him out and trying to get his attention and now after reading your blog – I stopped and think – What the hell am I doing?
We decided to put together a 5 part series on which male personality types you may have already dated or are currently dating and what you can do to slowly change him for the better.
Whether you agree with me it of not, you cannot deny that money takes on a particularly pivotal role in the dating world. Assuming that they do have the money to allocate to their dating life, think of this from a man’s perspective; in the way that men think (or as close to that as you can possibly comprehend!). If there is even the slightest hint of doubt in how well a date could go, men will often not want to take the risk. If you already find yourself in this predicament, the best thing to do after a couple of dates is to really give him signs that things are going well so it doesn’t seem like such a big deal for him. You may think that the more money a man earns, the more he’s willing to spend when he’s dating or with his partner – but this isn’t necessarily the case.
If you suspect this to be the case, you need to build a real connection with him, beyond the superficialities.
However it is you that helps yourself along the way by learning and seeking knowledge and knowing in your own picked discipline. As he had paid for the train I thought it would be nice to offer to pay for the items we were getting at the supermarket for a picnic in the park. Actually I have almost none experience with guys, but when I was much younger I dated one that would want to pay things for me and I wouldn’t allow because I thought that it was wrong that his dad would have to pay my bills! Now not all of us would go to the extent of kidnapping the person who had an affair with our partner, but we’d perhaps be lying if we said we wouldn’t want to! Yes, love has to be created day by day as everything in this universe it stops to exist without that. Hussey you are a exquisit guy and wise one and you are loved by many because you have affinity, you can speak the way real to others and you have great communication and honesty as well. I was with a guy on and off for several years, in a relationship which, if someone hears about it, will elicit the reaction that I was crazy to put up with it for so long.
He stopped contributing even his paltry portion of the relationship-work, so I worked all the harder.
I catch a ream of excuses rolling around in my head these days, I reach into my Fussy Hussey treasure trove.
So I can then clearly communicate it, for with that knowledge comes also the requisite confidence to convey my truth & support my boundaries.
Of course, you only do this with a guy you’re already seeing, but when you do you can guarantee he’ll remember it.
Next time he gets excited telling you about his big plans, say to him, “If anyone can do it, you can”. A guy has no desire to take care of someone who always plays the “broken woman” who needs piecing back together. I think with your texts and challenge to chase etc you miss the v important point that you need to create space in a relationship to make him happy and give to you and that men naturally pull away and will come back with more love when you give them this space. Business ideas, if introduced at the right time, when demand for such service or a product introduced by the idea is expected to surge, can lead to a very profitable business.
Along with covering liability, getting business insurance has the added benefit of typically covering your machinery and furniture. A friend once said that I can be too independent at times and that others are here to help. I had to ask my long time friend the other day, if it was me sending vibes, since 3 married guys have hit on me in the last week, and no single ones.
Like you said Matthew, we need to get out there and show the level of who we are, as we are.
Being open and feeling confident in sharing their experiences, listening to one another and learning.
I was laughing out loud when I heard your responses but you definitely answered questions I had.

Or, worse still, that feeling we all have when we fall head over in heels for someone who doesn’t feel the same way? When we don’t feel like we are the best thing that could ever happen to a guy, we start to worry that he could walk away and find someone better, and then, because we live in fear that he might leave, we cling on even harder, and eventually our neediness drives him away.
Or do we tell ourselves that this failure is just another story to tell once we achieve the success we should be having? I was having serious relationship problems with my boyfriend and it had resulted in him moving out to his friend’s apartment. Well, after interviews, when I followed up two weeks later, it was silence, silence, and silence.
But long story short after our first date we continue to text and about a week I haven’t heard from him. This is exactly what I need – to realized that I am a high value woman and should have a high value mindset. He is not even worth it, because if he is, he could have at least waited or confirm to me before jumping on another date or relationship.
To prevent a guy from ever reverting to thinking like this, you have to lower his perception of risk in his own mind.
In my experience the wealthier a man is, the more suspicious and paranoid he can become around women. Compliment him more on his attractive personality and the real reason that you’re drawn to him as opposed to his possessions. It is the way you are attractive to firms who are trying to find someone that is aware exactly what they are doing or are likely to learn about their career on the go. Every person is an individual and every situation is unique so no single piece of advice will work for everyone at every time.
So in his emotional state he goes into a passionate monologue about the nature of marriage and relationships.
The moments where we go out of our way just to make the other person happy, where their approval is the only thing we could want for. This speech cuts through the fairytale that so many people are expecting when they get into a relationship. We often rationalise that it is a big decision by talking about how much time we are going to be with that person.
Someone who has the power to hurt us or make us happy on a level that perhaps no one else can. There is plenty of people to have chemistry with… Control and self discipline and responsibility for our decision is the answer. Yes, you can forget the flowers and the romantic crap but it is the decorations and ornaments in the game. The problem is the person i thought is worth doing things for; situation seems like im just deceiving myself that he is the one. Men love seeing a woman who is comfortable sexually, who believes in herself, and who takes charge of her own life. I’ve attracted sleezebags and it made me feel awful about myself but it says more about that particular individual not on me. I’ve seen people who are on the path to amazing things, and trade it all in after experiencing one big failure that knocks them sideways.
I thought he was shy so i decided to muster up the courage to ask him out for a coffee it was my birthday just so i could get to know him better after all we see each other every week and its odd that we don’t talk.
So I discovrd after me he jumped to the new relationship but it ended this October 2015 they’re just almost 2 months. Everything got worse because he started going to bars and strip clubs frequently with his friends, getting drunk and passing out.
And there can be no doubt that it dictates our view of others, especially the men that we’re dating. All these wealthy men can ever think about when they’re with a woman is, “Is she really laughing at my joke, or does she just love eating at Le Gavroche, for ?95 a head?” So to protect themselves, from potential ‘gold-diggers’, they never spend a dime with women they’ve just met.
When I finally gave him the flick and paid off a visa debt incurred with this greedy man, I learned his friends called him Tighty. Despite the violent context in which it is placed, and the coarse language with which it is peppered, I found it deeply touching. A fairytale that leads so many people to much pain with dashed expectations when their new reality doesn’t match the blueprint of how they thought it would be. But the more I think about it the more I believe the part of that decision that really carries the most weight is the choosing of the person we are going to put in all of this hard work for.
And yet knowing that this person could have such a profound impact on our feelings for better or worse, we still willingly give them that power.
But what they say is that they have gotten the chance to fall in love with one another again & again throughout their lives together.
We can always meet somebody who seems to us new and more younger, beautiful, inteligent and funny. There were some challenges from the beginning, regarding his ex and the child they hadn’t really worked out custody of yet (long story). Nothing worse than having it all going for you and ruining it after one or two texts, especially after a glass of wine which is when you actually feel compelled to send one!
He would lock eyes with me every time I would approach and never veer away until I would walk away 10-15 mins later. He always threatens me on phone whenever I call him because of all the bad advises that his friends has giving him. His father was ill, so I moved in and helped him till after the funeral and then had to return home to support my daughter through a crisis. The person we are going to go on this journey with; whom we are going to endure this pain for.
We put our heart in their hands with the belief that on some level they deserve it, and that it’s going to work. I said ok then it is obvious that you don’t want to have anything to do with me so I excused myself and walked out. Then he replied no we can’t start all over again because I Dont want a relationship and you can find someone else and he said sorry but at least we had time last night. He said he never been anyone my age I’m 45 he is 43 he been with girls like in their 20 or 30s.
Things were rocky, but I figured I liked him enough to stick around and do the hard work needed to see us through to when things weren’t so rocky. Allowing men to be the man is not the only thing I need to lean, allowing friends to be friends is also key. I have also lost a lot of money on therapists until I was introduced to Dr Mutuma, a powerful prophet by a friend whom he helped to get pregnant after 8years of marriage; this gave me total confidence and strength to get him back.
Their love has formed an incredible foundation for our family, and the life they have built together shows the fruits of their dedication to fulfilling their commitments to love through the ups and downs of life. I did all he asked and after 48 hours my boyfriend called me and rushed back home, things just changed between us emotionally. It hurts coming in second place after everything that we have been through and it hurts hearing some negative feedback others have given me. So keep it up matt, and ladies don’t just take the advice for partners but think about other aspects of life. When I pulled away he blushed, sheepishly batted his eyes, eyebrow flashed me repeatedly and smiled.
It’s a miracle I never believed was possible because I had lost all hope until I found Dr Mutuma. But the reward of working through those painful places is finding love with one another once again.
It takes courage, but from where I sit observing my parents, the reward is truly worth the hard work!!

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