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As a composer, she published a large amount of music for a woman at this time—at least thirteen sets of music with opus numbers, including sonatas (both solo and accompanied), a set of six glees for three and four voices, and a concerto for piano with strings. As Maria Hester Reynolds, she published her debut volume in 1785, a set of six Sonatas for the Harpsichord or Piano Forte and Violin, op. Some of Park’s published music is possibly lost, including “A New Waltz,” advertised on the title page of the her last published work, A Divertimento for the Piano Forte [with violin accompaniment] [ca.1811], and some works advertised in her op. In London, both before and after her marriage, she taught music to members of the nobility and gentry, including the Duchess of Devonshire and her daughters.
Thomas Park and Haydn (who made extended visits to London) were on close terms; Haydn owned prints of several of Park’s engravings. The Parks had one son, John James Park (1795–1833), who became a noted jurist and legal historian during his rather short life, and four daughters who survived their father. Exemplary in all the duties of the female character, she has left so tender a memorial in the bosoms of her sorrowing family, as cannot but be cherished and revered, so long as memory and gratitude remain. Garnet inherited pretty much the same vocal instrument and wrote songs with a wider variety of themes. Garneta€™s mother and father came from Nova Scotia, but moved to Hamilton, Ontario to find work. After Stan was signed by RCA records to do some novelty singles and they went nowhere, he moved to London, Ontario, which was closer to Garnet. During the last two years of high school, Garnet was part of a strange, interesting concept.
Garnet sprinkles his between-song patter with stories and cutting, wry humor that audiences carry home and share with others. Garneta€™s story is so rich and hea€™s such a great musician (his blues fingerpicking on a€?Corrine, Corrinaa€? might be the best Ia€™ve ever heard) that this article should span two issues.
Garnet told me, a€?I got Stana€™s secondhand guitar when he got a decent one.a€? When Garnet was about 12, Stan gave him a Mississippi John Hurt LP for Christmas. Meantime, there's yet another milestone victory for Uncle Charlie - he shared with the crowds that his new book, "I am Charlie Wilson"  will be on the shelves and at online stores this June.
Emerging only when he has something meaningful to share, “Indigo” is Siegel’s first outing in five years.
Siegel, a Eugene, Oregon native, is planning a series of spring concert dates in the Pacific Northwest after having showcased the album at a performance last month before an enraptured Southern California audience. Perhaps the hook of interest to the just released 20th album from keyboardist-composer-producer Dan Siegel is that his cerebral compositions masterfully crafted on “Indigo” with co-producer Brian Bromberg do not need sensationalism in order to thrive. Embodying his native land's sound and spirit, "African Breeze," the first instrumental serviced to radio from the new session, has landed No.
As far as I know, no one has ever really done this kind of concept, so it was really exciting for me. With the sad days behind her, a radiant Danes appears glowingly on the cover of “Longing” gazing out at sea with a slight smile on her face. Culbertson’s first full-length indie release and 14th album overall, “Another Long Night Out” is slated for release in late February. Chanté keeps things fun with medicine given by "Doctor, Doctor," which shows off her super-high notes that make you wonder, "How does she DO that?" It's her gift! She gets even more of a bumpin' beat going with the technetronic sound of "On And On!" It's definitely a dancing perk-me-up for your wake-up playlist, as well as your highway drive. A crew of five: Grammy Nominee, Jeff Lorber on keys while Grammy award winning Yellow Jackets bassist, Jimmy Haslip once again laid it down with his sixth sense or six string.
With an ensemble of hard hitting musicians like that how can Carol Duboc possibly go wrong? CD: Well, the story is that for the last two years I'd had an y'know, difficult time in my relationship. The composer’s published works are dedicated variously to Her Grace the Duchess of Devonshire (solo sonatas, op. In 1797, according to the Dictionary of National Biography, Thomas Park “abandoned engraving for literature and the study of antiquities”; he collected old English poetry and portraits of poets, and he edited many important literary works. Her kitchen sink, located directly over the cafea€™s stage, allowed her to put a hose from the sink into a hole in the floor and send a torrent of water onto performers during their show.
They were fans of country and folk music and, as youngsters, had listened to Carter Family broadcasts from a powerful border station in Mexico during the a€™30s. He had wanted to learn the building blocks of playing the flute and learn how to read music, so he briefly attended a class in 10th grade for that purpose. A great believer in playing out, he stated, a€?You can spend three hours practicing scales by yourself and youa€™re not really learning; but if you spend ten minutes on stage wondering where all those notes are and how youa€™re going to make them count, thata€™s a much better way of learning an instrument. Garnet started commuting every weekend because there was a club there that he liked, Smalea€™s Pace. The next morning he hitchhiked up to northern Ontario where the band was and found the tour bus. Guys came to the bars to get drunk, not to listen to sensitive guitar players singing about life. As Garnet stated elsewhere: a€?The Maritime traditional sound we developed was a response to partly the market and partly simply due to the commissions we were given by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. All three band members had planned to go home on the same flight, but only Stan wanted to stay the extra few days after the festival. At the Cabin Concert he told about how he began talking onstage about getting sober, soon after his three days of cold turkey in a motel room.
They were fans of country and folk music and, as youngsters, had listened to Carter Family broadcasts from a powerful border station in Mexico during the a€™30s.A  Garnet and his older brother Stan grew up in Woodburn, a community in the easternmost part of Hamilton.
The veteran artisan has been making sophisticated piano-driven contemporary jazz records for 35 years thus earning his fine reputation without gimmicks or pandering to the fickle nature of the audience’s passing fancy. The new set is being swiftly welcomed at contemporary jazz radio hungry for high-quality music. You are just dynamite!  You are a recording artist, entrepreneur, just moving right along into your own business ventures! After being turned away by Sweden, they immigrated to Ottawa, Canada where the young girl suddenly forced to learn English felt alone and isolated. Hailing from the City of Brotherly Love, this super-group that came under the tutelage of Grover Washington, Jr. The project is a reimaging of his debut album, “Long Night Out,” which will mark its 20th anniversary in February. Seems either no one is talking about louis daguerre at this moment on GOOGLE-PLUS or the GOOGLE-PLUS service is congested.
As he was a man of limited means, Maria Hester Park’s piano teaching and music publishing probably helped support the family.

In one, the two young shepherds in love with each other are shown with a lamb on a riverbank; perhaps, Tolley writes, the sonata’s Andante movement refers to the happy scene with intimations of tragedy. What I didna€™t know was that the day of the show, Ia€™d be fielding anxious messages from Garnet, left on the cafea€™s phone answering machine throughout the day. On two occasions I had run to the basement during a show to shut off the buildinga€™s water main.
At any given hour, youa€™d hear Frank Zappa, Duke Ellington, Phil Ochsa€¦ Frank Zappa would be on for an interview, then theya€™d play Schoenberg a€¦ no rhyme or reason, no sense to anything a€¦ it was just music.
By 16, whenever Stan had a local gig, Ia€™d sit in for a bit if it wasna€™t a school night.
Being large men, they got used to the idea that theya€™d have to fight to play their music. We did a lot of soundtrack work for radio dramas and a lot of it was in Halifax.a€? From that point forward, Stana€™s reputation grew as the six albums produced during his lifetime were released. Along with the grind of the road, Garnet had to process the loss of his brother and his brothera€™s growing legend.
Wea€™ll simply have to implore our readers to see Garnet live and buy every album hea€™s released. This will teach you how to fingerpick.a€? Garnet recalled, a€?I remember sitting on the front step one afternoon. It opens with the sweeping “To Be Continued” on which Siegel receives as adept assist from the impassioned sax play of Bob Sheppard. Living in North San Diego County with her young daughter, Danes exudes enthusiasm when discussing her unexpected new career as a jazz singer.
Culbertson, a multi-instrumentalist who wrote the eleven songs and played most of the instruments on the original album that he recorded in his crowded Chicago apartment while he was a 20-year-old student at DePaul University, is producing the set featuring performances by Lee Ritenour, Russ Freeman, Jonathan Butler, Rick Braun, Candy Dulfer, Eric Marienthal, Chuck Loeb, Steve Lukather and Paul Jackson Jr. She speaks of how she arrived at naming the title track to her CD, her faith and how through the years she and Jeff were destined to eventually meet.
And I looked at my daughter one day and she was (smiling), and I realized, you know what, as long as she is happy, that's really all that matters. Born on September 29, 1760, she is first mentioned making her way in the professional music world in Oxford, where from 1772 to 1779, during her teens, she was the keyboard player in the permanent orchestra at the Music Room.
She suffered from ill-health during her last years, and died on June 7, 1813, at the age of 52, at the family home in Hampstead, Middlesex.
The other print shows Lubin drowning in an attempt to rescue the lamb—the presto Finale is turbulent like the river—and a grief-stricken Rosalie on the bank. By this time, most fans in our little circle knew about Garneta€™s brother, the iconic Stan Rogers, and his tragic early passing. He didna€™t know that we were completely volunteer-run and truly manned only on evenings when shows were scheduled. However, our neighbor was softening, aware that Ia€™d been working on the ceiling, trying to remedy the situation. Garnet likes to say, only half-facetiously, that theya€™d have to fight their way on-stage, off-stage and back to the hotel and that they developed a middle set that was nothing but sea chanteys which left their hands free to defend themselves.
Garnet was already home when a television news broadcast told about the flash fire that trapped Stan during an emergency landing, killing him presumably of smoke inhalation. The temptation of drinking that often follows many a solo touring musician was actually a continuation of his time with Stan.
He added: a€?After I quit, I got a letter from [Scotch whiskey manufacturer] Glenfiddich, asking, Was it something we said?a€™a€™ These days, he also reads from the memoir hea€™s working on of his days with Stan. Garnet was already home when a television news broadcast told about the flash fire that trapped Stan during an emergency landing, killing him presumablyA  of smoke inhalation. The collection’s ten fully orchestrated and deftly arranged live acoustic jazz constructs offer nimble piano and keyboard emotives and evocative melodies amplified by lush horns that certainly live up to that description. Mike Miller joins the fray on “By Chance” to add tasty jazz guitar licks to Siegel’s playful piano frolic. Flash forward: after giving up a successful law practice to move to California to be with her future husband, Danes found herself in a marriage that had lost its shine and stifled her creative endeavors. Standing quietly behind Carol and to the right of Moore, Hawley single handidly transformed his listening audience to true born again believers. Sophie Fuller, in her book The Pandora Guide to Women Composers, reports that according to the earliest surviving Oxford Music Room program, Miss Reynolds sang a song by A.
I tack me the liberty to send for the Mistris [Mrs] Parck a little Sonat, and to come to Her next Friday or Saturday between 1 and 2 o’clock. Haydn wrote to his Leipzig publishers, Breitkopf & Hartel, that the sonata, “an Andante and Finale,” had been “composed in England for a lady, who kept the original manuscript” and gave him a copy.
Stan had written elegiac songs about the working class in the Canadian Maritimes and farms, and had a rich, deep baritone.
Wondering why nobody was there to answer the phone, he repeated his concern with each message, as to whether there would actually be a show. Taking no chances, though, without saying anything to Garnet, I grabbed $40 from our bank and ran upstairs.
I finally got it and my mom came out and said a€?ita€™s dinner time.a€™ I said, a€?I cana€™t come in. It was the very same plane Garnet had flown home a couple of days earlier.A  a€?It could have been any one or all of us,a€? Garnet told me. The title cut, a bit of a Wild West showdown, is punctuated by a gun slinging brass section and Allen Hinds’ unharnessed guitar shots placed adjacent to Siegel’s structured piano that seems to maintain some semblance of decorum. As he approached from somewhere north, the sound of his voice got more and more agitated as he got closer and closer. We had two drummers, two bass players, a sitar player a€¦ For Goda€™s sake, we had an interpretive dancer at the side of the stage who wore black tights and whiteface.a€? Garnet was part of the band and played local gigs, but still in high school, he couldna€™t do road dates. On the first album I bought, Speaking Softly in the Dark (1988), Garnet comes as close as Ia€™ve heard him sound like Stan, on a€?Like a Diamond Ring,a€? by his friend, Steve Hayes, one of the number of songs by other songwriters. In an email, he described how one story got this response: a€?[folksinger] Steve Gillette came up to me after a show and told me he enjoyed the reading but now had a very curious nine-year-old grandson who wanted to know what kind of person a a€?drag queena€™ was, and just what was a a€?hand joba€™? The recording project was liberating and a life-altering experience, but in order to fully embrace the freedom she found in song, she had to dissolve the relationship for good. From the moment she made her way to the stage listeners knew right from the start that they were in the presence of a true talent. Backed by Joe Bonner's elaborate pianoshe shows a little firl wistfulness on ballads and gets as winsome as Lee Wiley on the nostalgic blues mood of "Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans".A  With Mitchell Long she sounds more forceful and cool, a perfect sound for the two Jobim bossa novas they do. Canadian icon Garnet Rogers is singing his song, a€?Night Drive,a€? about a dream of his brother Stan, who perished years before. He wasna€™t leaving a phone number, so I believe he was using pay phones en route and there was no way for me to reassure him.

Piano and sax swirl and swoon on the breezy “Far And Away.” Sheppard’s sax shadows Siegel’s poignant probings on “If Ever” before climaxing in an emotionally-wrought solo.
This dedication indicates that she maintained her professional affiliations after her marriage, though it appears that she herself no longer performed in public.
Must have been a fun drive homea€¦a€? We heard the story referred to at the Cabin Concert, but I wona€™t reveal the details and spoil the fun for future audience members. Bromberg’s upright bass and drummer Will Kennedy (Yellowjackets) make the bluesy rhythm swing on “Spur Of The Moment” boosted by the horn section and another inspired Miller electric guitar improv. Towards the end of this period, in February 1779, she held a benefit concert, an event from which leading performers could expect considerable profits that the public saw as a reward for good service.
Garnet was his typically majestic self, filling the room with sounds the walls had never felt before. We decided to become a trio and actually rehearse and work at what we were doing.a€? Early on Stan was still finding his style. Of the four albums Garnet sent me, I like the studio albums, Firefly (2001) and Shining Thing (2004), the best. He used to speak more about his vehicles (a€?The Stealth Volvoa€?), but that was absent during the last swing.
On one side, Ia€™d be working on a painting a€” I fancied myself a painter a€” and when I got so far on the painting that I couldna€™t work on it anymore, Ia€™d turn around. Gentle piano and sax radiate hope and promise amidst the pitter-patter brushed beats on “First Light.” The uplifting “Consider This” benefits from Siegel’s rousing and gregarious piano at the fore while “Endless” registers a resonant closing statement that lingers long after the final notes fade with dexterous bass and drum embellishments abound. He had come fully into his own by the time of these albumsa€™ releases, settling into a muscular, chesty vocal sound, and had long begun building his own storehouse of songs. I went online for one of these older stories: a€?Two years ago after wearing out four Volvos I got to the point where I didna€™t want to support my mechanica€™s extravagant lifestyle,a€? he said, without even a hint of a chuckle. Barbara Paris nous donne ici, avec de nouveaux morceauz, une version d' "April in Paris", une ballade fetiche pour elle.
He has outrun sorrows in his life and he sees the ridiculous in everyday existence a€” mainly in his life.
A new dilemma revealed itself as he continued to carry more guitars in, followed by electric amps that made him look like a one-man Pink Floyd tribute act. With a now-familiar self-deprecation, he said, a€?Yeah, after I got over my hissy fit.a€? Years later, we had a chat before he did a Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors concert and I told him about that night and the woman above the cafe. One night he returned with this weird look in his eyes like Charlton Heston as Moses with his hair turned white, coming down from the mountain. He said, a€?a€¦Wilson Pickett just wrote The Ten Commandments with his finger!a€™ Stan was in a little rhythm and blues band when he was in high school.
Garnet described how they would travel the Yellowhead Highway in Saskatchewan, in a tricked-out van that wore out four engines.
Then Ia€™d add a second guitar track, or later on when I picked up flute and violin [he earned the money and bought them], add one of those. Recording and documenting A was what Joe encouraged many Denver musicians to do and as a result there are manyrecordings of Joe as a result.A Vince Wiggins problaby best absorbed the musical style that respresent Joes ideas. Vincent is a A is a flutist, a dear loyal friend to Joe and worked with Joe consitently, he also join the two of us on many live projects. Tom Tilton has more written music by Joe and there are videos, interviews scattered about thatm I am determined to have collaborated at one time or another to share the expansiveness and impact Joe Bonner had on our communityi»? and the footprint he left in the jazz world. He played it and I sang it and looked at him with these huge elephant tears running down his cheeks. He would look at us and have his way of getting us in place and musically directing us where he wanted us to go.A Joe noticed every person in his audience. His introductions would tell a story all his own, paint a musical picture and by the time I started singing the tune he had played every musical possiblity, A like a pallet that refined my ears and tuned my voice. He could take a bad note and make it a warm chord.A i»?He was always musically encouraging and many times spiritually encouraging as well. He gave it all he had everytime he put his fingers on the piano as if it were the last time he would ever play.
What a lovely trio and a bright musical moment.A A Sitting in with the late trombonist Al Gray with the Junior Mance Trio. Her singing touched my soul.A  The next day we metA  at the IAJE She was on a panel with Mark Murphy and some others.
Afterward she and I took her limo to Henri Bendle's on Madison Avenue for and afternoon of shopping. She then invited me to be her guest that evening at Birdland.A  Our conversation in the limo will always encourage and remind me that singers can change the world.
Words have impact andA  and love makes a differenceMeeting the great Teddy Edwards at El Chapulchapec. Afterwards we went to my place and he played the piano and sang some of his original tune to me and my mother.. He was so kind to my mother and when he went to VIne street to see Joe Pass with me I will never forget how encouraging he was when Joe asked me to sing.
How he hummed the key transition to me so I could hear the turn around in my key.Later I discovered that he had recorded with Helen Humes on a favorite record of mine. Later meeting up with Clarence Banks and having him so generously give me her big band music to carry on her legacy.
He gave me a generous amout of good advice.A My first jazz experience in Paris while visiting the Petite Oportun I meet Claude Tissendier while studying the jazz history poster. What a interesting name of a Club for all the things that have followed.God has surely Blessed me. Road blocks, bad teachers, discouraging moment, lack of work, lack of people to make my original music with, the challenges that go along with becoming a professional have not discouraged me but have disclosed to me a very essential part of my being that smiles each time I have the opportunity to sing. The people that have generously touched my life, imparted a word, a note of kindness remain like embers to warm my past experience and sprinkle my future with hope. When I write these tidbits down and there are so many more I realize, I have been graciously blessedA  with genuine jazz experiences.A Thank you all.
I will be happy to contact you for the specifics.A Message BarbaraPlease say hello if you have been to my site.

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