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Executive Speaker: Well, I renamed one of the drafts that I thought had been mistakenly named, and sent it around to my team to review. OUCH!  Version control is the greatest challenge, nightmare and headache for creative events content developers and your team of events professionals. Project management applications such as Basecamp and Google Drive have made version control a little easier, by making it possible to post all drafts on a single, designated page. DropBox: We have found that a simple solution is to establish one centralized DropBox account with multiple speaker folders.
Nothing is MORE disheartening than watching very smart people look like idiots in front of people taking notes because they didn't prepare enough or prepared for the wrong person.
We mentioned earlier that the ideal investor relations events agenda should be no longer than a half day with no more than six presentations, each lasting no more than 15 minutes in length. Fifteen minutes is at the very edge of the right length to tell a concise story without absolutely boring the audience to death. You see, nothing is MORE disheartening than watching a group of very smart people stand up and look stupid in front of a large group of people who are taking notes.
Now, do the math: 6 presentations of 15 minutes each will require 90 hours of hard work by investor relations, the presenters, the presentation specialist, and other members of the team. We spend a tremendous amount of time at articulate creative communications streamlining how to plan and outline a messaging strategy before we even begin any investor event.
If you love creative events and your job, for the love of God, help executives produce speaker content that doesn't put audiences to sleep, or worse.
In our last installment on surviving the content development process we discussed how to make your creative events speaker content more interesting and effective, now let’s make sure the right version gets to the stage. It takes a sharp mind and the patience of Job to coordinate feedback from multiple sources, track each change, and update the document names that critically differentiates the drafts—not to mention the distribution process. Instead of emailing anything, it becomes the speakers’ responsibility to post their latest and greatest for anyone on the team to access and download. I mean just say NO to taking on the additional stress that version control ultimately creates. The show book contains the show schedule, meal times, crew calls, team contact information … and, all of the speaker outlines or scripts, slide printouts, and MC introductions and announcements. This less is more concept is critical in creating a structure that is manageable and content that is digestible. With breaks and a perhaps a guided facility tour, six presentations will fill a morning or afternoon session with the inclusion of formal Q&A session and perhaps a luncheon. Content Development Preparation Rule of Thumb: Keep in mind that it takes at least one hour of preparation and rehearsal for every minute of content development.
And, somehow you manage to get them to devote all of the hours we outlined above to present.
We can now accurately analyze 13 different levels of the earth’s harness in one simple step and output these azimuthal deliverables on a single log sheet.

And, when the content review team is done with their magic, they re-post the speech with a new name back up to DropBox. The show book contains the latest version of everything and is used to anticipate the cues for lighting, cameras, music, and presenters. Catching the error, Clinton winged it masterfully for about seven minutes, while his aides presumably fought off heart attacks searching for the final draft. So, expect the show book to change frequently in the days leading up to the show and quite likely on the show day itself.
By keeping the scope of your investor event to a reasonable size, you can ensure that your messages are crisp, your presenters are well-rehearsed, and all related materials are professionally prepared. We do this because when presenting to an investor relations audience, it’s very easy to forget who you are actually selling to.
It was aimed at the wrong customer—the person who would be actually using the tool, not someone analyzing its investment potential. One of my favorite speakers for creative events and a personal mentor of mine is a guy named Dan Lumpkin from Lumpkin and Associates. A resourceful writer will search out the presenter’s personal stash of stories for possible use in the presentation.
For this review, invite all team members connected to the creation of content and slides, the person(s) authorized to give final approvals, and others as needed.
But how do you move forward with the balloon release when your organization has seen plummeting profits, endured a scandal, or fired its Board of Directors? Now, I will tell you that some IT departments frown on the use of DropBox due to the expansive nature of how it duplicates data of their servers.
Establish a tight, formal process for writing, posting, collecting and updating draft submissions. The content developer and the creative events team will typically be seen onsite running the latest replacement pages to the various show book owners, so that everyone is literally on the same page.
It takes a minimum of 1 hour to prepare each minute of finished content to guarantee quality investor event content. It is a cold, hard reality that the MORE time spent beforehand makes everyone look MORE like real experts after.
That it, content experts naturally tend gravitate toward key messaging that is most comfortable to prepare and present—talking about things they are used to talking about aimed at who they are used to talking to.
Athough expert presentations may be completely brilliant, it’s likely that their message will be too focused on the end-user as opposed to selling to the money guy. Dan is a Certified Management Consultant and possibly one of the best speakers I have ever seen—and I have seen a few.
For every five minutes of presentation, build in at least one story, vivid example or case study.
Order in lunch and dinner for the review because, depending on the scope of the event it’s almost guaranteed to be a long day.

Equip the room with at least two printers, to cover the one that inevitably fails when the CEO needs a printout of his 10th and final draft. Stories can surprise an audience and infuse a refreshing dose of emotion or humor into otherwise dry subject matter. The objective is to read aloud every word that will be spoken in the show and evaluate every accompanying slide and video. Make sure that everybody who will write or review a draft understands the process and has made a commitment to conform to the designated standards.
Industry sources have also said that, "the growth potential for technologies that support this type of exploration is one of the fastest sectors today—growing at rate of 46% per year. If somebody in the read-through stumbles on a word or phrase, chances are excellent that the speaker will too. The writers room can serve multiple functions for the event, including a secondary rehearsal space.
Make one person, and only one, responsible to make changes and post or distribute the revisions to the entire team. Dan is part Native American and comes from a people who have an ancient legacy of telling tales to create feelings and memories that last. Now is your chance to find errors in title slides, discrepancies between items in the MC’s announcements and items appearing in the printed attendee program, breaks in continuity, and so on. To avoid late submissions, set the speaker content development deadline at least two weeks before you actually need them.
This is great for those beefy PowerPoint files with the heavy graphics that round out to about 250 megabytes. The time you take in the speaker content review will spare you the headache of trying to resolve these things onsite, when even small details become bigger under the magnified pressure.
But, he or she better be the one responsible for signing everyone’s checks for such dispensation from a process that will ultimately save lives. I mean I have seen macabre scenes played out the day of an event usually after everything has been loaded onto teleprompter and the lights are on. However, the downside is that each executive needs a registered seat of the online Citrix online software.
Still, for certain highly sensitive projects where data security is a must, this is a better solution than DropBox.

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