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Cooper Manning, the older brother of NFL quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning, made headlines today when he sounded off on his siblings in an interview with the New Orleans Business Journal. The NOBJ reporter apologized and asked a question related to natural gas drilling, but a riled up Cooper, who works for Howard Weil, which has offices in New Orleans and Houston, cut him off and continued his tirade. NOBJ editor-in-chief Roger Jackson said this afternoon that he received a gift basket from Archie Manning and a note asking that the publication not print a story about his eldest son’s outburst. Cooper Manning could have joined his younger brothers Peyton and Eli in the NFL, but a rare medical condition ended his playing days and forced the eldest son of Archie Manning to find another path to success. Long before Peyton was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts and Eli was beating Tom Brady for two Super Bowl rings, their older brother Cooper was excelling on the football field.
Today Cooper has found a different path than his brothers, working for the energy firm Howard Weil as an energy broker.
Cooper Manning stole a bit of the spotlight from his famous brothers earlier this year when ESPN aired the documentary The Book of Manning.
Archie was originally supposed to take a lead role in the documentary, but after he changed his mind Cooper Manning decided to step in.
Cooper said though his own NFL dreams came to an end, he still revels in watching his brothers play every week. Peter King spoke with Lil Wayne for this week’s edition of Monday Morning Quarterback, and the rapper shared an interesting story he heard about the Manning brothers in their younger years.
Most people assume Peyton was always the most talented Manning brother because of the way things have turned out, but that is revisionist history.

Elijah Blake Gives 7 Tips How NOT To Act Around A Celeb, Plus Talks New EP, His First Big Check & More! As a top high school prospect, many believed Cooper Manning had a path to the NFL, but a rare spinal injury ended his dreams. Though he may not be as well-known as his brothers and has never starred in a commercial, Cooper has still managed to rise to the top of his field. The program focused on how former New Orleans Saints quarterback Archie Manning shaped his sons into football stars who have won a combined three Super Bowl rings and made 15 Pro Bowl appearances.
At age 18 he was one of the most sought-after high school football players, a 6-foot-4 wide receiver who had just committed to Ole Miss.
Peyton and Eli have an older brother named Cooper, who was a standout wide receiver in high school and had planned to follow in his father Archie’s footsteps by playing college ball at Ole Miss. I can even remember when Eli was at Ole Miss and there was buzz about him being better than Peyton. When he was in jail, about to come home, he was put on one of those work-release things in New Orleans. Yesterday former Giants running back Tiki Barber damn near set the sports world on fire when he said he believes Eli Manning is now better than his older brother Peyton.
Every morning, real early, he would clean the schoolyard of the (Isidore) Newman School (where the Manning kids attended). I personally am a Giants diehard fan and as of this moment I still can not say Eli is better, even though I wish it was true.

Barber did make some good points regarding how much better Eli seems to be in crunch time when you really need someone to step up, which Eli seems to be the king of. But if we really compare the two famous brothers it is hard to compare Eli’s career stats to Peyton who seems to be on his way to re-writing NFL record books. Not too mention the high level of play Peyton showed last season coming off neck surgery and getting up there in age. Less brother in arms more grappling brothers.This weekend the NFL's most high-profile sibling rivalry is reignited, as two brothers who first played football together in their New Orleans front yard go head-to-head in the big league. It is still a good argument because fans should be able to see that Eli has the potential to finish with the better career. He has two Super Bowls rings, one more than his big brother.Caught in the middle at MetLife Stadium will be their parents. When both your boys are going toe-to-toe, who do you cheer for?"I think they'll just root for offense, a high-scoring game," replied Eli. The Broncos beat the Baltimore Ravens 49-27, while the Giants went down 36-31 at the Dallas Cowboys.

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