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When i ran the laravel command from the command line it didn't know how to open it, so i chose to open it with php.exe. I suppose it's less a problem with laravel itself but my limited knowledge of the Windows command line. To rephrase and clarify this question: How do I make a .phar file globally available to the Windows command line? Next, go to where your WAMP or XAMP project folder is -generally, this would be your www folder (i.e. Call the above statement in that new_project folder because that is where laravel will install. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged php command-line windows-7 laravel-4 phar or ask your own question.
Is the use of the term "bugged" to refer to software bugs in English a worldwide or regional use? I work for Company A, a software company integrating our platform onto a product by Company B, a hardware company.

It is should be a naive question for the web programming experts and I am trying to describe it clearly.
I'm using Netbeans for developing HTML5 projects and I would like to know which embedded web server uses to run this kind of project, though there's no web server mapped in Netbeans yet. I am looking for an easy way to design a simple web interface for a java application to control some settings from another computer.
Is it possible to stay up while riding a bike on a moving sidewalk without actually moving?
Workshops, the best learning experiences while travelingto some of the most beautiful places on earth. For posting the pictures of the show I believe color will be more effective… by the way, this is the first time I go the the circus without my kids, odd feeling!
Anyone who grew-up in Mexico is familiarized with the Atayde Hermanos Circus which is the most famous circus in that country. Recently I flew to Oaxaca to sit at one of the wonderful photo workshops of Mary Ellen, the experience was amazing.
Mitla was a nice town with an interesting market however the peak of the day was the visit to the Graveyard at night.
Visiting the animal market was a weird experienceA  but highly intensive, you will be able to judge by yourself by looking at the pictures.

Basically what I want is, that I can start a new project by typing laravel new [name] in the command line. Besides that, I want to provide a secondary web GUI so the application can be controlled from another pc at the home of the user.
Are there any web servers available so that I can call my C function for parsing the data and posting it back to the web server?
The day of the dead tradition is so much into the being of every person in Oaxaca that it should no keep amazing me but I can’t help it.
There is an enclosed market which extends out to all the streets surrounding the market and even beyond them to the areas around the cathedral and the convent. We got there early morning and all farmers were already there with their animals or unloading them. I have planned to implement the webserver using an arduino ethernet shield, for which SPI code is needed.

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