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Today’s internet speeds are staggeringly fast in comparison but your pages need to load blindingly quick. Low quality and cheap hosting will have an effect on speed, especially shared servers which host thousands of sites. To make your website content look even better, we included feature to load special fonts directly from Google Font Directory. All stock photos used on this JSN Glass demo site are only for demo purposes and not included in the template package. Your site is up, users are joining and searching your user list pages and making friends with each other.
But you realize that you need to help people express themselves and make noise on your website.
Back to the CB Primer Book you go and find Chapter 8 Working with Plugins and start reading. You quickly get this new functionality working on your website and once again you create a new Joomla tutorial article explaing how your users can create their own blogs.
Continuing where we left off, you have your Joomla website in place - with great content -  and Community Builder configured to handle the registration process and the profile pages of your community. From experience with other social netwrking sites (aka Facebook) you know that people should be able to hook-up with each other (social friends). Back to the CB Primer Book you go and find Chapter 9 Working with Connections and start reading. As you were reading the CB Primer Book, you noticed that in Chapter 8 Working with Plugins there is a discussion about integration with a Private Messaging extension called uddeIM. Now you have a better way for your users to communicate with each other - directly on your site.

Back to the CB Primer Book and to Chapter 7 Working with CB User Management where you find the Mass Mailer functionality. So you quickly create your mass mailing message - add links to your new Joomla tutorial articles and bombs away! This new add-on is a Joomla content plugin that lets you define replacement parameters and their values.
This is a very efficiently written Joomla plugin that will really help you keep your content up to date. If you are referencing a product version in multiple locations of a Joomla article or in multile Joomla articles, just use your defined replacer string - e.g. Build your own business website now with the premier Joomla!TM based memberships management system! If your web page does not fully load within a few short seconds, research shows that a large percentage of users will leave your site. As web developers we had to optimise everything for size and speed – otherwise a page could take minutes rather than seconds to load. The increase of mobile use has pushed this trend, with consumers often having slow bandwidth and limited data contracts. Each font face option is actually a combination of 2 font types: one for content text, another for heading text and main navigation text. You are able to send off personalized email messages using the CB Mass Mailing functionality located in the CB User management page. Of course you once again use the CB Mass Mailing functionality to let your existing users know about this new functionality you added. The replacement parameters will be identified and replaced by their respective values when found in Joomla content.

You have also created a number of user lists with searching enabled to let your users find others with similar interests.
You read the chapter and watch the great #24 tutorial - and you quickly get this functionality configured on your site. Another cool video - tutorial #21 - helps you in this process and you also quickly add new messages notification to your CB Login module.
This way when a new version of your product is released all you have to do is update a single value in the replacer definition (see first replacement in image).
And how about storing the blogs as Joomla articles so your can use the Joomla content management functionality to show off the blogs outside the profile pages also. You notice that connections can be bidirectional or unidirectional - but for know you decide to keep things simple. Wow, there is even another great video tutorial that illustrates this - CB Blogs Plugin Joomla Mode. Bidirectional it is - if I am connected to someone, that someone is also connected with me.
Great screenshots are taken and embedded in your awesome tutorials - this way your users will not have to experiment. Email notification is sent, user receiving the connection request approves it and the connection is set and recorded in the new Connections tab.

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