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I was invited to speak at the Downtown LA UX Study Group on the topic of UX Design Critique. I enjoy the InVision newsletter because it includes great interviews with designers and useful tips, like this article from Andy Orsow called 7 tips for designing awesome animated GIFs.
I learned how to make animated GIFs with Photoshop at Shillington, but found the process unwieldy.
Pro tip: If ScreenFlow or After Effects aren’t in your budget, create your animation in Keynote, and export it as a video. Turn on the rulers and drag some guides so you can orient yourself as you’re working.
The Keynote animation settings are a little fussy to get used to but there’s a lot already built in.
Once I imported the file into Photoshop, I immediately tried to Save for Web, but the GIF didn’t animate.
Please leave a comment if you found this helpful or leave a link to your animated GIF project. Although you might think that hand-lettering is just the territory of graphic designers and illustrators, I think it’s great for any hand-sketcher to have a couple different hand-printed fonts in their toolkit. In this workshop, I’ll lead you through a series of exercises which help you learn to draw good-looking, quick, useful, user interface sketches, followed by a discussion about how and when we can use sketching in our own projects.
Design for Hackers teaches the principles of good visual design to programmers, developers, and makers of any kind. Each email from the 12-week course is based upon a chapter of Design for Hackers.
I look forward to the myFonts Newsletter because it’s always a great source of inspiration and education about fonts and the designers who create them. When Media Contour asked me to contribute to a year-end wrap up of favorite books, I was happy to participate. The practice of User Experience design requires an understanding people and their motivations.
Through my own projects in the past year, and by listening to other people share their own experiments with this, I think there’s an adoption curve. Designer shows up at standups to consciously represent they are part of the team and learn what’s going on. Designer works closely with PM and participates in iteration planning meetings to guide the scope of stories written. After trying to deal with the complexity of work on two boards and blocking issues, team realizes that ux design and validation work has to be pulled into stories, team starts to use tags and epics to identify stories that contain various activities (design, validation, styling). Team realizes that it all has to be considered together and starts to write stories that include development and design work together. Rachael Freed proposed the tradition of the legacy letter as a helpful tool for older adults to pass on a legacy of faith to succeeding generations.

After the Israelites' exile to Babylon, the rabbis in their struggle to find ways to maintain the faith used this story as a template for Jewish men to communicate the family legacy.
The idea of a legacy letter is quite simple: A letter (or another form of communication) that a person writes to children or grandchildren or other descendants, in order to impart life lessons, values, meaningful stories, and blessings.
Waas traced a historical shift in the Church of the Brethren from opposition to the state, at the beginning of the Brethren movement, to a focus on how to be a good citizen, as the church moved into the mid-twentieth century.
But the "crisis we never seem to be able to talk about," he said, is the movement of military power to center stage in the United States.
Christians are portrayed as "on the road" as "followers of the way" in the New Testament, McKeever reminded his audience. I only had one slide in my deck with the animation, so I kept all the defaults (Playback Uses: Manual Advance), 24 frames per second.
Several of them cover more than one of the areas of mastery I mention above, so I have not categorized them.
The book has great examples and loads of different worksheets, so buy it on paper and practice, practice, practice! Below, please find the schedule with with links to the videos, slides, materials and information about the speakers. Learning how to quickly sketch screen layouts and user interface (UI) elements helps me think through design problems, communicate ideas to other people, collaborate, and reduce the need for pixel-perfect deliverables. Here is a list of free resources that can help you develop and improve your design skills, delivered right to your inbox! You can buy Design for Hackers as a companion book for the course, or just get the emails for free. When you subscribe to the UIE Newsletter you get UIEtips mailings which contain useful free content, in addition to announcements of paid virtual seminars and events. In this well-written book, abundantly illustrated with examples, Chris examines how the seven deadly sins (Pride, Sloth, Gluttony, Anger, Envy, Lust and Greed) form a framework for understanding human behavior and provides 57 design patterns to make the insight actionable. In that post, I describe my experience writing separate UX and development stories in one backlog. Designers show up, provide value and form relationships and UX work is gradually drawn into the team’s process. An ethical will or legacy letter is "one of the examples of weaving the old to meet the needs in the new world," she said. Freed explained that the tradition survives in modern Jewish custom as a way to prepare spiritually for the high holy days. Just as Americans often identify with the Hollywood portrayal of "a restless people who go out on the road to find ourselves," he said.
Here’s a list of books to inspire you to branch out and read something outside your usual comfort zone.

You can check out the full post here which also includes lists from fellow Cooperista Chris Noessel and LA friends Kai Gradert and Jod Kaftan. After attending WordCamp LA In September I started to realize the greater potential of the platform and was impressed with the culture and community that surrounds WordPress. This small, lovely and useful book is a collection if thoughts and practices drawn from architecture and relevant to many other disciplines. My advice would be pretty much the same if we were using Trello or JIRA or Confluence or paper cards or any other issue tracking tool. If you want to try it out yourself, please read on for a few more tips you might find helpful. I do most of my reading on my iPad or Kindle, but I made an exception for this book because It’s beautifully produced and a pleasure to read on paper. If you enjoy working through cookbook-style tutorials, and have a basic understanding of css and html, following the chapters of this book will give you a great basic understanding of the mechanics of jQuery for use in your next Web design project. I picked up Scott’s book to learn more about how things work behind the scenes at Automattic. Sometimes when I am stuck for an idea (or procrastinating!) I flip it open at random and find just the answer I need.
A tectonic shift in our society, to a different kind of nation that often we do not recognize." Military might "has become a defining factor" of the United States, and of who Americans are in the world, he said.
If you have found something I don’t have yet, please feel free to add missing info in the comments – thanks!
I am grateful to Natalie for making this subjct approchable enough I could tackle it in a couple weekend. I also had the pleasure of seeing Scott speak at the Warm Gun conference in San Francisco a couple weeks ago.
As a result, there is a crisis of confidence in the democratic leadership of the country, he said, along with a moral crisis in which even the legitimacy of torture can be debated by Americans.
I want to add in questions that same way Stacey did all in the same keynote…but when I press play it will only play question 1. If you click the little blue circle with arrow on it on the master slides, you will see that Wayne has directed each answer to go to another slide.

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