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Site Purpose: Clarify your reasons for building the site and list the site's goals, ranked by importance. We specialize in Web site Design, Web Hosting, Web site Management, Domain Name Registration and Search Engine Submission. Searchable directory that provides information about minority-owned Businesses, Organizations and Resources. Excerpt from this paper: My upbringing has weighed tremendously on my ability to develop my personal nursing philosophy. Excerpt from this Personal Philosophy of Nursing paper: I believe that the focus of nursing is in the best interest of the patient.
Great strategies and one phenomenal tool to help you paraphrase and re-write material for outstanding papers right now.
This guide is designed to help you put together a comprehensive, strategic and effective blueprint for your business — a foundation for your success! Your business plan is one of your most important tools in planning for the future of your business. A good business plan, which includes an effective marketing plan, also presents your business case to the outside world. You begin the process by focusing on a few key elements — first, establish your basic business goals.
Effective business and marketing plans are very thorough, anticipating and answering readers’ questions before they are asked.
Your business and marketing plan should be clearly laid out and easy to use, so it’s a good idea to include a full table of contents listing all key sections, and number all document pages. While the Executive Summary is the first part of any business and marketing plan a reader sees, you may want to write it last. The Summary is ideally just one page long — two pages maximum — as it is only intended to provide an overview. Provide a mission statement and vision statement which outline what your goals are and where you want to be in five years.
In this section of your business and marketing plan, you describe your business and explain why investors and lenders should be interested in getting involved in your business idea. Regardless of which industry you are in, it is essential that you demonstrate a thorough grasp of how to manage business operations in a cost-effective manner.
Here is where you address the four “P”s of marketing:  product, price, promotion and placement (distribution). Sales projections for the next five years (including optimistic, pessimistic and realistic projections, as well as assumptions) should also be included.

The financial section of your business and marketing plan is all about the numbers.  Investors are looking for accurate and understandable information that will clearly show them the bottom line. This section is where you present the dollar details of your business via standard financial statements and charts. Sales of ABC Company ($50,000) account for approximately 17% of total market sales ($295,000).To determine the sales volume of each firm, you should contact suppliers, retailers, trade associations or others who may be in a position to help you form an estimate. Cash flow reveals whether a company will have enough money to meet its needs on a monthly basis. A cash flow forecast, on the other hand, will detail anticipated monthly inflows and outflows of cash for a future period of time.
Loan proceeds — when a deficit appears on the final line, the amount of the deficit will need to be borrowed. Accounts Payable — accounts payable must be broken down according to your supplier’s terms of payment. The income statement is a financial statement that reveals whether a business has earned a profit or has suffered a loss after a specified period. And finally, remember — a business and marketing plan is a living document that you should revisit, revise and reference often as your business evolves over time.
I believe the focus of nursing is the patient or the focus should always be about providing the patients with quality care, giving them and providing them with the support they need to take care of themselves. The morals and beliefs instilled in me by my parents from birth to early adulthood helped to mold me into the nurse I am today. Nursing is a rewarding career that gives the greatest opportunity to save lives, comfort, and care for those in need. It is a key factor in attracting and retaining investors and is often the first document lending organizations ask to see.    So, how do you develop an effective business and marketing plan?
Then, based on sound research, determine what challenges and opportunities your business may face.  Next, clearly identify your target markets and competition. Leaving it until the end will allow you to better focus, refine and polish your key messages after you’ve finished the bulk of the work. While concise, it should also pique the reader’s interest enough to read the rest of the plan with an even keener eye.
Include financial information in statement, chart or table format, as illustrated in the following samples. You may use the breakeven analysis to determine how changes in price and sales level, or cost increases or decreases will affect profitability. Because sales made on credit will not result in the receipt of cash until a later date, they must not be recorded until the month in which the cash will actually be received.

Record the amount appearing on the deficit line on the loan proceeds line; then change the deficit to zero. For example, items purchased in January may have to be paid in 30 days or 60 days — meaning that the actual cash disbursement would not occur until March and April respectively. Be certain it takes a look at the past, accurately describes your business today, identifies your target market, competition and key players in the industry, and outlines where you want to go with your business over the next five years. Ensure you’ve been as accurate as possible in your forecasting — remember that investors are going to be conservative. Each of them need to be treated with the same respect that would be afforded to a patient.
Those morals coupled with the Christian influence from my grandfather who was a Baptist preacher and my grandmother who has worked in the church in many capacities most of her life, helped to develop a sense of service to others. The nursing profession tends to run in my family and have inspired me to become a nurse as well.
A plan of care for each patient should be written and followed specifically for that patient. The process of putting this plan together helps you set the course for your business — preparing for obstacles, allocating resources and planning for opportunities.
And finally, consider and plan all the operational and financial requirements you need to achieve your goals. If your Executive Summary has done its job, the reader will continue reading and get the full story of your business idea. Therefore, the percentage of sales to be made in cash and the percentage to be made on credit must be estimated. This shows investors when you will have a cash shortage that will require you to borrow additional funds. Many forms of caring and uncaring behaviors exist, and the nurse needs to differentiate between the two. The percentage of credit sales should be further broken down according to the business’s different collection periods (30 days, 60 days, etc.).
According to Cossette (2008) caring is not being a€?physically present, but emotionally distanta€? (p. The nurse has to remember that the family is an extension of the patient and in a sense, all of the family members are part of the patient.

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