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Around this time, the bookstore owner's daughter Mi-Do (Shin Se-Kyung) goes to the public welfare office to get free rice. When Mi-Do arrives back at the bookstore, she sees her mother and father harassed by a bunch of men.
Later, Tae-Sang, the loan shark boss' girlfriend Sung-Joo (Chae Jung-An) and Tae-Sang's men gather for a birthday party for their loan shark boss. NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.
My frst Korean drama picture i have ever watched and boy its brilliant, absolutely love every body especially the stalker chic. I've hated Shin Se Kyung and Yeon Woo Jin for a while because of this drama, Yeon Woo Jin changed my mind with Marriage not dating, let's hope Shin Se Kyung can do the same with Iron Man.
This is the worst drama ever, the female lead is the most awful one i've ever seen, She doesn't even know how to act. Why are Koreans so afraid of physical emotions they can't show their feelings no matter how much they feel.. The story was good, but could have been better if the writer explained more Tae-Sung's obsession with Mi-Do and why she would be worthy of his love. The story was good, but could have been better if the writer explained Tae-Sung's obsession with Mi-Do and why she would be worthy of his love.
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First scenes filmed involved Seo Mi-Do (Shin Se-Kyung) and Lee Jae-Hee (Yeon Woo-Jin) meeting for the first time at the Seoul Welfare Foundation, located in Jongno. I loved the chemistry between Song Seung-Heon and Shin Se-Kyung (similar to Tom Hank and Meg Ryan). I admire SSH so much in this drama that I went to look for more of his other movies and dramas. Fell in love with Song Swine Hung and the entire cast, loved the songs, setting, and most of all the storyline. Han Tae Sang was an idiot, mi do was a cheating B., and Jae Hee was a sneaky douche bag traitor. I only watch it because of Song Seung Heon, but i was immediately hooked on the first episode!
I hope there will be more episodes on my hulu it says this was the first season does that mean there might be a second season???
If you can't do that to your neighbor, what more the person who gave you that stanford education, and a full wardrobe with freaking monogrammed shirts in an upmarket apartment? Like others, I was angry at her in the earlier episodes for her entertaining Jae Hee's advances.
Can you imagine a man in his lastest 30?s, who never before had a girlfriend or even a love? That if a good Person, God will not let bad things happen even many people around you always want to do Bad things to them.. Sorry Taylor, we don't need to (or want to) know about your premonitions of being a single, lonely cat lady for the rest of your life. It's based on a technique used by top athletes and other successful people to help them make a big stride forward.
Also, Han Tae-Sang (Song Seung-Heon) and Baek Sung-Joo (Chae Jung-Ahn) filmed a scene at a clothing boutique in Gangnam.
Se Mi Do lacks emotion unlike Baek Sung Joo, who really express her emotions at every scene she's in.
Since the start of the drama until the last episode, Tae Sang is always been involved in an issue. I feel sad because he might has the same thing all over again, because i just cant see the love from mi do eyes.
This scumbag young punk thought he was smart but he was only revealing his snaky betrayal traits to the Changs. I would prefer Mi Do ends up with Jae Hee as I see that they are both like each other and their love scene in this drama is very sweet.
Even though she tells the reporter no, the TV reporter repeatedly asks her for an interview.
Mi-Do, trying to stay as calm as possible to hide her fear, listens to Tae-Sang in the hotel room. I loved the main lead actor tee tee but the writer of this drama was soo shallow minded and put all the suffering on him. If he can do that to TS, he will do it to the Changs later - that's why Roy was very suspicious of him. Same can't be said for scumbag JH who remained malicious and vindictive till TS's removal from the company. Jae Hee is a newly graduated student and Mi Do is a young woman who still want to pursue her dreams.
Jae Hee is a newly graduated and worked at Tae Sang's company, while Mi Do is still a young woman who still want to pursue her dreams.

And yeah, there were a few scenes that doesn't really go with the story that would make you say "what the f was that scene for?" kind of thing so yeah that was a NoNo for me. I didn't like that the writers wrote him in as the Chang's long lost son for a happy ending. Song Seung-heon's character's love was more possessive; he wanted to show Shin Se-Kyung's character that he could provide for her.
They get a lot of help from Tae Sang, and he just wants to keep his pride, he doesn't want to give Tae Sang a chance to be a better person. The part I hated the most was where That B**** Mido nd Jae hee were making out in Han Tae Sang's house, I mean Wat the hell was dat?!!!! You're just so full of suspicion and revenge." That was the only time the ever-forgiving TS let Jae Hee "have it". I do not see the love chemistry between Tae Sang and Mi Do, though it seems Tae Sang has so much love to Mi Do, but Mi Do is only accepting him because of he had already done much for her and her family. I did not see the love chemistry of Mi Do to Tae Sang just a natural feeling of "like" but not "love". She never shows expression and the way her mouth moves makes me want to hit her in the head with an apple. While leaving the area, somebody shouts at her "hey rude student!" When she turns around, a young man named Jae-Hee (Yeon Woo-Jin) gives her the rice bag and leaves. Mi-Do then receives a phone call from her mother and learns that her father has disappeared. I think Baek Sung Joo deserves Koo Yong Kab, they both play dirty tricks, they are a good match. And i feel even more sad because i love song seung heon so much that he deserve a better script and better actress to shine.
Coz I didn't really see any 'romance' sht in this drama, I wanted more of romance scenes, like those loveydovey, sweetness kind of thing..
When he thought he was going to lose her, his survival instinct triggered a panic desire to hold on to her at all costs.
I think Tae Sang is more compatible with Sung Joo and need to realize that the perfect couple for him is Sung Joo.
Although Sung Jo is already done bad thing to Tae Sang, but she really deeply love Tae Sang and want to sacrifice for him. Shin se kyung just ruined this drama but it's alright because the rest of the cast are all great actors.. It wasn't until the near end of the drama series that he realized after spending time with his mother, experiencing loss when he was left at the altar, and when he was "unemployed" as CEO of his own company, did he acknowledged what unconditional love is about. She is young and filled with dreams, but after living out her dreams, she realizes that without family and someone to love, it is meaningless. The character of Seo Mi Do was annoying sometimes but it makes it more interesting as well.
She returns back to the bookstore, wanting to rekindle her love for books, which is also the same reason why Song Seung-Heon's character purchased the bookstore. I wish one of the episode is focused on theri relationship, I mean there should be a sweet side. Instead of finding someone else, both characters had to live a little bit without each other to realize what love is truly about.

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