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The DOS prompt is the last remnant of the primordial era of computing, existing mostly for nostalgia’s sake. As we almost always mention, OS X is Unix based and as such, has inherited numerous Unix legacies that have survived the migration to Mac. Speaking of nostalgia, you can actually watch Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope on your mac depicted through ASCII art. If you are working on Time Capsule or any backup device, you can change how frequently your system is backed up. If you switch through different previews you will notice that the image resizes itself each time to adapt to the new image. If you like having quick access to your recently used applications, you just have to copy and paste the command below and it will become a shortcut in your Dock. Give it a minute to finish and then scroll through the list to see what is taking most of your resources. If you come across an unsupported file but want to know what lies within it, you can use the following command to inspect the file’s contents, it will open every file, though MP3s and videos will look like gibberish. Quick look is an option in Mac that will allow you to look at your text documents like an image preview (press spacebar on any document to see), those who use it know that you can’t select text from quicklook and must open the file to copy elements from it. Chrome has this habit that if you swipe in one direction with both fingers, you will be take to the previous or the next page (depending on the gesture), if, like me, you are bothered by this, it can be disabled with a simple command. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems.
By no means is this a complete list of Siri’s humor archives as people seem to find new humorous features every day, but this is an amusing variety of nearly one hundred goofy statements and commands to make. Just so all u doods out there know, this is a very long reply, and you will probably get confused. Tell her she’s not funny after you ask her to tell you a joke, and she just gets mad. Actually, no one is, because Snow White isn’t real and Siri is too stupid to be it, so, you two are just some lame wanna-bes. Anyway try asking Siri – how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood. Say mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all she replies back is that you snow white?
If you are a PC and make sure to setup your systems for automatic backups on daily, weekly and monthly schedules.
If you are going to hand over an old Mac or Windows PC, make sure its software is up-to-date The tool is rudimentary—there’s no switch to flip that automatically eliminates the nastiest of the Web, for instance—but it can be handy. Today sees WhatsApp desktop app roll out, which will make chatting with friends and family through here’s how to download and set up WhatsApp on your PC or Mac. Whatever the case may be, we’ve put together this super simple guide on how to send SMS messages directly to your Mac or other iOS device.
Synergyse's technology allowed businesses to give their users step-by-step interactive guides to doing things inside adoption of its productivity software and make it less likely for businesses to switch to another service like Office 365. Tagged with: switching from mac to pc guide, pc to mac guide pdf, pc to mac transition guide, pc to mac beginners guide. In the next month I’m reviving MeetYourMac with short pieces of advice including brief stories of help sessions I conduct. You may not have noticed, but there’s a Spotlight search box right in the main System Preferences pane. If you choose a suggested topic with your mouse or arrow keys, you will likely see the highest ranked suggestion in a Spotlight.
This pane is one of the ‘Hardware’ preference settings which directs what, if anything, happens when you insert CD’s and DVD’s into your disk drive.
Some users like to be asked each time but if you establish a preference, come to this pane and set it the way you want it.
Minimize windows using –  When you click the Yellow Dot, you get one of these effects, like it or not. To restore a window from an icon, you can double click the icon (for just one minimized window) or click and HOLD the icon which will reveal thumbnail views of all windows, click to restore one of them. Animate opening applications – A bouncing icon lets you know your click did the job and the application is opening. Automatically hide and show the Dock – This can be helpful on smaller screens where you need all the room you can get. If you choose photos, Display Style gives you the option of a slide show, collage or mosaic of photos. RSS Visualizer will access an RSS feed that you’ve set up in Mail, Safari or MobileMe. It’s best to experiment with the top two sections to find your color and scroll bar preferences. I would have preferred that Apple call this ‘Computer Preferences’ or even ‘Your Preferences’ because some users think this is the domain of technicians and nothing could be further from the truth.
Yes, there are settings in System Preferences best left to professionals but consider that here you choose your desktop appearance, when your computer goes to sleep and how fast your mouse tracks.
You may have an icon in the Dock for System Preferences which you can use to open or switch to it. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. If your laptop fails to start, or exhibits other unexpected behavior, one of these tricks may resolve the issue.
Make sure that your power adapter is plugged in to the wall and securely connected to your laptop. Click on your desktop, so that the word “Finder” shows up, next to the apple in the top menu bar. Restart or power on your laptop and hold the command + S keys, as soon as you hear the startup chime, and let go once you see the Apple logo.

If the resulting report includes the word “ok,” then type the word reboot and press the return key. If the resulting message includes the word “modified,” then type fsck -fy and press return again, until you get the “ok” message.
In this short tutorial, we’ll be showing you how to make your Mac say whatever you want it to with the Terminal app that comes preinstalled on every installation of OS X.
Moreover, having your Mac say things might be a simple way for you to learn the pronunciation of something, or to simply entertain yourself and your friends. Whatever the reason, we’ll be showing you in this tutorial how you can make your Mac speak via the Terminal app with a very simple command. Now that you have picked the voice you want to use for when your Mac says what you command it to say, you can get to performing the command. You can change the text in the quotation marks to anything you want and your Mac will do its best to say everything correctly. As you should expect, voice software is never perfect and will almost always have some kind of trouble pronouncing some things.
Making your Mac say anything you want can be a humorous way to not only entertain yourself, but also to entertain kids or an audience.
This is the same process to be followed to enable the accessibility feature for the visually impaired to read any (selectable) text out aloud. No matter what operating system or program you’re using, keyboard shortcuts are a tool you can use to make things quite a bit easier for yourself. One of the main advantages of paying for a legitimate license for this beta is that when the game is actually released if ever then he should get an automatic upgrade entitlement. The main problem with playing on multiplayer systems is new players tend to become targets for just about every other player. Fortunately the Minecraft WIKI has a pretty good page detailing the steps necessary to set up MCS using the jar file provided. Notice in the above script that I left off the -nogui option and this is because when you first start mcs you should watch the server console to ensure that things are working properly. Once you have the console up and running you can attempt to connect your client computers (i.e. One final advantage to running your own game server is that if someone becomes abusive in the game you have the ability to bounce them. Unless you have been computing since the 90’s (or earlier) you have almost no reason to understand the Command Prompt, because why would anyone? It is a tawdry affair, to honor which, we will only mention features you can access through the terminal exclusively (and maybe some third-party apps). Emacs, a text editor, forms part of the UNIX system, which comes with a few easter eggs, like games. This behaviour is off putting for some, especially digital comic enthusiasts, but, can be fixed through a simple terminal command.
Quick look does what it says; it gives you a quick look at any file, gives you the total folder size, number of files inside etc. They work from Mac to Mac, of course the same results can be achieved with some cloud based solutions or file sharing apps, but you can enable it for older macs as well, even over ethernet. This comes in handy when you are trying to recover corrupt files or just examine a file for contents. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. If you’re looking for a laugh, you can issue Siri a huge variety of odd statements or commands, and in turn get some hilarious if not just outright sassy responses back.
Sometimes asking the same question twice or three times in a row can get different and ever continuously more ridiculous responses back. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! I think Siri holds a grudge if you push back too much with responses and commands, she stops answering questions and forms an opinion about you… I am convinced it’s a feature! Whether you’re new to the Mac or switching from Windows, the topics below will help you get the most out of your Mac. Check out some Windows 10 basics to help make the switch from Mac to Surface Book easier and get around quicker.
Besides the fact that it and don’t distract too much if you’re just looking to make a quick address switch. You may be coveting the nearly borderless displays on the Dell XPS 13 notebook, or perhaps you're intrigued by the prospect of getting the same Windows 10 interface on both a PC and a tablet. If you make a mistake, keep the CMD key down and click again because it works to de-select as well. This is helpful if an application is not in the Dock or a document was elusive when you last opened it. As you type, suggestions for related topics and possible Preference panes will be displayed and narrowed.
As with the Desktop settings, you can choose the iPhoto Library or any particular Album, MobileMe Gallery or even an RSS feed. Normally, you do this with the Yellow Dot but checking this option allows you to click anywhere in the gray title bar to minimize the window. You add printers, dictate what happens when you pop in a Music CD and can set up a separate user account for that pest who shares your computer.
Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. If not, contact us and we?ll do whatever it takes to fix the problem as quickly as possible! Zap your P-RAM and Repair Permissions monthly, and you may avoid weird issues that might otherwise crop up. If you’re a DJ trying to entertain guests at a party, it could be a humorous way to start off the party, or to make announcements during a song.

No special software is required, and everything is done simply by way of an incredibly easy Terminal command. Can’t you simply press a hotkey combination to make it read out the selected on-screen text?
Simply not having to take your hands off the keyboard can save you lots of time wasted by reaching for the mouse. Whether or not the developers take the Microsoft model of charging for upgrades or not however remains to be seen.
My son only wants to play with his friends who are around the same age and skill level that he is. A couple of thoughts about the wiki page that I discovered while installing the the system. Honestly there is no reason that you can not just run with the gui on but some people like their servers to be fully daemonized. In addition you can limit the connections to only your child’s friends which given the state of things on the internet these days is probably a good thing. If you have SSH and Telnet access as well as a terminal app on iOS, you can view it there as well. No spoilers given on the answers, just hold down that Home button and have some fun to see what you get.
In this case you would need to right-click on the drive, go to Properties and then to Attributes.
She was emailing photos from iPhoto and wanted to choose 6 or so from the 30 she had from her vacation. They can even cycle like a slide show through a particular folder on your hard drive, an Album in iPhoto or the entire iPhoto library.
Reconnect the power adapter and battery, then press the power button to start up the laptop. Also, while hard-drive defragmenting is built into OS X, memory (or RAM) defragmenting is not, so be sure to restart your Mac every few days, if you always leave it plugged in.
If you didn’t hear anything, check to make sure your volume is up and that the command was entered correctly.
This is why learning keyboard shortcuts for the systems you use every day is so vital to productivity. The first is that the user id you wish to run MCS as must have complete read & write permission on the entire directory where you launch mcs from.
This means that unless you look for the process specifially you won’t see it because it will be running as a service in the background. I recommend keeping this available until you become familiar with what each command actually does and how to manipulate the results from the command line. Holding Shift and clicking twice (Shift-click) selected a beginning and an end, a contiguous group of photos. Once you get familiar with the keyboard shortcuts, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without them.If you’re a Mac user, you’re in luck. Honestly I do not believe in paying for beta which is why I do not run anything produced by Microsoft but that is a different story entirely. The point of paying is to unlock the multiplayer feature because who really wants to play a game alone?
For instance if you make a player an op and then wish to remove that advancement you can use the gui or you can edit ops.txt in the mcs startup directory. This was how I discovered the permissions issue because I installed everything as one user but launched the server as another and well things just didn’t work. To ensure you get the most out of your Mac, today we’ll talk you through all the important things you should know about using keyboard shortcuts on Mac OS X.The Primary Shortcut KeysThere are dozens of symbols used to denote keyboard shortcuts in Mac OS X.
On the internet, often people use full or brief names as they don’t know how to type the symbols or want to ensure it’s very clear which key they mean.
Also, here is a cheat sheet written by Apple, which could also be of use to you as it discusses many of the regular shortcuts used within programs in Mac OS X. If you’re having trouble learning your shortcuts, there’s also a program called Cheatsheet which will help you to recall them.Keyboard Shortcuts Within ProgramsIn every Mac OS X program, you can find useful Mac keyboard shortcuts to use simply by looking at the menu items.
Next to the menu item you want to use, often there is a keyboard shortcut listed next to it. Not all items will have a shortcut by default, but if you find yourself using the same menu item repeatedly you can easily see how you can make the job quicker for yourself.If you use a particular program every day, search for that program’s keyboard shortcut.
Sometimes there are very specific shortcuts available which make a world of difference to your everyday usage.Creating Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts in Mac OS XHead to your System Preferences, then Keyboards and you’ll find an option for Keyboard Shortcuts. From here, you can add your own keyboard shortcuts to control your actions throughout Mac OS X. When you’re finished you’ll see the shortcuts listed in the menus for the relevant programs.Shortcuts For Special CharactersTo type special characters in Mac OS X, there are plenty of shortcuts available. For instance, it’s easy to type accents for foreign languages if you learn the keyboard shortcuts. This will save you from having to swap keyboard languages regularly.Transferring Keyboard Shortcuts From Other Operating SystemsMany programs have instructions online featuring keyboard shortcuts for Windows.
Often these same shortcuts can be used on Mac OS X just by changing the CTRL key for the CMD key.
For instance, normally you would find CTRL-S to save in Windows versus CMD-S to save in Mac OS X.
Save your work first though, just in case it doesn’t do quite what you expect!Which Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts could you not live without?

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