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No matter where you are in the world, we'll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style.
The Meinl Deluxe Make Your Own Cajon complete assembly kit featuring a stunning bubinga playing surface accompanies a solid birch resonating body to deliver superior sound quality and a remarkable appearance. A very popular item from the MEINL ultimate selection of instruments is the Bongo Cajon and now you can build your own with this construction kit. The music industry is very competitive so aspiring artists need to do everything they can be noticed. Musicians are known for their creativity, so if your site looks just like someone else’s, it will create a bad impression. Before you can begin creating your website, you need to determine exactly how you plan to use it. Clearly represent your brand while catering to the wants and needs of your targeted audience. Have font size that’s easy to read and that helps to give your site a clean, organized appearance. Create blogs to provide your visitors with information about the music industry and your particular style of music. On the other hand, adding fresh, new content and keeping your site updated for search engines will have the opposite effect. The web developer that you hire will play a major role in how successful your online marketing efforts are.
If you have a project in mind and you'd like to discuss it with us, please don't hesitate to contact us. If you were to assign a dollar value to the hours it takes to build a nice instrument, you’d quickly decide that finished versions are relatively inexpensive to buy.
This All Things Strings article details the author’s intriguing efforts to build a crude cello from scrap found in his basement. Glenn Donnellan, professional violinist with the National Symphony Orchestra, recently made his own electric violin…from a baseball bat. This is one of those cases where the interests of Full-Time Musicians (FTMs) and Part-Time Musicians (PTMs) overlap.
For the percussionist who is handy and has a lot of time on their hands, this is one of the neatest ways I’ve seen to save a few grand. One of the most popular Latin percussion instruments today is the Cajon and now with the new MEINL Cajon Kit you can build your own. 1 x assembly instructions in 7 languages2 x side panels1 x base panel1 x top panel1 x rear panel1 x playing surface (with MEINL logo)2 x side battens1 x base & 1 x top batten1 x securing batten for the snare1 x snare4 x rubber feet15 x screws 3 x 20 mm (for playing surface)4 x screws 4 x 15 mm (for rubber feet)2 x screws 3 x 12 mm (for snare)? If you are a musician, music artist, or music producer looking to make your own music, the days of renting out expensive studios to record your music are over.
With the advances in home computers, the amazing hardware and software available, and the flexibility of the digital format, recording your own music at home has never been easier.
Take advantage of the many online Music Forums available; follow the advice of those who have done this before.
Whether you are an aspiring musician, have a fun garage band, or you’re a seasoned industry vet, learn production techniques and consider using your home computer to make your music.
Authors bio: Coming from a family of musicians, I am the only one who is unable to play any musical instrument, hence my desperation to find some way to contribute something during our private performances at home. Create a Website Today – If you sell music, products, or offer a service, having a website is a must. A lot of pointless and common sense tips…like no shit you are going to need a CD burner if you are going to burn CDs.

I guess if you know absolutely nothing about audio this might be helpful, but I think that more important issues have to do with acoustics of the room, mic choice and placement.
I would assemble diffusors, bass traps, dampening panels, baffles, risers and any other items necessary to make the room more balanced well before investing in monitors.
Be sure to like the Music Marketing World Facebook page to be notified when we post any new advice that will help forward your music career. I started marketing my music on the web almost a year ago, but I only had jam sessions here and there. Some people questions the fact that I have produced an EP and album first without performing. All of the materials and tools for completing the cajon are included in this one-stop deluxe package. Creating a website will help you achieve recognition and establish your own unique identity in the music business. People could label you as a copycat instead of a new aspiring musician and that will make it difficult to build a large fan base.
Our professional web designers here at Evoke Design can help you build a site that contains all of these features while still creating a design that is unique to you. If visitors never find anything new on your site, they won’t have any reason to keep coming back. You’ll rank higher in searches and users will want to keep visiting to see what you’ll share next. Included are recommendations, explanations, and even some diagrams to clearly convey what the author means to say. We have a small outbuilding that I’ve long considered converting, in whole or part, to a practice room. For those of you who have been bitten HARD by the lutherie bug and have moved far beyond the tinkerer stage into serious instrument building, this is for you. This is due to many factors, such as well-trained (and superbly-skilled) craftsmen, dedicated workshops, and exchange rates (in some cases), among other things.
I had no idea how many folks enjoy not only playing their instruments, but also making them.
I’ve done some basic lutherie, and I have enjoyed the challenges that accompanied each task. You won’t want anything to happen to these precious files while you’re working on them, or once they’re completed. Thanks to computers and the internet, I have started exploring the new world of digital music. People looking to start a home studio, should be doing a ton of reading before they buy their first piece of gear.
Like Syn said, if you drop a ton of money on monitors and the room has a specific coloration, that is going to affect your mix.
There's new guides & discussion daily, please get involved with your views, 'like' and share. You want your website to look professional but at the same time, it needs to show your individuality because your visitors will expect your site to be unique. No one will take you seriously if you appear to be copying someone else, so be creative and include the following features in your design. Knowing what you hope to accomplish with your site will make it easier for you to create a design that helps you achieve your goals. They’ll find it to be dull and boring and they may begin to think the same about your music.

A good web design will generate interest and get users excited about your music and that will encourage them to keep coming back and to tell others about you. With any project like this, it’s important to have enough details to do it right, without so many you get lost in the preparation. I’m bookmarking this article so I can come back to it when time and weather permit starting a new project. Any “gotchas” are good to know before they surface, so post a comment or drop us a line!
Even if you have no intentions of building your own exquisite cello, it makes for fascinating reading. But for some exceedingly creative musicians, the thrill of playing an instrument that they themselves made is so far beyond playing a purchased instrument that words just can’t capture the feeling.
The instructions will guide you through this fun project and at the end you will be able to customize the finish of the instrument by adding oil, a lacquer, wax, or paint it with an entirely unique design.? Replaying your recordings and trying to hear the intricacies over your tiny computer speakers is nearly impossible.
And remember, it’s easy with the help of our friends, why not join the Music Community today, its free! If you are not hearing it, you tend to try and EQ it in or bring up levels of the arrangement which you think will get the result, only to find it sounds shocking when you play the CD in your car on a a hi-fi. If you plan and have the knowledge ahead of time, it will limit those mistakes and make way for pure productivity.
All I needed was some wood glue, 2 drill bits, a power drill-driver, a angle square, and a few wood clamps.
Get good speakers, treat the room as best you can for acoustics (High end reflections and bass trapping).
Lots of what ends up being a great recording, is in the musical and vocal performance and arrangement too – there is a limit to what good gear can achieve without this.
I bought the deluxe Ovangkol frontplate version, and I highly recommend spending the little extra for the better tone and playing response over the base line model. Ovangkol tonewood, made famous by Taylor Guitars in their 400 series acoustics, provides a wonderful tone and nice appearance that turns heads and strikes up conversations wherever we go with it. I took the existing snare design and cut the snares shorter and located them on the sides of the cajon by cutting channels in the frame behind the front plate. Overall the sound out of my redesigned cajon is very pleasing, responsive and I had the ability to stain in a custom configuration.
If you have no woodworking skills, you will want to review the plans with a person who does, as the instructions leave a bit to be desired.
Used in a living room, small group worship setting with keyboard; cajon adds extra dimension without taking up space.
Kit comes with all the parts for the cajon itself (panels, braces, snare, screws and feet).
Pretty easy and inexpensive to put together if you have the extras on hand that make assembly and finishing easier like straps or clamps, sand paper, and paint or stain.
I found the kit easy to construct and of great quality and delivered a great little cajon at a real decent price.

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