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Our Theme Designer can help you create stunning themes to match your organization's identity and apply them to your payment forms, reports and invoices.
Wufoo's Code Manager provides a number of copy-and-paste code snippets to help you embed your form into your web site, blog post, email newsletter or Facebook page. The Rule Builder allows you to create dynamic forms that will follow logic that you've specified to perform certain actions like showing and hiding fields, skipping certain pages or emailing specific individuals based on the selections the user makes while filling out your Wufoo forms.
Your teams and businesses depend on the ability to react quickly to the leads and registrations gathered from your web site. Wufoo provides a number of ways to deliver live updates about new payments and transactions processed by your form. Wufoo's payment integration features allow you to easily process credit cards from your users after gathering information from them through a Wufoo powered form. Wufoo is integrated with some of the most popular payment providers on the Internet to give you the flexibility to process credit cards with the solution of your choice.
We provide a powerful Report Builder to help you create dynamic visualizations made up of your own graphs, charts and key metrics.
If you're using our Payment Integration features, you can easily see how your payment forms are performing by tracking their views, submissions and conversion rates. Specifically, User Management allows for multiple email addresses to log in to the same account. Whether it's small businesses wanting individual logins for each user, large companies hoping to separate their account by divisions, or design shops looking for an easier way to set up an account to each of their clients — everyone had a need for User Management. In addition to helping you collect information from your users, we also provide some really nice data on the performance of your forms as well. Additionally, since we're tracking this data over time, you can easily see how changes to your form affect your conversion rates.
While Wufoo makes it easy to build most forms in a few minutes, it's often not necessary to build your form completely from scratch. Also, we've developed a number of fancy color analyzing features in Wufoo to make sure your graphs, tables and reports always look great regardless of the colors you've picked for your themes. In an effort to balance the needs of our users who want to insure the integrity of their data with our desire to promote best practices for high converting forms, we implemented a smart captcha system in Wufoo that tries to automatically detect abusive behavior and only show a captcha test in those situations.
With our File Upload Field, you can have your users upload documents, photos and other media along with the other data you collect from them via your Wufoo form. Just because you're working with forms and data, doesn't mean you have to do it without personality and style. Additionally, we do everything we can to make it easy to incorporate Wufoo into your organization's workflow. U kunt naast de basis functies die inbegrepen zijn in het basis pakket van €300,00 ex btw uw webwinkel website tegen een meer prijs ook laten voorzien van extra functies.
Hieronder een overzicht van de basis website functies die u krijgt bij een webshop van €300,00 ex btw.

Uw webwinkel wordt op maat ontworpen met een premium theme van Elegant Themes, dit zorgt ervoor dat u een mooie professionele webshop krijg die voldoet aan alle moderne kwaliteits eisen.
U krijgt een website gemaakt met het WordPress CMS waarin u gebruik kunt maken van de functies om zelf uw tekstpaginas te beheren. Bezoekers van de webshop kunnen via het antwoordformulier in de contact pagina of via de Social Media icoontjes op de webwinkel contact met u opnemen.
Wij kunnen u natuurlijk ook extra functies en diensten aanbieden bij de bouw van uw website. Uw webwinkel aanmelden bij Google Analytics en Google Webmaster tools zorgt ervoor dat uw webshop gelijk wordt opgenomen in de Google zoekresultaten. Wilt u graag weten hoeveel concurrentie er is op de zoekwoorden die interessant zijn voor uw webshop. Voor de installatie en configuratie van het populaire nieuwsbrief programma MailChimp waarmee u nieuwsbrieven kan versturen naar uw klanten.
Wilt u door webdesign studenten een Website laten maken of een Webwinkel laten maken, neem contact met ons op, of vraag een offerte aan.
If you've ever hired a developer to make a form for you, then you're familiar with delays and communication barriers. Whether you're a secretary or the resident IT ninja, we can help you collect data without writing a single line of code. You can easily use your own logo and colors or pick a professionally designed palette from our Theme Gallery.
You can make any field required and we'll take care of actions like making sure emails are properly formatted or the number of words you require are met. Our Rule Builder was designed to make adding and understanding the logic you want to apply to your forms as easy as creating sentences. With a Wufoo powered form, you can easily get real time updates about the data being collected from your users right into your favorite web applications. In addition to dynamic reports that you can customize yourself, you can have Wufoo send you emails, text messages or even a secure RSS feed to keep you updated on the money rolling in the door. In just a few minutes, you can be accepting payments, donations and online orders without having to write a single line of code.
If you need to create coupon codes, or generate custom invoices or use Chargify to handle recurring billing, we've got you covered. Our Report Builder allows you to design your reports using 5 types of widgets (Graphs, Charts, Numbers, Text and Datagrids) that you can easily add, mix and match in your reports.
After designing your report, you can then make them public for all the world to see or password protect them for trusted eyes only. Each email address, or user, can be assigned Create, View and Edit permissions on Forms, Themes and Reports. For every form, we provide detailed form analytics on pageviews, conversion rates, error rates and submission times to help you understand at a deep level how your forms are performing by region and platform.

We believe information is power and with all this data collected automatically for every form, we think our analytics will help you be the Hulk Hogan of your organization. Our collection of pre-made templates and themes have been downloaded and installed over 5,000,000 times by our users and developers. This makes it really convenient to ask for screenshots on a Customer Support Form or accept resumes in PDF or Word on an Employment Application form. Our intuitive filtering controls makes it easy to sort and filter your entries down to the essentials and if you're a statistics power user, we allow you to quickly export your collected information to Excel, CSV and Tab Delimited formats so you can import your data into your favorite spreadsheet number cruncher. Gathering information from your users is exciting, why shouldn't your tools be exciting too?
From our Account Manager, you can quickly upgrade or downgrade with a single click according to your data collection needs and easily forward copies of invoices from our app to your favorite billing department.
U kunt ons een goedkope webshop laten maken voor uw bedrijf of organisatie vanaf €300,00 ex btw. Ook kunnen wij uw website gelijk na de bouw aanmelden bij Google en voorzien van Google teksten (meta content, meta tags en browser pagina titels). Dit betekent dat uw webwinkel een XML sitemap krijgt, robots.txt file, een Google Analytics plug en de optie om per pagina meta tags, meta content en browser titels in te voeren.
Dwz dat u zelf tekst paginas kunt aanmaken en zelf foto’s, teksten en multimedia content kunt uploaden naar deze tekstpaginas. Dit waarborgt de kwaliteit van uw grafisch ontwerp en zorgt ervoor dat u ook zelf gemakkelijk wijzigingen kunt maken in het ontwerp van uw webshop. WooCommerce geeft u alle webshop functies die u nodig heeft bij het management van een professionele webwinkel. Wij kunnen natuurlijk ook het iDeal pakket van andere aanbieders installeren in uw webwinkel tegen een meer prijs die afhangt van de aanbieder, neem contact met ons op voor een prijsopgave. Dat wil zeggen dat de webwinkel zich automatisch aanpast aan de scherm grote van smartphones, tablets, pc’s en laptops.
Bezoekers op uw webwinkel krijgen is de eerste stap van een succesvolle internet marketing strategie.
Plus, we show all our errors in easy to understand prompts to help keep your conversion rates high. Voor dit bedrag krijgt u een professionele webwinkel die op basis van uw huisstijl wordt ontworpen. Dit zorgt ervoor dat alle bezoekers van uw webshop gemakkelijk uw product informatie kunnen bekijken.

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