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The question how to Make a Good PowerPoint Presentation has been asked 1199 times by our users. Mar 13, 2014 · Making a good PowerPoint presentation is not hard, but it does require some forethought. Learn what you need to know put together a Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation quickly and with little fuss. This video will show you how to use 3D shapes, backgrounds and text create a good powerpoint introduction slide. Learn to create a PowerPoint 2010 presentation and prepare share it deliver your message an audience.
So, you need to put together an exciting presentation and are trying to decide between the traditional Microsoft PowerPoint, and Prezi, the newer, non-linear software tool.
PowerPoint has long been used for presentations and has become the standard “go to” software when putting together presentations.
2)    Control – PowerPoint provides seemingly endless possibilities when it comes to slide design. 3)    Builds, transitions, and animations – you can use these visual enhancements to add to the explanatory power of the presentation and also enhance your visuals. 4)    Hyperlinks – allows you to click on a link and be taken directly to the links location on the web or somewhere else in the presentation. 5)    Syncs with SlideShare – lets you upload your presentation to the web so anyone can view your presentation online. 6)    Can print handouts of the slides – allows people to follow along without having to focus on writing notes on the presentation. 1)    Linear format – some people complain how PowerPoint follows a script (linear) format, and is not easily adaptable to an audience when needed.
2)    Large file size – PowerPoint can create really large files, especially when images, audio, and video are added. Like PowerPoint, Prezi lets you seamlessly integrate images, text, videos, animations, and sounds. 3)    Sharing – can share presentations online with up to 10 audience members which make collaborating on projects easy.
1)    Limited design options – limited backgrounds to choose from and each has pre-chosen fonts and colors that can’t be changed. 3)    Dizziness – often times Prezi users can over use the zoom function which can ultimately take away from the message of the presentation. 4)    Learning curve – while Prezi is fairly simple in nature, it does take some time getting used to. Whether you select PowerPoint or Prezi, you need to continuously practice your presentation skills for best results. Whatever tool you select, take the time to master and use it to create dazzling, rather than dull, presentations. If you have limited time and need to display ideas, facts, and figures in a simple way I most often recommend sticking with PowerPoint. I personally prefer to use PowerPoint for my presentations because most of my clients know how to use PowerPoint and can make minor changes themselves if they want later on. Most people equate PowerPoint with tired bullet points and cheesy clipart because that is all they are used to.
After reading this article, do you think you will more likely to use PowerPoint or Prezi in the future? Our company tried Prezi but because they don’t make our branding font (Frutiger) available to create content in our company cannot use it.
I really liked you review of the two… especially the point you made about how people make terrible PowerPoint presentations because that is what they commonly see.
I used prezi recently and it was super fun and loved the zooming through the slides but I won’t uninstall PowerPoint. You can Share your PowerPoint from your OneDrive without having to send a huge file via email. Just so that you and the other readers are aware, you can change a lot about a Prezi, yes it has fewer fonts to pick from, but they are all capable of any presentation.
Academic Presenter combines the potency of slide-based presentation software products with canvas-based.
About PandaWe're a presentation design firm that creates KILLER presentations for startups, large businesses, and individuals. Adam Noar is founder of Presentation Panda, and has been designing sweet looking slides for over 10 years. Enter your your name and email below to get this free presentation template and also get free updates! Subscribe to my newsletter to stay informed on all of my latest presentation tips, articles, and resources!
Although there are several methods for making slide presentations in LaTeX, the beamer system is most widely used. The sample presentation provided by the template shows a title slide, an outline slide, and some commonly used slide styles: bullet points, bullet points revealed in succession, and bullet points with a graphic. I asked a number of experts for their tips on how to make an effective PowerPoint presentation. Ellen Finkelstein: Many people start the process of creating a presentation in PowerPoint, by entering text on the slides. Bert Decker: The end result is totally PowerPoint driven, and we have information without influence and data without emotion.
Geetesh Bajaj: Always start your presentation on paper — draw your ideas, link relationships between concepts, and create a storyboard.
George Torok: The first thing that presenters need to do is to ask these important questions before creating their presentation.
Christophe Harrer: When it comes to slide design, you shouldn’t think of decoration, but of communication.
Just about every organisation has a template that you’re supposed to use when you create a PowerPoint presentation. If you can get away with it, simply use a plain background based on your corporate colours.
You can allow yourself a small understated logo in a corner – such as in this background from Duarte. So now you have your plain background instead of a cluttered and distracting PowerPoint template. Presenters can completely transform their presentations from boring bullets to high-impact visuals by putting one point on a slide. Fewer words on each slide (ideally one sentence headline, no more than two lines, that states the assertion of the slide).
Richard Mayer calls this the Multimedia Principle: Use words and graphics rather than words alone. In all ten comparisons, students who received a multimedia lesson consisting of words and pictures performed better on a subsequent transfer test than students who received the same information only in words. For the past 20 years, my colleagues and I at the University of California, Santa Barbara have been conducting scientifically rigorous experiments aimed at determining what works with multimedia presentations. Andrew Lightheart: You only need a visual aid in a presentation if you would need one in conversation. Bert Decker: This is a simple concept, and yet it is profound when you use it all the time. Lisa Braithwaite: Just like no one person can meet all of your relationship needs, no one tool can meet all of your presentation needs. Mike Pulsifer: Well-designed slides are terrible handouts since they lack the on-slide text necessary to form an informative narrative. Simon Raybould: [Have] well-written hand-outs to leave behind after the presentation for those who want to know the whys and where-fores.
It’s interesting to see that learners, both young and old, have the same tendencies when creating PowerPoint projects. Whether academics or business, the more professional your presentation is, the more competitive you will appear. This is really helpful to create a wonderful presentation slides, the tip makes me understand the core value of power point and learn the way to catch audiance’s mind. Powerpoint is really wonderful, but when it comes to web designing, am simply not that working hard towards it. Follow this link to get a Free 13-Page PDF – professionally edited transcript of IT Storyteller Webinar with Dr. Those of us in the Information Technology field work on crucial aspects of the businesses we serve.

The first thing you may recognize after considering all the things you do know about the presentation is that it is not an I.T. These are the common elements that make up a united and integrated view of the organization. For an annual budget pitch, the view of revenue and expense and other key performance indicators will help you to identify which components of your budget relate to which areas. Software development inevitably results in a product that is used by customers, staff, or partners. To build more confidence in your data and analysis, you should have discussed it with stakeholders, executives, vendors, or others. As you think about these 8 questions and your audience, keep in mind that each attendee will view your presentation from a unique perspective. Jargon doesn’t make you look smart, it just makes your audience confused and frustrated. Think about how you might explain a technical concept to someone totally outside of work and outside of the IT field. If you are prepared to address all of this, you’re prepared to make an excellent presentation.
Give me 10 minutes of your time and I’ll show how to make a good PowerPoint presentation. They waste valuable time, and in our professional environment are one of the most feared torture methods for committed people! In fact, there are more than 500 million users of PowerPoint, and it holds an estimated 95% of the presentation software market. Microsoft office programs (PowerPoint, Word, and Excel) are taught in school, so most people have at least some familiarity of how the software works.
Prezi is a newer flash-based application that allows the user to create a presentation using a large, blank page instead of traditional slides. However, there aren’t the same integrated tools that PowerPoint has such as graphs and flowcharts.
This allows the presenter to simply click the background with the mouse and the presentation zooms out to an overview, then the presenter can zoom into the area they please. In other words, users can jump in and out ideas and are given more flexibility when presenting ideas.
While there is a student discount version provided online, it still offers limited file space and storage. Many people like to stay within their comfort zone, and Prezi is outside that zone for many non-designers.
The other important point to make is that if your story is poor, neither tool with help you!
However, if you have the time to learn a new software and really want to create an interactive experience for your audience that has a strong “wow” factor you MIGHT want to consider using Prezi.
The biggest problem I see with PowerPoint is that most people really don’t understand how to create a fun and dynamic presentation.
This BORING format is what people have been taught in school, and most people don’t understand the full potential of PowerPoint.
If you want to unlock the true potential of PowerPoint and learn how to design exciting slides, that will get any audience PUMPED and ready for action, you should check out my personally written eBook, Slides Made Simple.
I would assume they do not license the fonts to be used with their software thus the limited free fonts. Especially at school as more people switch to prezi and more mediocre presentation get presented in Prezi a well made PowerPoint will have a really direct punch. Most schools and offices will have it but that does not mean that everyone with have it in their homes. I would have to respectfully disagree and say that inserting videos in PowerPoint is pretty simple. You can represent a genealogy lineage using a simple org chart in PowerPoint or any other tree visualization like in the samples that we will show you below.
Let’s start creating presentations by taking out a blank sheet of paper and writing down what we want to accomplish and what our audience cares about. Powerpoint templates come from the mindset that PowerPoint slides are like documents and so should be branded.
Everything you add to your slides should have a positive impact on the message you are communicating. However, there is research that shows that any material (pictures, sounds or information ) which is not conceptually relevant to the topic harms learning. My hope for the future is that the results of this research can be used to improve the effectiveness of PowerPoint messages. I like to use flip charts with or without PowerPoint; flip charts used to sketch out an idea, get input from the audience or provide a group activity keep a presentation lively. If you want to follow best practice, simply printing out your PowerPoint slides to create a handout is no longer an option.
But given that research indicates taking detailed text off the slides, creating handouts for detailed information makes sense. These are from Cliff Atkinson, Guy Kawasaki, Julie Terberg, Michael Alley, Nancy Duarte, Richard Mayer and Seth Godin. Taking the help of professional templates often help me present more confidently and I am sure your tips are going the help me a lot further. My prsentation will be next week, so I am worried somehow of being lost while I present the subject. But right now, am good in designing and will continue till i get to the top 1 position of best designers. Olivia Mitchell has written the best guide I’ve read on How to make an effective PowerPoint presentation.
You may need to present a pitch for your annual budget, educate staff on a new system, or provide an update on a software development project. Using all of the details that you do know, you can begin to establish specific goals and objectives for your presentation. Even though everyone ends up working on discrete functional items, each of those functions relate back up to the top level view.
Bottom line doesn’t have to mean net profit specifically, but it does need to mean some relevant business metric or paradigm. Building the answers into your presentation will help the audience to understand and process the material. It’s never a good idea to assume that everyone knows or remembers why the meeting is being held. Add a little more context to make sure that everyone knows how the organization got to this point.
You should be able to explain what you would like to do and support that choice with a coherent argument. If you can find a reference point where something technical is similar to something not technical and widely understood, use it. The technology doesn’t feature prominently, because it’s not important at this level. It is important, of course, but that’s your core responsibility.
Read presentation structure to oneself to check that structure is ready and nothing is missing. PowerPoint is great tool if you are looking to tell a LINEAR story (a story that begins at point A, progresses through events which build towards a climax, and then finally reaches point B).
However, users can easily use cloud storage websites such as Dropbox to share larger file sizes. The main differentiation with Prezi is that, unlike PowerPoint, a Prezi presentation is NON LINEAR (a story presented to the audience with multiple paths from point A to point B). PowerPoint has some great advantages for the average business presenter, while Prezi has a few great benefits if you want to create a more interactive presentation. In other words, it’s not PowerPoint that is the problem, but instead the presenter creating the PowerPoint. This book will teach you everything you need to know in order to create exciting presentations, stand out from the crowd, and get your audience to say “YES!” It’s full of HUNDREDS of tips and resources that will get you creating exciting persuasive presentations in PowerPoint or Keynote. We have all been in presentations where we just listen and answer questions whilst twitching our fingers and tapping our feet.
I like the idea of a presentation existing more as the parts and the whole, rather than something linear. Sounds like the best thing to happen to PowerPoint since David Byrne took it up as an art form.
Making it available online, will allow both of you (the person your sharing with) to make changes at the same time, further you can see who’s changing what live (I thought that was cool).

In addition to the blank sheet that you can start with, there are many different premade templates you can use and edit to your liking.
One other positive for Prezi that is negative for PowerPoint is that putting videos in PowerPoints is not easy.
Every time I teach a course and require a presentation, I have to explain what a good (and bad) presentation looks like. Before, I was thinking of putting sentences and explanations to the slides bec the product needed to be introduced to a target customer.
Techies are famous for including detailed charts and graphs and providing way too much info. I thought that colours are very important to distingush the presentation, but really colourless slides are more effective, they are coloured with the ideas presented.
Several websites feature a long list of categories from which anyone can choose attractive slides for presentations.
Someone buying a fight scene, some even shot, police used pepper spray to disperse the crowd and arrested more than ten people. We continuously work with the various integrated components of complex systems in order to keep things working smoothly, resolve problems when they occur, and to create new opportunities.
Adopting a business-minded vantage point will help you to start to embrace a consolidated and summarized view. Moreover, addressing these items directly and without prompting will add to your credibility as a leader, which increases your ability to influence the outcome of the meeting. It’s best to always include a quick recap so that you can be sure everyone is on the same page. After all, depending on the issue, some people may be very happy or very upset about where things are at. Consider, for example, that in the case of a system rollout, someone from Human Resources might be more tuned into issues of training, morale, and shifting job roles. They may feel intimidated or they may wait for you to clarify things later on in your talk. For example, your audience likely doesn’t understand the technicalities of a data network, but they probably have experience driving on highways and in traffic, which could provide a useful way to explain similar concepts.
It’s presumed that you’ve done all your homework in that area, and you should be sure that you have. You can get more great tips and advice specifically tailored to making great IT presentations by downloading the transcript.
Whichever tool you choose, it will only add value to your presentation if it helps you to tell YOUR STORY.
I would think that the non-linear format helps people avoid the trap of simply reading their PowerPoint slides when they give a presentation, too–well, I hope so anyway.
I am seeing a growing trend of people just putting links to Youtube in power points that just waste time. Genealogists use oral traditions, historical records, genetic analysis, and other records to obtain information about a family and to demonstrate kinship and pedigrees of its members. But with this, I am now relieved by the thought that I need not to make the slides look stressful with words. Neither downloading the entire slideshow and seeing it in the fullscreen added any worth to the presentation. There are way too many places to find captivating slides for business presentations to be bland. Jordan announced his retirement after the second time, Adidas rely on booming popularity of Kobe, Kobe shoes quickly launched. As you view the particular topic of your presentation through the lens of the business, you will naturally gravitate toward this high level view.
From here, you should be able to identify the few most essential elements of your presentation topic. Can they be structured or timed in a way that fits more seamlessly into the higher level plans of the organization?
What are the anecdotes and stories that are a natural part of the corporate dialog in this area? Re-introducing the topic in this way also helps everyone transition into the discussion from whatever has occupied their time and attention prior to the meeting.
Through this exercise you likely would have learned lots of information, gained new perspective, and encountered new questions. Someone from Finance at that same meeting may be more concerned about the capital versus operating cost impact of the initiative. It’s got nothing to do with the other person and everything to do with your ability to make something you understand clear to someone else.
If you want more detail you can zoom in again and then once you’re in a specific area you can “pan” to expand on that idea or gain more detail.
If you have a strong story and want to express complex ideas simply linked to your message with a memorable visual they will help you.
However with the increasing surge or smart phone and tablet users, presentations can be shared on those devices. On Prezi you can add any video picture or sound clip with a button on the top of the screen. I hope everything will be alright after reading your article on how to be an effective presenter.
With that perspective, you can work toward crafting an effective message by translating your content into business terms. Missing from that view will be many of the details you’ve been wallowing in on a day-to-day basis. This is also the point where you set the stage and frame the discussion that’s about to happen. The same will be true for audience members from Sales, Operations, Customer Support, Manufacturing, or other areas.
You want to make sure that everyone is able to follow your message right from the beginning and on through the end. Thus, enabling presenters to have an endless amount of ways the presenter can interact with the audience through votes, questions, keyword search in real time.
Here we will show you how to make this simple genealogy tree in PowerPoint.To make this diagram template in PowerPoint you can start adding shapes for each family member. Your setup will determine a lot about how the rest of the conversation goes, so give this some thought and consider carefully.
By doing this homework you’ve likely anticipated many of the questions of the people in your audience. Adding a nuanced perspective tailored to your audience will help you to lead a more complete and productive discussion. Technical terms are very useful within areas of specialization but they are barriers to communication across areas of specialization. Then you can easily connect the shapes from Grand parents to the parents in the next level and so on. This is another part of framing the conversation and will likely directly influence the specific outcomes from the meeting. You will also be demonstrating that you’ve taken a very thoughtful, professional, and business-like approach to your work.
Just think about the last time you spoke to an accountant, financial adviser, car mechanic, doctor, or anyone else with knowledge outside of your domain of expertise.
This is another important element of framing, since everyone involved in the go-forward decision making will want to understand the history and learn from it.
You can download this free family PowerPoint template with family tree for PowerPoint 2010 and 2013. Think about if you are helping to deal with an urgent issue or if you need to create some urgency around an issue. Of course, this sort of review could be fraught with political landmines and cultural anomalies. Consider two doctors: one that speaks to you in arcane Latin-esque medical terms and one that speaks to in plain and clear language. Regardless of what the reaction may be from various members of the audience, you should recap how things got to this point.

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