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I was just like you and thought you had to be an html guru to build a pretty website, but after some trial and error, I saw that Blogger made website building super, duper, simple. This is where, if you’re an HTML wizard, you can wave your html wand and custom a fancy template. We made a Page {tab} for every subject we thought was important to cover for our beach wedding.
We wanted to write a personal note to our fam and friends, welcoming them to the site and telling them how thrilled we are to share our special day with them. Airlines, airport shuttles, accommodations and special wedding guest hotel rate info—this is the closest thing to a travel agent we could get. We included a Google map of the island and a star where our resort’s location is located. This is the Ostrich Guidebook to Oahu—a laundry list of our favorite places to check out, do and grub!
We included this as a helpful reminder of some stuff we always bring for our tropical getaways.

7 August 2013 by Harmony · Leave a Comment With Labor Day on the horizon, we’ve got white weddings on the brain! Wedding websites will save you a ton of time and let’s be frank, they’re just plain fun to have too! We often ask couples what advice they would give future destination brides and grooms.  Here’s what these savvy newlyweds had to say!  “Make sure you choose a location that will give your guests an amazing vacation experience. What stood out as the most amazing moments of the day?  “Arriving by boat for the Vietnamese Ceremony, the first look in the courtyard of our Villa surrounded by family & friends, and the amazing fire dancers who performed at the reception.”  Clearly a great experience for all in attendance! The reason we selected Riveria Maya, Mexico is because most of my family lives on the West Coast, but we live in New York City, and most of Eli’s family, and a lot of our friends, are on the East Coast. Your guests will be there for more than the wedding, so it’s good to have a host venue and location with lots to do and great amenities.
They are super cute, fun, and stylish – oh did I mention they are totally affordable? For example, if the destination wedding in on the beach you can use a seashell or perhaps a life preserver for the boutonniere.

That’s why many of us value your future data, along with profit carrying out inside this specific. Whatever you decide on, have fun with it and decide on something that will bring a smile to both the bride and the groom happy!
These sandals are comfy and durable enough to keep you looking fabulous during your  beach wedding. They are also practical enough to be used during your honeymoon and even when you get back home to run errands in.
And of course they are a great flat to gift your maids with so every coordinates (they’ll thank you for these beauties).

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