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Make Your Own Website - ClicksOncall Website Builder Software - Build a website with everything you need to make money online with the ClicksOncall easy business website builder. You get a Shopping Cart for up to 500 products and lots of options included in our low monthly fee. So you're ready to put your personal or business web site on the internet, to take advantage of the huge money-making potential it offers.
Web design is so easy with our software, you can fire your current web designer and make your own website using our user friendly website templates and design software.
We understand that starting a new business or promoting an existing one can be challenging - that's why we've included over $450 of FREE marketing credits for every one of our hosting customers! Over the years, I have met too many entrepreneurs trying to build their own websites and too many entrepreneurs whining about the price to build a great website.
Building a beautifully designed, fully capable website is no longer a luxury if you’re looking to launch or grow any ecommerce business in 2015. Instead of a website, let’s assume instead you’re opening a new brick-and-mortar clothing store. And even after dropping $100,000, you’d still pale in comparison to the Macy’s down the road from you. While the cost of a good web developer varies, a beautifully designed, fully capable website should cost between $7,000 and $20,000 at most. The best place to start when designing your website (both aesthetically and as a utility) is to roam the web seeking out your competitors.

So after you have the design figured out, then make sure your product photos are professionally taken. So at The Tie Bar, we built a feature on the site that allowed customers to place our ties against the backgrounds of the most common colored (and patterned) shirts and suits.
So when building your website, make sure to include the features you love and exclude the features you don’t. The last point I’ll make is one covered in a million other places, so I will not belabor the point. I will not bore you with the stats (which are everywhere) but suffice it to say that if your website does not translate well into an easy and appealing mobile experience, you’re wasting your time investing in your new beautifully-designed, fully capable website I just talked you into.
They also are amazed especially when one considers they paid upwards of $6,000.00 for their sites. You may have used other web builders, software, paid your next door neighbors kid to build you a web site, or even tried learning how to program yourself with no success. Now compare that with the $100,000 you’d spend for your brick-and-mortar store — and you’d still lose that battle in every way.
Every piece of research I’ve ever read confirms that the nicer your product photography, the higher the conversion rate. I always had the hardest time shopping for ties in person without seeing how those ties would look with a particular shirt or suit. Back in 2004, it was a novel concept and it got us many compliments and mentions in the press.

ClicksOncall is an easy Website Builder that helps you Make a Website for your Online Business. Your budget for build-out wouldn’t be much. But at a minimum, you still have to pay for paint, flooring, lights, shelves, displays, mannequins, a POS system, an inventory system and quite a few fixtures. And all I did was discover a pain point in shopping online for ties and attempted to fix it. Even with just a short one-year lease for retail space, no matter where you open it, you’d still be looking at $100,000 to cover just your physical presence.
Our gallery of thumbnails and product pages were inspired by a website I found dedicated to real estate crowdfunding. A totally different industry, and yet, the design scheme fit perfectly for what I wanted to do.
But if you’re launching an ecommerce business and you’re unwilling to invest in your website, then you’re better off having never launched your business.

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