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Working for local photographers can help you get professional experience to add to the portfolio. Building an online version of your portfolio is the easiest way to share it with prospective clients. When it comes to a blockbuster event such as a wedding or party, having the right makeup tips can lead to a seamless application.
One of the best-kept secrets of nearly every big-name makeup artist is the art of contouring.
Clients want to look refreshed and young even when they have dark spots or bags under the eyes. Makeup artists want to keep their handiwork intact to give client’s the full benefit. We all know about different skin types and textures, but did you know that skin type can actually effect how makeup looks when applied? If you have a prominent forehead: Shade around the outer edge of your forehead along your hairline to minimize the area with bronzer.
If you have a flat or wide nose: Shade alongside your bridge starting from your inner brows.
If gravity is taking a toll and your cheeks are sagging: Apply a highlighter just above your cheekbone all the way to your temple.
And if you really want to make your contouring stand out, use a sparkly highlighter, which will reflect the most light. Oscar De la Renta Brings Some Star Power As Australian Fashion Week Winds Down – Our Day 5 Wrap-Up!
Below you will find some of our favorite photos from different photo shoots and events that Los Angeles makeup artist Brittany Renee and her team of professional beauty experts have done hair and makeup for.
If you’d like to see more work, photos from each individual shoot or event can be viewed on our makeup artist blog. There is a popular saying in Russia  that before you marry, you should take your bride to the sauna first. If you can handle multiple makeup styles, make sure you have photos demonstrating the different options available to potential clients.

Requesting a copy of a closeup shot is an easy way to add high quality photos to your collection.
Visitors can admire your work without scheduling an appointment to see your photos in person. A skilled makeup artist knows that in order to please a client on their wedding day, you have to be knowledgeable about the best tips and tricks to make a makeup application really pop and for the client to shine. This process is usually fun, features personal interaction and helps the client’s inner beauty shine also. These common skin problems are made more visible with concealer because it is lighter than normal foundation.
Skin type can also make the difference between one product application working wonders on one skin type while dragging down another. The principle behind all makeup tips is that you always want to focus on one feature at a time.
Use a blush directly on the cheekbone, then use a bronzer in the hollow of the cheek, underneath your bone. Then for your bronzer, go for a matte finish, which will absorb light and create a stark contrast.
Photos in this gallery came from fashion photo shoots, special events,  engagement shoots, weddings, boudoir shoots,editorial photo shoots, etc. If you don’t have access to a good camera for taking your own pictures, this is the easiest and least expensive way to gather photos for the portfolio. A digital camera makes it easy to upload photos of each project so you can keep everyone updated as your skills and styles evolve. The trick to giving less-than-perfect skin a flawless look is to neutralize the irritated areas. If you are going to play up the eyes with dark, smokey kohl liner, you must leave the lips a neutral shade. If you are interested in a consultation with Brittany, please do not hesitate  to reach out. By applying a series of contours on areas such as the cheeks and down the bridge of the nose, the results can be striking.

Stylists will often have to cover up problems like acne, scars and discoloration before creating an appealing look.
Once the skin is moistened, you can apply liquid foundation to even out the skin tone and mask imperfections.
This can be achieved by dabbing problem areas with a cover-up or correcter that is a few shades lighter than a person’s skin color. To keep lips neutral while still adding some wow-factor, opt for earthy tones such as coffees, taupes, and pearl pinks.
So when Prior says today's lesson is learning how to contour properly so you can alter your face shape and features, I'm so eager to learn I actually volunteer to be her model at the front of the class. A resume listing experience and education may be sufficient for work that doesn’t require creativity, but clients will need to see your abilities on a real face to determine if you are worth hiring. Putting grainy or dark photos in your portfolio will only hurt your chances of getting hired. It doesn’t matter how light or dark a skin tone is, moisturizing is the universal beauty principle. If the lips are the intended focal point, lavish them in a bold color and accentuate the eyes with a modest coat of mascara and a gentle swipe of black liner on the top lid only. Once the red coloring is under control, you can apply liquid concealer that blends with a person’s natural skin tone. If the blemish is not severe, then it is possible to smooth foundation over the area individually to cover the mark.There does not have to be a special application for covering rashes or scars.
Another trick is to use the same method, except instead of a pale shade of cover-up, us a specialized green concealer which has a super-neutralizing effect.
Clients may be self conscious over these areas, but normal make up techniques usually work. Stylists can also buy specialty makeup that is designed to cover scars or rashes when regular processes do not work.

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