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Before you read on be sure to click here to get your free DIY auto body and paint manual download (opens in new window).
This page is jam-packed full of extremely valuable car painting tips and steps on how to paint a car in answer to your auto painting related questions. A good number of topics have been covered for your convenience such as how to setup a paint spray gun, applying clear coat, auto paint mixing and heaps more important steps on how to paint a car. Each topic has been categorized clearly to make it easy for you to navigate your way through this page.
Question: I’m new to working with water-based paints, could you tell me what I need to use to clean my gun with after use?
Answer: Quite simply, to clean your gun after using water-based paints use clean tap-water. However, there are many professional painters who favor one over the other, not really for any other reason than for the feel of it.
I (Tony Bandalos) have used both and I really favor the SATA, only because of the weight, balance and feel. You can learn all about the line of high quality Warwick guns here and also get the best prices. I did a test on an old hood I have and it was better, but like I say it wouldn’t lay down. You say that it tells you to run it at about 29 psi, however this is dependent on the type of material you are spraying. Question: I would like to know more about the different kinds of automotive paint spray guns, how to setup a paint spray gun and how to use a paint spray gun correctly?
Answer: The following car painting tips are very valuable as this is an important part of auto painting to understand and get right.
The Learn Auto Body And Paint VIP Membership Course shows you on-screen how to correctly use paint spray guns, especially in relation to the surface being painted.
Some paint companies recommend specific paint spray gun setups for applying their products with.
This is a great reason why you should purchase your paint spray gun from a paint supply store instead of from a tool store that sells a variety of tools without servicing any of them.
These settings are available from information sheets and application guidelines or from your auto paint supply store worker. For further information on how to setup a paint spray gun, please refer to The VIP Membership Club. In there we talk about HVLP spray guns (High Volume Low Pressure), different types of paint spray guns, what you must consider when purchasing a paint spray gun, how to thoroughly clean a paint spray gun and paint spray gun maneuverability.
You will also find information in those issues about why purchasing an expensive, top quality HVLP paint spray gun will more than pay for itself in just a few paint jobs; saving you money overall. Question: What car painting tips do you have regarding the use of hardener & thinner when spraying auto paint primer through a paint spray gun? Question: Do you have any data on what types of paint spray guns I should use for base coat clear coat application and auto paint primer? As for the setup, well there are many types dependent on what types of paint you are using. Try speaking to your local auto paint supply store and asking them the same question for a second opinion. Answer: Yes, the way to do it is to flat (sand) the peeling clear coat back (so no more peeling is evident), then apply a light coat of primer (x2) should be enough. Lightly flat (sand) the cleared panel with 1500 – 2000 grit wet and dry paper, then use 3M rubbing compound. Apply a small amount to the panel and use a machine polisher to gently polish the panel with. Answer: The panels of the motorcycle should be flatted down using 1,500-grit wet and dry sandpaper.
The color you then wish to apply will of course now be done so over a newly flatted (sanded) surface. Base coat isn’t shiny but matte in appearance, the glossy shine comes from the clearcoat. Question: Using the methods outlined in your video I successfully prepared, primed and base coated the areas which required attention. To achieve optimum results when applying base coats and clear coats, it should be carried out in a warm, environment, a temperature of at the very least 22 degrees C, with plenty of ventilation and sheltered from the elements. This is largely due to the pigment in the clear coat, although clear looks clear, it is in fact a little opaque, with a yellow tinge.
If you spent just $58 on a gallon of clear don’t complain if the color looks off after so long a period (a few years), whereas if you spent $300+ for a gallon of clear, the end result would have much more longevity if it would ever degrade at all. Our advice, would be to paint the vehicle in a white base coat then use a clear coat for that showroom shine.
Some uses with 2 pack gloss paint are related to heavy metal content which is considered unsafe for the environment.
Question: Is there a way to safely remove peeling clear coat from undamaged paintwork underneath?
Question: I don’t understand the thinning out recommendations on paint products, can you give me a simple form for etch, clear and base coats for 500 mls? Also the Paint (Low VOC Polyurethane Enamel) they said that it is a 3-1 of Acetone and Catalyst, how will we mix that? As for the amount you would mix to do a particular job, well that depends on the size of the individual panels. Question: I would like to know how to mix car paint so I can use it in my spray gun, including how much thinner, reducer & hardener should I use?
If it’s a 2 pack type paint then you would generally use 2 parts paint to 1 part hardener, with a touch of thinner, usually 10%. The best car painting tips we can give you on this topic with paint mixing being a systematic process, is that if you prepare the surface of your vehicle properly, mix all products correctly and apply them correctly, you will be left with an excellent paint job. If you are ever in any doubt, simply ask for advice from a member of staff who you bought your paint from, it is their job to guide you accurately.
Color shade paint mixing on the other hand is really a job you should leave to the full-time professionals.
The better quality paint products that you use the more desirable and durable the end result will become. A safe rule would be to always buy more than you require, the supplier you purchase the paint materials from will be able to guide you, it’s their job. For a small car like yours, I say 2 quarts of basecoat will be more than enough as that will make a gallon of sprayable paint. Then after that, I would like to know how to get to the final part of painting, that is the step by step process for stripping and getting the car ready for paint.
I’m going to be leaving the ute in the same color, so do I have to rub back the whole ute or can I wash it and then paint straight over the top of the old paint? Answer: Use mig welding to weld in the rust repair panels and as for the paint work, wash the car using a strong detergent, DO NOT WASH AND WAX! Then flat the old paint work using 400 – 800 grit wet and dry flatting paper before applying the new paint. Question: I currently have a maroon red Honda Civic hatchback and wish to learn how to paint my car blue do you have any advice?
I was also wondering about surface prep, the paint is already in good condition and I want to remove it, how deep do I have to sand it down? The original paint work needs to be lightly sanded, using 400 – 800 grit wet and dry sandpaper, this will provide a sufficient base for new layers to bond to. Any repair work should be carried out, only prime the areas that require it, then apply the new color. For Step-by-Step auto body and paint DOMINATION and learn Exactly how to Paint Your Projects Check Out The VIP CLUB HERE! and learn how to paint a car from home. Answer: For all intents and purposes, the use of lacquers and enamels in automotive painting is obsolete. Alkyd (natural-based) and acrylic (plastic-based) enamels dry by evaporation of the reducers first and then by oxidation of the resin or binder.
The result here is that the paint finish may appear to dry quickly through evaporation of its solvent base however, the material continues to harden as resins combine with oxygen in the air.
During this curing process, a dry synthetic film would solidify over the top of the finish to offer a tough, shiny color coat. Wet sanding this coat to remove bits of dirt or debris would destroy that film and require touch-up painting to repair the surface blemishes.
When compared to the durability of Urethane products, alkyd and acrylic enamels fall way short. Although they can cover in just one or two coats they cannot hold up to the same kind of harsh environments. In addition, the application of any lacquer based product over enamel would result in surface wrinkling .
A special sealer has to be applied first to prevent lacquer solvents from penetrating and ruining enamel bases. It is easy to mix, can be applied at relatively low pressures, dries quickly and can generally be repaired and re-coated within 10 to 20 minutes after the last coat has been sprayed making it popular with custom car painters. Due to the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emitted by lacquer solvents, regulatory agencies minimized the use of lacquer paint or required that it only be sprayed in down-draft paint spray booths equipped with special filters and air-purifying systems. This is a factor to consider if you’re contemplating a complete paint job for your car. If you are using Acrylic Enamel or Lacquer then we recommend you consult an auto paint supply store member of staff for advice and recommendations that apply to your specific need. Question: I have a 1974 Challenger that currently is painted enamel red, underneath is the original b5 blue metallic enamel. Firstly, when applying the base coat color, apply one light coat first, followed by 2 full coats as soon as the first coat is dry (do not allow the second and third coat to dry in between). Then when dry, tack cloth clean the surface before applying the drop coat, usually 1 to 2 drop coats. TIP: Water based paints respond better to infra-red curing rather than low bake or by using compressed air being blown onto the surface. Question: I would like to know what causes edge mapping (when primer edge can be seen under dry paint) and how this can be stopped? Question: I have a 1988 Honda Shadow VLX 600 with metal fenders and gas tank, other pieces are plastic. When I sprayed the clear, I don’t know why, it must not have been dry because it wrinkled up when wet sanding. That is problem 1, problem 2: I followed the exact same steps, except I let the paint dry for 3 days then wet sanded it, then 1 hour later shot it with clear truck and suv spray paint. We suggest that once the primer is fully dried (best way would be to use a hired heat lamp for 40 minutes) wet flat with 800-grit wet and dry paper. Once fully dried again (using a hired heat lamp for 40 minutes) gently wet sand to remove any orange peel  and dirt inclusions using 1500-grit wet and dry paper. Question: The hardener I was working with hardened at the bottom of my spray container, the effect was an orange peel  texture after applying the mixture. As far as the hardener problem, I mixed the two for a longer period but then would get tiny clumps sprayed out of my spray gun nozzle.

Answer: When mixing any 2pack component, it is essential the two components are mixed thoroughly. Depending on the air temperature, it may well have to be applied fairly quickly (usually within the hour), an ideal temperature would be around 22.5 degrees C. Then the spray gun should be emptied and cleaned out straight away to avoid the epoxy drying in the spray gun. However, I have painted a few work trucks and though my preparation work on the bodies has been thorough, my application of the paint has left me with a lot of wet sanding. There has been a pin hole like orange peel  effect and even after wet sanding for hours on end I still get little pin holes. Answer: Please refer to our Auto Paint Repair  section on Orange Peel  for a detailed breakdown of the surface condition, causes, preventions and solutions. As for pinholes, this is usually caused by too much clear coat being applied, again 2-3 coats is all that should be required.
Specific lacquer and urethane paint finishes can be wet sanded and polished to remove nibs, flatten orange peel  and smooth out blemishes.
For Complete Videos On These Topics including Colorsanding and Buffing Check Out The VIP Membership Course Here!
This work is normally carried out on clear coats instead of on actual color coats and may require additional light applications of clear afterwards. This is why professionals will rarely remove the masking from a vehicle until they are pleased with the entire paint job and are sure that they have taken care of all imperfections.
Answer: Flat the car with 800-grit wet and dry, mask the car then apply 2 to 3 coats of 2k matte or satin finish black. Answer: Indeed water-based paints are much more expensive and depending on the product make, you could be spending anywhere between ?45 to ?90 per liter in the UK market. Question: I have a question about the new water-based paints that are now available because cellulose has been taken off the shelves. Can you tell me more about this new paint and is it better or worse than cellulose because I used cellulose a lot and I don’t really know much about this new paint. Answer: Indeed there are a lot of mixed feelings out there with regards to water-based paints.
The truth is, water-based paints are extremely good and have secured their place in the motor repair industry. Our personal feelings are that water-based paints are better than 2k paints purely because they don’t require as much to cover and are far less harmful to the environment.
Question: I have primed my car with 2k-beige primer and at the moment it is sat there rubbed down to a 1500-grit sandpaper finish.
I bought midnight blue paint and was told to just mix it 50:50 with thinner without any hardener.
I was told that 5 liters of ready to apply paint would be enough, is this true or would you advise me to buy a bit more to be sure? Also, I am unsure of the room temperature the paint has to be applied to the car in, is it about 60 degrees Fahrenheit? For example, when covering a light colored primer, you will need to use more of a dark color (midnight blue) than a lighter color, due to the high contrast between the two.
Painting yellow or a similar light color over a light colored primer will generally require less paint. Discuss this with your auto paint supplier, they will advise you according to your budget, on the best paint set-up for your project. As for temperatures, the panel temperature should be around 25 degrees C with paint applied in a dry atmosphere.
Don’t forget that base coat is only a color and will require clear coat over the top. Get Instant Access To Over 70 HOURS of Step-by-Step Videos, VIP Support & Community Help Here!
This is a special type of plastic primer, which should be used once the cover has been flatted down and cleaned using wax & grease remover. Usually this product can be purchased in aerosol form with 2 coats needed at room temperature, 25 degrees C. Don’t try to apply too much color with the first application, this is usually the cause of cracking or crazing. Usually 2 to 3 coats of color will be enough, dry for around 30 minutes at 25 degrees C, then 2 to 3 coats of clear lacquer should be applied.
Question: Here in the United States there is PPG paint and Dupont paint including several others. Answer: To be fair and honest, both brands are very good and there is very little difference between them both. In terms of overall paint quality, there isn’t much in the way of poor quality in use nowadays. I’ve grown up painting with Dupont paints and just recently started using PPG and I like it a LOT! Question: I painted my car with metallic paint 2 months ago and now I can see some small scratches which I patched beforehand.
Answer: The scratches have appeared largely due to poor preparation before the metallic paint was applied.
Best advice, re-flat the area using 1,500-2,000 grit sandpaper (wet and dry), using 2-3 coats re-apply your metallic color, being extra careful not to apply too much. If it is an air dry product that is being used, leave for up to 24-48 hours to cure properly before you commence polishing.
I was going to spray my car so that it changes color when you walk around it but thought it would be too hard for a first timer so I’ve decided to spray it black and put red and blue speckle bits into it. Also could you give me any advice on the best way to go about it and what amounts of paint I would need, etc.?
Answer: You will need to introduce a pearl stage into your base coat clear coat application. After applying all the black base coat, apply 2 very light coats of both pearls, then 2-3 coats of clear coat. Answer: You can of course use a chemical stripper to cure rust however, this is not the method that we favor the most. The easiest and most professional method, that indeed an auto body shop would use and indeed any home auto painter, would be rust removal by sanding and or grinding. First, thoroughly clean the infected area, brush the solution on, then leave it to work on the rust (always following product guidelines.) You would then wipe the area down, removing the rust and then primer straight over the repaired area.
Always bare in mind that rust is almost cancerous; it spreads once it has infected body work.
The most secure way to get rid of rust is to quite simply cut out any infected areas and replace them with rust repair panels.
However, this is not always possible depending on where the rust is located on the bodywork. Question: I want to fix some rust problems on my car, it has deep rust on the wheel-arch and kick plate area.
I’m first going to remove the bulk of the rust using 80’s grit paper, do I then need to apply some kind of etch primer, if so can I buy this in a can? Then, I apply the primer, let it flash off properly, then rub with 400-grit then 500-grit sandpaper?
Answer: Yes, you will need to apply etching primer to the panel, however this will only be needed if you sanded down to bare metal. Answer: Primers are materials that are applied over bare metal once the metal has been properly prepared. Their category comes under the different products that are separately designed to provide a variety of surface preparation functions.
Together, they can be classed as undercoats: those materials applied to auto body surfaces in preparation for paint applications. A simplistic definition of sealer is that it forms a sort of barrier between the undercoat and top coat (paint).
To protect undercoats from the materials and solvents in subsequently applied paint top coats. Add maximum adhesion capabilities for those top coats.
Answer: The layer of primer is separating from the surface of the vehicle because of a lack of physical bonding. Check for contamination such as oil, sanding residue, over-spray, water, solvent cleaner residue, etc., on substrate prior to primer application. Also, the main problem with the paint work on my car are the scratches (through to primer) on most panels.
Then, the surface to be painted MUST be flatted using 800-grit wet and dry paper also any damage such as chips, scratches etc.
As for scratches to the bodywork, unfortunately if these are deep enough, then a re-paint will be in order.
Once you’re finished flatting down the whole surface area, make sure that any imperfections on the lid are filled in using a 2k self-leveling polyester finishing putty. Referring back to the 2k self-leveling polyester finishing putty, in the US, you will find this product referred to as Bondo or Rage.
Also, what are the ratios for primer, paint and lacquer when it comes to adding the hardener and thinner? 2k primer should then be applied using 4 good coats, then flat down with 400 – 800-grit wet and dry paper before applying the color.
I was planning to lay down several coats of black, after that do I wet sand it before laying down several coats of candy apple?
What is involved and do I need to plan on clear coating the entire hood, top and trunk area? You may wish to look at custom painted car magazines or visit custom painted car shows to gain a good source of ideas.
Finish by clear coating the entire panel will ensure a nice flat finish with no edges around the stripes. If you get any overspray from the second color on the first, you can sand it out of the clear without damaging the underlying color coat. After applying the second color (and third, if applicable), apply two or three additional coats of clear over the area. Product information sheets will provide a specified time to allow the paint to dry before taping.
Likewise, clear coats must be added within a specified time or the base coat will need to be scuffed again using 800 – 1000-grit wet and dry paper and additional base coats added. Question: I would like to take this opportunity to know your personal preference on how to go about re-spraying a whole car. Do you take the doors off first and paint the shuts (also finish it off with clear coat) and then put the doors back on and paint the outside of the car?
Answer: The professional method of repainting a whole car is to remove the doors, hood, and trunk lid from the vehicle.
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I can't find a link, but I'm almost sure that badly behaved youngsters would be threatened with having their backsides tanned if they misbehaved again. There is a lot to be said in favor of 'fake tans'.Australia has one of the highest sun cancer rates in the world.
Thar, I agree - usually tan is uninspiring as a color for walls.However, at age twelve, my granddaughter, who is quite good at art, picked just the right shade of a darker tan for three walls in the living room, and suggested a Laurentian red- it is a dark burgundy - on an accent wall. Both makes of spray guns are in the global top 5 and are renown worldwide for there reliability and excellent construction. When painting, the spray gun you choose will become an extension of your arm, so like a pair of shoes it needs to feel and fit just right. Second coat goes on when the first coat is tacky but not sticky and the third coat goes on? I still have little bumps, not orange peel, but little bumps. At this point any other tips you can email my way would be appreciated. This would indicate a specific fluid tip and air cap that should be used with the particular paint product that would be available from the dealer of the paint spray gun. If 2k auto paint primer is used then hardener should be used, if it’s air dry auto paint primer then thinner should be used.
Please let me know if I could use a clear coat to finish the job so I can get a better gloss on my white car or can I mix clear coat with the final coat of white paint?
You would clearly see this by emptying a gallon of clear into a clear plastic container and holding it up to the light, easily seeing some color difference. The purpose of using a base coat clear coat application is that the base coat will compensate the risk of de-coloration, it would do this by being brighter from the onset. The clear coat binds itself to the undercoat color. Peeling is usually a sign that poor quality materials have been used to paint the car with.
As a customer, you should ask the paint supplier for a technical data sheet for all the types of paint being used, as they carry all of the information required to use these materials i.e.
Calibrated mixing cups and measuring sticks are available at your auto paint and supply store. At the paint shops, they have everything needed to get you the best color match possible, but remember sometimes they do make mistakes so always try to match the paint that you bought on your car before you paint it.
The best advice would be to buy all from the same manufacturer, as part of the same paint system. This is why you will have to take your time to remove all such debris from the surface of the vehicle being repaired using wax and grease remover. It is important you do this after you wash the vehicle, before you sand it, after you sand it and between undercoats and top coats.
Then coats of clear lacquer are sprayed over color bases for protection and for required buffing. This is why clear coats are applied so that buffing shines them to a showroom finish without disturbing the underlying color base.
You’ll have more durability and the ease of colorsanding and buffing if you have any imperfections in your clearcoat. I try more or less base coat reducer, low or high pressure, two full coats and dry coats, dry between coat and still no joy!
I noticed that one of the areas I painted I could still see sandpaper scratches under the paint. To rectify this, the area should be flatted down (sanded) with 800-grit wet and dry sandpaper, then apply 2 coats of 2k primer.
Apply 2-3 coats of 2k primer (not aerosol primer) when dry, flat sand using 400 – 600 grit wet and dry along with a flat rubbing block to ensure that the area is completely flat.
I hear it’s possible for a novice to make spray paint look like a professional paint job given the right instruction? Make sure that the paint products being used are fully compatible and are part of the same paint system, ALWAYS! Please refer to our Auto Paint Repair section on Orange Peel  for a detailed breakdown of the surface condition, causes, preventions and solutions. I am learning a lot and I feel my project (’97 Ford F150 GT) will be a great success with your support.
The reason for this is that the auto paint supply shop will mix in the matting agent for you. I’ve done a lot of research on water-based paints and I find people have mixed feelings. The downside is that many auto body shops now have to invest in brand new equipment, spay guns, new ovens, etc. The car has been prepared including back of doors, door wells and the back of the boot and bonnet. Please could you give some more advice on the stages that come after the car has been primed? As for the quantity of paint needed, this will usually always depend on the opacity of the color being applied. The same rule applies when working with darker colors; if you use a dark colored primer such as dark gray, then less dark colored base coat will be required. The ambient temperature should also be around 25 degrees C, drying times between coats should be around 5 to 10 minutes.
A correct base coat clear coat application will always give you a top coat with a glossy showroom finish. I’m also having trouble with fry ups in the paint, is that because the temperature is too cold or because the surface is not clean enough before painting? This is new to me and I was wondering if you could give me the name of this product and whereabouts I might be able to purchase it? However, if you want to use a chemical stripper, there are various products on the market and indeed worldwide. Whilst most chemical strippers will remove it, this method is more of a retardant (makes the progress or growth of rust slower) than a total cure. If you cut the infected area out, there is absolutely no way it can come back unless a new case of rust develops elsewhere on the bodywork. If this is so then the kit needs to be flatted (sanded) down with 80-grit paper then glass fiber should be applied over the joint (NOT BODY FILLER). Firstly, ensure that the gel coat that features on the fiberglass surface is flatted (scuffed) correctly using 400 – 800 grit wet and dry sandpaper.
Once this is done, leave it to stand for 24 hours in an environment where temperatures are not going to go below 20 degrees C. Firstly, make sure that the kit fits properly by running a trial fitting, any trimming should be done at this stage. Your best bet would be to ask your paint supplier for a technical data sheet, this will give you the correct paint mixing ratios to use.
You’ll be able to work out a lot of details that way and you may come up with a better way to enhance the effect. The original paint work needs to be lightly sanded where necessary, using 400 – 800-grit wet and dry sandpaper, this will provide a sufficient base for new layers to bond to.
Applying masking tape or masking paper to freshly painted surfaces that have not yet dried adequately will cause you much more work. If you've never seen one, a rock garden is simply a plot with a mix of rocks and any of several special species of small flowers.
That's because rock gardens can turn grassy areas and awkward, difficult-to-mow slopes into a low-maintenance landscape. Consider how other kinds of gardens, such as vegetable gardens, can look obviously cultivated A­and artificial. UV exposure either in tanning beds or the sun is extremely dangerous.Just make sure you dont turn carrot coloured!Thar, some raw hide is green. Both of those guns are top in my list, but for the aspiring painter, the Warwick, (in my opinion is the best choice) because not only do you get a high performance gun, but you’ll have left over cash to put into your project. With over 70 HOURS of step-by-step videos to help and guide you to your auto painting success!
I propose to give it a good wet sand, followed by a primer to aid adhesion and coverage of minor scratches and bare bits, base coat and new clear coat. If you will be sealing your paint make user you wait at least 4-6 weeks to let your fresh coat of paint breathe. In order to fix this you must re base and clear the panel or the entire car to get a newly painted PRO finish. Maybe you could tell me where the problem lies because I ask the technicians from Spies Hecker and they say this is not possible. When dry, wet flat with 800-grit wet and dry paper once again, then apply 2 to 3 coats of base coat, then your clearcoats. Usually I was buying a liter of paint for under ?20, could you tell me roughly how much these new paints are going to set me back?
The most popular product is Jenolite. Jenolite can be bought from most auto paint supply stores.
I sanded the filler down and primed and painted them but after a few weeks they had cracked along the join. Then flat (sand) down the glass fiber with 80-grit paper before applying the final coat of body filler. Some would say that because rocks are permanent, solid and rugged, they complement tA­he delicacy of flowers.
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Take note that sometimes different rules apply to varying climates and soils, too, but we'll lend tips when these exceptions might crop up.
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Also in the past, due to not understanding what I was doing, I was about 5 inches away from my material, trying to keep the material going on wet and thinking each coat had to be glassy smooth, which then created too much material going on too fast and therefore paint runs.
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