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Games about college life have arisen from the rise of casual games and make a most interesting addition to the gaming catalogue. As the warning label states at the beginning of College Life, the game contains excessive nudity, bad language and scenes of a sexual nature.
Customize your adventure then venture out into the various communities this space has to offer.
What makes it interesting is that, unlike most games of its kind, it’s very well presented.
The graphics are great, the story (though it has some dodgy writing in places) is entertaining and the gameplay interesting. Explore the other worlds created by users and communicate with your friends along with making new ones. You also get your very own island which you can decorate to your tastes with the games many different items and decorations. Use any of the thousands of items to create your very own personal space along with your customized avatar. You can create a variety of things from your own fashion line to your own home, all in a beautiful 3D landscape.

Create your virtual persona in the form of a 3D avatar and engage in various activities such as customizing a car and racing, chatting with the many members of the community, or raising your virtual pets. Journey through your attendance of the Star Academy while enjoying all of the features of an interactive online world. Enjoy the company of your new boyfriend while fending off your ex’s jealous tendencies in this interactive online game. Play NowFred Loves GirlsGuide the amorous, girl loving Fred on his journey to kiss as many girls as possible. But watch out—Fred isn’t especially fond of boys, at least not in that way, so make sure to avoid them. Play NowLibrary KissingThe library isn’t only a place for reading, it can also be a place for making out! Be discreet in your kissing technique and try not to be seen by any of the library patrons. Play NowHoliday KissingThe holidays are the time of year to spread cheer, and lots of kisses! Plant one on all of your loved one in this game, but make sure not to get caught making out.

Also, do all of the things necessary to keep your date impressed so you can get the ultimate prize.
Play NowLucent HeartWelcome to the lands of Acadia where you will have fun with friends, fight foes and much more as you journey, explore, discover and much more.
If you like guides, you can be part of the guild wars, or even take part in the dance contests. Play NowMore About This GameIf you want more games where you can kiss your special someone, you can find it on our Dating Games for Teenagers list or Flirting Games category.
She worked for a large game production company before and after quitting it in 2003, became a freelance writer.

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