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As more and more people choose to build their websites responsively, they will continue to see a return.  Many companies and businesses who already have responsive websites are quickly seeing a return on their investment. Skinny Ties choice to have a responsive website not only gives their customers a better user experience, they have also increased their customer base and expanded their audience.  They are just one of many businesses who enjoy the benefits of responsive web sites. The vast array of devices we have at our fingertips does create new challenges and opportunities in how we present information to our users online.  As we formulate a plan to successfully build out a website product, there are many more angles we did not have to worry about five years ago. Every part of the website has an important part to play in the success of the end product.  When it comes to the visual aspects of the website, layout and framework, interactivity, placement, and how a design renders are all so extremely important.
Flat Design – Flat Design focuses on content without overwhelming users with the bells and whistles that can potentially hurt site performance. Typography – Websites built for mobile devices are not as design centric as they were ten years ago.
One Page Scrolling – When using a smart phone, we navigating a site can at times be a little tricky and cumbersome. Animations and Triggered Movement – To further engage users on a website, websites today use animations and triggered movement, such as swipe and touch, as well as animations. Use percentages instead of fixed pixels – Pixels are set and do not adapt well to various screen sizes; use percentages. Use your own fluid grids – Use your own grids that are unique to your website and its content. Search Feature – Users rarely click through a website, especially if they are large in size. Headers should be small and simple to keep focus on content – Headers offer a good presentation, but the purpose of the site is to offer content.
Lazy Loading – To save on bandwidth, hide content until all primary content is loaded and the user is ready to view it. Usability is King – You will hear a lot about “Content is King,” but that may not be very accurate.
Social Media – Social Media has been of the best tools to drive traffic to your website.
The use of responsive web design offers many advantages as well as its own challenges.  However, with these challenges come opportunities for professionals in the web industry to contribute to the growth and maturity of responsive web sites and their user’s experience.
Bursting at the seams with creativity and innovative ideas, we help you build relationships with your customers online because we believe that relationships lead to conversations which in turn lead to conversions.

Google says your customers will use tablets and smart phones to access your website more than desktops from this year forward.
With enhancement of Joomla and Jomsocial, there is a constant evolution of JS-Addon products and approaches.
All JS Addons have adopted Bootstrap 2 compatibility and are now able to use your favorite addons for responsive JomSocial based community website. Note:- With introduction of new responsive template, we are going to remove the other 3 XIUS templates in our next release.
If your user is on Web or Mobile - no matter, your community members are just one click away to get engaged.
Do let us know your feedback and experience of using responsive JS-Addons in comments section below.
Recently I came across a very simple yet brilliant technique to adjust the content based on available height as well. Everything with the Vanables website was perfect expect for the fact that it was using Javascript to figure out viewport size. Try playing with the browser height, and watch how “Sign up” block keeps at the bottom of the page. Pictures have an ability to further capture the audience’s attention more than just content.
However, the use of typography can offer “personality” to a client’s website with intent of engaging users.
One page scrolling offers ease of use without a lot of clicking and limited page load response times versus navigating a multiple page website.
Every browser renders a site slightly differently, and it is extremely time consuming to capture them all without a guarantee. Hackers have the capability to take down our sites, or have the potential of stealing confidential information we do not want the public to share.
It encapsulates more than just meta description and keywords.  The speed at which a page loads, bounce rate, image optimization, and touch elements are just a fraction of what we should address to make our websites more mobile friendly. Rankings – It is a big step to see our websites ranking high on popular search engines, but if they are not producing any real return, it becomes a waste of business resources and time.
As the world increasingly shifts to become more mobile, so wea€™ve evolved our philosophy of giving your customers an enjoyable and rich user experience to ensure that happens wherever they are and however they access your content, be it a website or a newsletter.

If you're not fully engrossed with latest version of these, then it can be hard to keep up. The adoption of mobile device to find friends, keep in touch, and interact within community really makes your social site viral.The increased use of mobile devices is centered around responsive web design, mobile sites, and native apps. Most of the websites are either already responsive or are planing for a responsive re-design. The website which implement this is of San Francisco advertising agency, Venables Bell and Partners.
Can it be a solution for vertically resizing images in a horizontal div, for example, photographer portfolio websites? Everything costs money, so it is important our website brings in more revenue and qualified traffic. We have many years experience designing and developing brilliant smart phone apps, email marketing campaigns as well as responsive websites. Websites that are focussed on conversion, whether that be getting customers to buy online or pick up the phone or find information about your business. With same thoughts we had planned to make our suite of JS-Addons responsive, so that your community based website is seamlessly accessible across all devices.
I found this technique very useful, as it can also be used to show important messages above the fold. As today’s browsers are getting more and more advanced and with these new CSS capabilities I thought similar functionality could also be replicated using CSS only. Utilizing Viewport Percentage Length make it easier to keep the aspect ratio maintained at any given viewport size.
In the past I used javascript to this, which was fine, but pure CSS solution will be much better.

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