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If you have made up your mind to contribute to the net, you need to think first about the simple basics of what your website needs to perform. Depending on these qualities you need in the site, you may opt for an image and Flash driven site or a site that competes in Google placement. After you have figured out this step, you need to look at a few other websites and save your favorites as a benchmark for the features and look you want in your new business website.
So, if you are making a profit making website and run a successful online business, you need to first deal with the marketing details.

Prioritize the following aspects of a basic website: Is the website only meant to give graphic and visuals for clients? The former stresses on the look of the website and the latter stresses on the content and SEO of the website. The most overlooked detail while you are at the planning stage is its navigational structure.
You can change images and layouts within a few days but SEO changes takes months to happen and since time is of the essence for SEO, it could cost you dearly for mistakes in that most important section of a profit making business website.

It is only more natural for the 1st time web-planner to pay more attention to the look and forget the minute intricate details.
At this point the more detailed you are, the less time it will take to develop the new website and the less problems you will encounter after launching the site.

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