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Place a QR code on your resume and separate yourself from the rest of the job-hunting pack. You can disable Search Me if you want your career website to be accessed by a direct URL, e.g.
On May 20th, a flurry of reports took note of Google’s decisions to halt its ambitious efforts to digitize the contents of newspaper archives and make them online and at no cost. Or, the decision might be seen as part on the ongoing issue that publishers and museums and educational institutions, too, are now facing: how to balance a mandate or desire to make content available against the costs of actually doing that.
It truly is difficult to balance the desire to make content available against the costs of actually doing it.

Even as digital storage options become more plentiful and less expensive, the costs incurred in collecting, processing, scanning and tagging materials may still create financial hurdles.
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Walking away from a program it began in 2006 to make two hundred years worth of articles public and searchable—and after scanning millions of pages from over two thousand currently operating and defunct newspapers—Google signaled it was switching gears to focus on helping publishers monetize their deep wells of content. Google maintains that it wasn’t abandoning it earlier intended goal because of copyright issues, although those certainly generated controversy and threw a monkey wrench into, for example, Google’s earlier and equally ambitious plan to scan the contents of books in library collections worldwide. Google usually does things that other companies see as economically indefeasible, and they succeed at it.

The company issued a statement saying while users could still search previously digitized content, “we don’t plan to introduce any further features or functionality to the Google News Archives and we are no longer accepting new microfilm or digital files for processing." Instead, Google will harness its corporate and technological heft to support OnePass, a payment platform program instituted back in February. It has also been suggested by the UK’s The Guardian that this new turn of events may have been prompted by Apple’s rival payment plans with a number of newspapers. I would suggest that we ask the IMF to fund the project or take money away from other projects like underground CO2 storage or residential area wind farms.

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