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Select one of the options for extraction - there are usually different options, but it is easiest to extract the archive to your desktop. While you are uploading the files to your server, it is time to create your MySQL database. Enter the following link into your web browser, changing the names to reflect your domain name and title of the uploaded Rocket Launcher pack. MySQL table prefix, if this is your first Joomla site, keep it the same but if you have multiple installs of Joomla, change this. Main Promo ImagesStable Feature Rich CoreFor us, JSN Teki is not just a template, but whole piece of software for which we spent more then 2 years. Main Menu is very powerful menu built with clean accessible XHTML code structure and effective drop-down submenu panels. You can add icon and descriptive text to each menu item to make them much clearer and more appealing.

Tree Menu represents menu items in clear tree-like hierarchy, which is very appropriate for indexing menu.
All stock photos used on this JSN Teki demo site are only for demo purposes and not included in the template package. The packages are contained within the download section on the RocketTheme website where you find the templates and extensions. It is best to upload the extracted folder to the public_html or in some servers it is called the httpdocs directory.
As the result you get ultra stable template with native RTL support.Beautiful DesignJSN Teki has incredibly beautiful clean design with ultra flexible layout built-up from 36 module positions. Both descriptive text and icons are configured directly in menu item settings page, which is very convenient.
This menu is extremely efficient when you have complex navigation with a lot of menu items.

Each RocketLauncher pack is located within the corresponding template section, for example, the Versatility 4 Rocket Launcher pack is situated in the Versatility 4 Download Section. It is best to download it to an applicable folder such as RocketLauncher or Rocket Theme for organizational purposes. For our demonstration, FireFTP, an extension for the browser Firefox is going to be our FTP client. Our ultimate goal is to offer you a solution that in turns must bring you much more profit.

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