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RoMANtic Trivia contains 99 question cards relating to marriage, relationships, men, sex, wedding traditions, and sexual customs of various cultures. Get our entire collection of printable bridal shower games, activities, printable placemats, printable invitations, and tons more shower resources!
Yeah, we all know she's the bomb, and if you don't you will soon, because her rise to fame has just started and she will one day rule the world. I was lucky enough to spend some time with her earlier this year when she performed at The Grand Theater in Wausau, WI and was blown away not only by her talent, but by her personality.
I'm excited to share Kelsea impressing me yet again with her cover of Drake's "Hotline Bling" she recently did.
VIDEO: See Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman At Their Most ADORABLE Yet - Relationship Goals Right Here! Check out Keith and Nic singing "Fighter" just below and Nicole singing along with "Wasted Time" on the set of her latest movie just below that.
Almost Unrecognizable Photo Of Gwen Stefani Originally Meant For Blake Shelton's Eyes Only! We're not sure what's more surprising, the fact that the usually heavily made-up Gwen Stefani posted a make-up free selfie to social media, or the fact that we're finding out it was a photo originally meant for boyfriend Blake Shelton's eyes only. After hearing the way Thomas Rhett presents treats to his dogs, I think I might want a treat!!! Carrie Underwood uses footage from her current Storyteller tour to make her latest video for "Church Bells". I can see her point, but personally, I like it when beach balls are tossed into the crowd at concerts.

Looks like Luke Bryan wasn't too happy when he shook his butt on stage and a "Country Girl" reached up and squeezed!
Now you can personalize this all time favorite game with the bride-to-be's name and date or anything else you'd like! The object of this game is to scratch the silver area to see who is performing on center stage for the bachelorette on her last night out as a single woman. The object of the game is to scratch center stage to see who will be performing for the bachelor on his last night out as a single man. Get our entire collection of printable baby and bridal shower games plus hundreds more game ideas, printable placemats, printable invitations, and tons more shower resources! A Adam Levine gives fans a tour of A Day in the Life of Blake Shelton, and let's just say he's probably a little off. They have a new baby boy, Rigney Cooper Thompson that they welcomed into the world back in January. There really hadn't been any rumors or mumblings over this being the final season and we weren't prepared for the news. Many fans and even cast members were blind sided and extremely unhappy with the news that the show would not be renewed for season five. I worked at a radio station a few years ago that brought Miranda and Blake in for a New Year's Eve concert. Some loosing variations can be a nerd, a disco dork, an old geezer, or other funny undesirable characters. I also saw how amazing she is with her fans and how she took time with each and every single one she came in contact with.

They have a new album coming out soon and they are currently back out on the road (with baby) in support of their new album.
The entertainment company tweeted that they are "working hard to find a new home" for Nashville.
We had a bunch of station beach balls that we were planning to toss out during Blake's performance. Gifts include towels, blender, coffee maker, iron, toaster, crystal, gift certificate, utensils, china, and more. Every printable item in both our baby shower and bridal shower category is included on this CD. However, Miranda made it very clear to us that there were to be no beach balls in the crowd during either performance. Guest of honor gets to take home all the tickets as a memory of who the special guests were.
For a limited time, you can get our entire library of printable items for less than it costs to buy just a few of our games! People were there to see her and Blake and she did not want them distracted by bouncing beach balls!

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