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This is what we have which is a glass front Lopi .It is really a free standing stove which has been modified for use as an insert and does real well . Because of the caotic mess of the remodeling project it's not been fired yet but I aim to have it going some time tomorrow . I think that it is hard to make a stove that measures up to the efficiency of a good commercially made one by a company with history.

If I'm correct a single barrel will put off around a 100 thou plus BTU's per hour and about double with the second barrel . My actual favorite of stove designs is patterned after the "Vermont down drafter " .This design passes the volatable gasses of combustion through the coal bed and is extremely efficient using secondary air to burn off the gasses which burn with a blue flame much like natural gas . Being a tinkerer and putser in addition a tightwad ,I built one some 30 years ago but increased the dimensions by 50 percent .In a 1400 square foot house that was a tad too much over kill and the ex would open the windows and door at 10 below zero before I had learned how to run the thing .

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