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PowerPoint is a popular teaching medium that can be used as prompter, handout and data dump in education, training, business and office work. In order to fight against “Death by PowerPoint”, we need some skills to create an interesting PowerPoint presentation.
Find the subject and meaning of the PowerPoint before making it, which can help you create a PowerPoint full of passion, thus drawing more attention. Create key points and give 3-4 reasons to support every point, more will not be easily remembered by audiences.
If this is your first time to make a public PowerPoint sideshow, you need rehearsal to help to remember the key points and avoid being too nervous when presenting the PowerPoint before the public.
However, sometimes, what bores your audiences is neither the monotony of slide content nor presenting skills, but the PowerPoint itself. Moyea PPT to Video Converter helps to convert PowerPoint to video with the animations, transitions and embedded music, videos, music, narrations completely retained in your output movie. All posts on this blog are created for non-profit sharing by the blogger staff of Moyea Software.
You need to get the right proportions for the trapeziums and match the length of the ellipses to the two edges of each trapezium.
Now, in the rest of this PowerPoint Tutorial, you’ll learn to color this structure to make it look professional.

Once you select the preset, make sure that the type is linear and the direction of Gradient Fill is chosen as Linear Right.
Now, you are ready to choose your gradient fill colors.Go to Stop Position 1 and change the color to Darker 25% of your choice. You may also like to see this tutorial on how to use simple gradient shading to make your elements appear 3D.
The funnel is pretty much ready now and you may draw 3 downward arrows to indicate input into the funnel. When you learn how to create the funnel with right shading, you can make your own variations. Hope you got some ideas on how to use PowerPoint funnel diagram in your presentations and make your message memorable. I teach Business full time at the Nova Scotia Community College and part time at Dalhousie, Mount St. PowerPoint is a convenient prop for poor speakers, and it reduces complicated messages to simple bullet points, get presenters’ ideas across easily. Death by PowerPoint, which is also called “PowerPoint Poisoning”, is a critical and sarcastic term for boring presentations overloaded with information, which cause audience’s state of boredom and fatigue and never get through intended receivers.
Generally speaking, we should redesign the slides and make them a little more interesting from several aspects here: significance, background, structure, simplicity, and rehearsal.

You may collect fun PowerPoint ideas and subjects from friends, colleagues and families, or get inspiration from great speeches. Set a unified PowerPoint background and use relevant pictures (such as diagrams) to support the PowerPoint. In a nutshell, a good PowerPoint presentation helps to visualize ideas, create key points and impress audience. If you give consideration to the 5 aspects, your PowerPoint will not be “Death by PowerPoint” any more. To present lengthy presentations with animations, transitions, and media content, we need many additional action buttons, which making PowerPoint slideshow lacking consistency and fluency in displaying content, so it is far not as popular as video. To make a real impression with the presentations, we have a better way: convert PowerPoint to video or DVD. The switching between media can help to reduce the likelihood of “Death by PowerPoint” occurring during a presentation, and bring your presentations and audiences to life with ease.

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