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Section 508, The Electronic and Information Technology Standards, is a Federal law requiring most US Government electronic information services to be accessible to persons with disabilities. Section 508 is a federal law mandating the use of electronic accessibility standards on government websites. WebXACT (formerly Bobby) is a free online service that lets you test single pages of web content for quality, accessibility, and privacy issues.
Wave 3.0 from Webaim is an online tool that checks for both W3C and Section 508 compliance. Could a parent or student make an accessibility complaint against my school or library website?
Accessibility can be as simple as supplying descriptive Alternative Tags into the HTML code of a page that tell a blind user the content and meaning of a graphic. If you have a high speed Internet connection try visiting the University of Wisconsin-Madison Video on the Web page.

Finally, consider visiting an Assistive Technology lab at a local community college or university. This means that any materials presented in an online format on US Government websites must be designed to standards that insure compatibility with assistive technology. Section 508 clearly applies to all Federal agencies, and by extension to those who wish to conduct business with the federal government. Creating an accessible website requires a degree of technical knowledge, and a willingness to learn new ways of creating web-based information. Alternate text, provides a written description of the meaning of an image, and should always be included when adding images to web pages.
If not, trying to understand the user experience of a disabled person is a worthwhile exercise.
Try to select a time that allows you to observe students with disabilities receiving instruction on using Assistive Technology.

The impact of the law is widespread because anyone wishing to do business with the Federal government must also comply with Section 508.
You will certainly gain insight and empathy for the extraordinary determination of those with visual disabilities. The importance of assistive technology is brilliantly depicted in Assistive Technology: Enabling Dreams a fine online video from the George Lucas Foundation.

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