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First it was amusing, then it was just a little bit off, but now, Amanda Bynes' behavior is downright worrisome. They let a woman bring a live cat into Disneyland, but when I try to get in with a 2L bottle of Dr. Later, in a move even your lame Aunt Janet would roll her eyes at the predictability of, Grumpy Cat met with Grumpy the Dwarf to stare blankly into a wishing well.
Grumpy Cat finished the day by meeting with another internet meme, Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, and broke the internet by taking a really cute picture together.
I strongly advise all women not to look directly into Ridiculously Photogenic Guy’s eyes, unless you want your ovaries to melt like a Nazi’s face after looking at the Arc of the Covenant. Every man needs a woman when his life is a mess because just like in a game of chess; the queen protects the king.
The only game I like to play is chess, because there is nothing like having a beautiful queen like you by my side. The once seemingly wholesome Nickelodeon star has been unraveling right in front of our eyes and she's been the narrator every step of the way.

The 27-year-old tweets regularly and encourages all of her followers not to listen to the media's take on her downward spiral, and instead focus on her 140 characters or less. She is never waiting for a tall dark handsome man or some prince charming on a white horse to come and sweep her off her feet.
I this off-brand instant coffee is starting to decompose my brain, because a video of a dead-eyed cat riding various old-timey Disneyland vehicles wouldn’t normally delight me as much as it did.
Afterwards, Grumpy took the monorail to Toon Town, where she struggled to walk into Pluto’s house. For real though, where’s Ridiculously Photogenic Guy’s video diary of his trip around Disneyland? If you see an offensive or spammy comment you think should be deleted, flag it for the mods and they'll be forever grateful and give you their first born (although, you probably don't want that). Women just want strong minded intelligent men who can love, respect and appreciate the woman who loves them.
My favourite part was when Pluto pantomimed astonished surprise and Grumpy Cat sat there waiting to be removed from such nonesense.

She call you and text you all day when you are away from her because she wants to be part of every single thing you do. Women want men who can overlook their flaws and imperfections and love the personality of the woman they have in their life.
She will be jealous of other women around you because she wants all your attention focused on her.
She would like to meet you every day because she would love to spend quality time with you.

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