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If you give lots of workshops like I do, you can get a lot done in the office but very often need to spend time working at home to refine. And then of course everything that involves collaboration gets more complex for me because of timezones.
Honestly, I can’t imagine how anyone can choose this life unless they really love it.
Reading Time: 1 minutesFriday May 13 – the day I go to Rome, hoping to build Rome in a day with Jim Groom ?? whom I will inshallah meet for the first time and collaborate with on 3 things (bad things happen in 3s but good things happen in 3s as well!!! Now I am thinking about the impact of social media and blogging on how I interpret what people write. It occurs to me that, of course, without social media, if you read a particular author often enough (Edward Said, Freire, bell hooks, even novelists and playwrights) you get to know them a little and what you know of them from before influences how you read new stuff. For me though – if I can have an opportunity to know an author I would rather take it. So… I would love opportunities to connect virtually with people I have read but never met. Just yesterday I got an email from my university’s ex-president saying how much she enjoyed reading my Prof Hacker articles. What’s hilarious is when a colleague from the library who knows me well sent me a Prof Hacker article on open access and copyright saying I would like it.
Ok so none of it is as bad as the Hunger Games, but as Joe Dillon pointed out, TV now shows real wars, real death on TV and people watch.
And then something else occurs to me related to the whole focusing on the survival of a particular person. Just yesterday I was doing an in-class assessment where students kept talking about how the professor’s personality was essential to the course. Even about Virtually Connecting where people wondered if the Maha-ness would be central to its success. I am hoping the next two novels really are focusing on rebellion and overthrowing the Capitol rather than senseless killing, because that’s still going to be ok, right?
Reading Time: 5 minutesTwo close friends each recently gifted my daughter with beautiful books.
So apart from the full poem, I felt that the concept of carrying someone’s heart with us resonated with virtual friendships like mine with so many people.
The concept of carrying someone’s heart in our heart also seems to me to apply to loss of loved ones. As I raise my child I remember all kinds of random parenting advice my friend Leslie used to give me.
Autumm had blogged about the parts in the book that distinguish between being real or not real – in the book, the rabbit becomes real as the boy loves him and takes him everywhere. Reading Time: 1 minutesAs I did last semester, I would like to invite anyone who is willing to give feedback to my students on their educational game design ideas. Reading Time: 3 minutesIn my PhD research, I argue (as do many others) that while critical thinking can be understood in generic ways, it is, in practice, very contextual and cultural. So my point re context was proven recently when I did a standardized critical thinking test and then again right now when I did another one! I realized we weren’t gonna sleep if she kept asking questions so i wrapped up and hugged her to sleep.
And I realized that maybe the most fundamental things about God that came to me were the benevolent presence…always with me. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Eraser follows a computer technician as he is sent inside a rogue system to complete repairs. This week I've finished off most of the concept documentation and I'm starting to work on things like branding a little more so I put together some really simple logos while I was creating the IndieDB page. How to quickly become faster and better in any sport by conditioning the right muscles for speed. Muscles have different types of fibers and if you are trainng those fibers for strength and endurance then your speed gains will be disappointing. The dynamic elastic properties of the resistance band used with isometric training the way we teach it will condition those speed fibers in your muscles for greater speed and quickness, resulting in more explosive leaps and higher jumps. And you will start seeing results in a matter of days, not weeks or months as in other types of training. By ordering this program and doing the exercises as described you will have the tools you need to jump higher and farther then you have experienced before. This training program shows you exactly how to condition the correct muscles and the specific fast twitch muscle fibers that are critical to muscle speed, meaning more rebounds, more scoring, and more blocked shots, and faster speed on the court. Even if you are currently in mid-season, you will start seeing results in your game within days. 30 pages complete with instructions and photographs detailing each of the 10 exercises that will condition your jumping muscles for explosive speed and take off. Other material in the manual identifying and illustrating the muscles involved in each exercise, daily and weekly exercise charts, charts to measure your progress, and other tips for using the program.
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In one game, I was under the boards and fell down, the other team got the ball and went for a fast break. Now, when I got your newest version, I have to tell you- I did the first day of workouts and THE very next day: I got my hand above the rim.

Everyone who is interested in jumping higher for their sport, please listen - You won't find a better book. A huge portion of what we do requires work that won’t be happening inside a classroom or meeting or office. I am not even talking about the FUN things like Twitter chats or Virtually Connecting sessions. I swear if I sleep too much (aka more than 5 hours) for a whole week in a row my entire work (aka homework stuff) becomes overwhelming. This was and still remains my favorite example of what it means to teach AGAINST memorization. There was a time when people like Jesse Stommel, Sean Michael Morris, Pete Rorabaugh, Bonnie Stewart, Jenny Mackness, Lee Skallerup Bessette, Martin Weller, Mike Caulfield, Phil Hill, Kate Bowles, Howard Rheingold, Mimi Ito, Janine DeBaise, Jim Groom …There was a time when these people were authore to me. There is absolutely nothing wrong with reading a writer we don’t know at all and will never talk to. That was so cool that she got in touch to let me know she was reading my work…and our dean often emails me saying she enjoyed a particular piece of mine. I was avoiding it (why read something I already knew was so violent?) but then found it available on Kindle Unlimited and thought, if it sucks me in, I will read it; it’s not costing me anything extra. How Katniss feels comfortable hunting game but not people (so far, totally understandable).
And the way media selects whom to interview and how to play them on camera, whose families to bring up and how to gain audience sympathy… And for what? Realness comes with pain (you know how ragged fave stuffed toys become) but in the book this pain is welcomed because becoming real is being loved and stuff. I am pretty sure the (average) lifespan of a toy rabbit is longer than that of a real rabbit. It privileges it and makes realness into this utopia that makes it like a goal worth losing everything for.
You can blame Autumm’s earlier blogpost which i had actually forgotten but apparently internalized (to the point where i thought my idea was new, really). So you could probably teach someone some generic skills of analysis and argument, but they will need contextual knowledge to apply them in different, well, contexts, be they academic domains or personal situations.
The first one was a US-based CT test where each question asked about something different and the test was timed.
I remember reading the book The Slap based in Australia and reading about alcohol policies for teens at the time because all the kids in that book were drinking in the presence of their parents (also all the parents were doing drugs foe recreation which seemed a little too exaggerated for my sensibilities?
That was like one night of Wikipedia searches fascinated by difference in alcohol for teens policies in different Western countries. But the distance of the topic from my context coupled with my bias on it really made the test more uncomfortable for me than i think it needed to be.
Using physics objects to solve puzzles you must try and work your way to the core of the system, where a final choice is waiting for you.
This week I've been working on concepting the mechanics for Eraser and have developed a simple method for picking up physics objects within the world. I chose a cubic style for the logos, making all the sides the same length and I think this has given a really nice effect to the text. I've made a simple method of picking up objects in the world and using them to solve some really basic puzzles (I'll be posting a gameplay video of this concept really soon!) such as climbing onto obstacles to reach new areas.
Just after my 4th workout with the band I ran some sprints on the basketball court and I had a HUGE improvement in my speed and quickness!! I tried many jumping and running programs through the years to improve my running speed and my vertical height.
Last night she said she wanted to try to touch the ceiling, she hadn't been able to do this before. I GOT UP, SPRINTED DOWN AND DEFENDED THE ENTIRE TEAM BY MYSELF WHILE GIVING THE REST OF MY TEAM TIME TO CATCH UP! I know there's a lot of different guarantees that you will see like get ten inches in ten weeks or something like that,But PLEASE get this book! Well it could happen in the office, if you could spend enough ALONE time in said office without students and colleagues and meetings getting in the way.
Our literature exams had a paper that was open book and notes so you could take the books you had been studying all year and use those while answering questions (also anti-memorization because the book is right there – questions were quite analytical).
Some people have all the tech and comforts and everything while others live in poverty and hunger.
In the Hunger Games and in reality TV and in real life, how much support you get depends a lot on how your personality comes through to others. I had heard this before in a lot of instances, particularly with regards to particularly charistmatic people doing social work.
The storyteller always lets us focus on a select few personalities that we grow to love, selectively keeping some alive and some dead in a dramatic fashion that keeps us hooked. I have said before that there are many people who see me daily or weekly who don’t know my mind or my heart in the way some of my virtual friends do. The idea of the novel (sci fi but not in the way you expect) is that people would lose someone they love, and yet this computer program would allow them to fake-converse w them via email and Skypes based on data collected from past convos they had had digitally.
It seems to havw been wildly successful because the group was going nuts with posts before we even realized it was related to an event, and ppl not in Cairo ended up making their own events. So a social scientist using a certain epistemology in their field may not necessarily know to think critically in, say, the analysis of a religious text or a medical report. Don’t remember details but do remember that restrictions differed on the age of buying vs age of drinking under supervision. I cannot remember at all how I was introduced to God…and with Islam so full of both physical and spiritual forms of worship, kids tend to be introduced to the physical long before they can understand the spiritual.
I usually check Twitter or read something on Kindle but today, by coincidence, a Whatsapp message reminded me to read some Quran (something i try to do daily, usually on my commute to work, but today is Friday so no commute and I had managed only a little bit earlier). I've then used this to make some basic climbing puzzles and am currently developing more sophisticated puzzles that use different types of interactive objects.
I'll be talking to some artist friends later down the line so all the branding stuff with probably change with time.
I'm developing this mechanic to make it more sophisticated and add a higher level of difficulty and variety to the puzzles in the game.
It is not required in order to do the exercises and get the results from the training, however it is available to those who like to watch how the exercises are done. You actually get the complete training package with the resistance bands delivered directly to your door.

We let our customers do the talking - what you see on this page is just a sampling of the reviews and testimonials from users of the program. When you could be beating your personal bests in both jumping and running speed in just 2 weeks.
But I had flipped through our entire poetry book (we were only assigned a few poems maybe 3 or something) and I remember reading some bios of poets. I also love getting to know a person when I am reviewing their work openly for a Hybrid Pedagogy article. I finished it in nearly 24 hours during which I slept (not much!) and worked and played w my kid and everything. Movies and such make us forget that those are live animals or humans dying or getting hurt. How murderers need to stay calm and cool and distant in order to kill…while healers need to be cool and calm and distant in order to help.
It makes me angry that people cannot look beyond the individual to see how their characteristics can exist, differently but successfully, in another person.
When a reporter goes to a scene of murder are they doing something noble, helping the public know the truth, or are they playing into the hands of media giants and making themselves less human by numbing themselves to this?
Partly because our relationships aren’t distracted by logistics and details of a physical existence and responsibilities. I remember reading this book and thinking of my late father (and also one late friend, Leslie) and how I didn’t really need that software. What bothered me is the ending where the rabbit becomes another level of real and in doing so, doesn’t really need the love of the boy anymore. That certain people would have more domain knowledge of the thing and that the domain knowledge could help or hinder their criticality. I'm also starting work on some of the basic level design for Eraser since I'm going to be using something called non-euclidean level design (think about the impossible doors in the shining) where areas seem to be impossible. I saw your ad on the web, saw the ONE exercise, standing hip flexor routine (I had been doing that same exercise for 4 years, without the band, and all I got was stronger during the exercise but I did not see any improvement in my performance). It’s looking at authors as whole people and it seems a waste NOT to do it if you can.
I once read that doctors with good bedside manner are less likely to be sued for their mistakes.
You could argue that there is an Autumm-ness and Alan-ness and Helen-ness and Whitney-ness.. That even though I was drawn to it by the social justice story, I also became engrossed in the plot and the cleverness and the survival (let’s not call it by its real name, killing?). It’s like when we meet we leave those behind (not really, everyone has seen my child on a hangout by now).
8-12 years so they might actually be even ?? but in Egypt ppl eat rabbits so i bet their lifespan is different.
For example, there was a question about increasing price of steel based on increasing price of iron. They hear the call for prayer and they hear Quran recited on TV and in some other places (eg some ppl play it in cars or shops the way others play music). So she now can say it by heart (which is a bit of a shame coz she could have been reciting actual Quran instead, but she will get there eventually).
There is a special beauty to reading Quran aloud using tajweed and tarteel (pronouncing properly and using a certain musicality) so I knew she would enjoy it. 10 of the videos demonstrate exactly how to perform each of the 10 exercises in the Jump Higher Training Manual. I then rolled my ankle really bad, for the next 2.5 years couldn't run or jump, NBA doctor misdiagnosed injury.
Occasionally I will write something from the office on a day without meetings or classes, but those days are rare.
But because of social media, all of these people are ones I know from acquaintance to very close friend.
We like to watch the healers, too, like in ER and Grey’s Anatomy and I am sure some stupid reality TV show.
I have been hurt by virtual peers but they can’t fire me, or kidnap my child (i hope!). You may argue the test is UK based so these are both policies outside of the UK test-takers context. They may see parents reading Quran silently or aloud with or without a book in front of them.
My daughter is a cheerleader and there is a noticeable improvement in her jumps, her toe touches etc.
From people whom I have met and do close work with, and people I have developed games with, to people I have co-authored and co-presented with, to people I interact with often on social media Or Virtually Connecting.
You lose someone and you tend to remember, somehow more clearly, things they had said to you.
There is also a question I had of how meeting someone in person might shift our online relationship.
I love all the stuff that ends up happening in the office with people and stuff ?? There is just so much I need to do without other people physically present. Because those who make the food and meds don’t care about those who die from hunger and illness and war far away. Also sports professionals who are more likeable get better sponsorship and all kinds of things not necessarily related to how good their game is (though sometimes it is).
In my final stretch towards finishing my PhD, I remembered how my dad used to remind me that doing a PhD was never easy. But the passage doesn’t provide that info and you need to use what is in the passage. The less we know them personally, the less they look like us, the less we identify with them as human beings. Also, if you aren’t from the field of Islamic studies but are Muslim your argument building is completely different (but possibly still quite valid) from a non-Muslim studying the field.
For some ppl whom I knew less well, it did strengthen our relationship – but strengthened it in ways that can only be sustained virtually.

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