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Ten years ago, no one had heard of any kind of web design beyond the then-current standard: static pages with some dynamic elements, all of them written mostly in HTML.
At its inception, WordPress was a blogging platform designed to make it easy and fun for people of all races, creeds, and languages to share whatever content they thought to be important, whether that meant breaking news, broken hearts, or Batman collectibles. Plugins will obviously work if you want to take your site into the world of mobile optimization, but they’re quick, no-frills affairs. WordPress Twenty Eleven is WP’s default theme, and is adequately responsive all by itself. Scherzo is a great theme for the minimalist crowd, and better yet, it was built specifically to cater to the unique needs of mobile and mobile optimized websites. The royal treatment for any website, hand-coding your website for mobile responsiveness is still work, but it isn’t nearly as much work as building a new site from scratch. The first thing you need to do is define the media queries that will tell your website how to behave, visually speaking, when presented on mobile devices. This step involves using CSS to make the general layout of your website more mobile-friendly. Mobile users have a unique set of preferences, and they’re used to seeing and interacting with things in a certain, predictable way.
Making a mobile-friendly website can be daunting if you don’t have the right tools and information, but with this handy guide, it should be quick, painless, and even fun! True it's not rocket science, but getting what you need from your mobile website is not as easy as shrinking down your desktop content and moving it around. Figure out what it is you want your visitor to do, the task they must perform to create what you need. If your company has items or services for sale directly, then your primary goal on-line is to convince the visitor to purchase your goods. If your primary goal is to gather information, build a data base of emails, or collect data for direct sales initiatives, then innovative solutions are needed to convince a data collection weary world to give you their information or participate in your survey.

If your company wants to immerse visitors in your brand, then a digital experience that encourages interaction and increased time on site is necessary.
If you want to create foot traffic into your brick and mortar location or sort the traffic digitally directing it to other properties, then a compelling digital pathway in impetrative. If you are championing an idea, product, movement, or philanthropy, then creating engaging ways to inform and garner support and sharing is your digital mission. Once you understand your objective, the outcome you want from your visitors, build a path and they will follow.
Look back, you may have missed a very important point that actually deserves an entire article itself - "with your visitor in mind".
What's true for salt, make-up and feng shui furniture placement is also true for mobile design, less is more.
Just as horses can smell fear and your mother knew you had not cleaned your room just by looking at your face, mobile visitors can spot an old site within seconds. This contributed article was written by James Ramsey, CEO of Fiddlefly, a digital creative agency. At its heart, that’s still what WordPress is, which is where the host of WordPress plugins designed to make a mobile website as quickly and in as economical a fashion as possible enter the picture.
Used by average Joes and Janes as well as luminaries like Stephen Fry, this plugin basically strips away all the bells and whistles your website might contain and reintroduces the content and a few other core elements in a mobile-friendly format.
More a re-skinning device than anything, this plugin allows site owners to give their desktop website a totally different layout that’s customized for mobile users. Originally intended to help WordPress users turn their WP sites into a social network of sorts, it also makes for a great mobile optimization tool.
As such, it’s your job to make sure any menus, navigational routines, and so forth as intuitive and un-cluttered as possible.
I've created this do-it-yourself guide on how to make a website to help those who are looking to make a professional looking website for themselves or a business.

If your website is of a traditional, desktop-bound make and heavy on the content, the following plugins can help make it a bit more mobile-friendly. Using BuddyPress, WordPress sites of all stripes can now be optimized for the mobile environment with just a few clicks.
They’ll shove your sites into mobile compliance whether they like it or not, and the results, while adequate, can sometimes be unpredictable. WP Mobile Pack (see above) and WPTap Mobile Detector are the go-to utilities for this method of site creation.
To make it simple, CSS is most of what determines how your website looks on various platforms.
You can use various programming languages to do this (CSS, PHP), or if you prefer, you can just install one of the myriad plugins designed to do the work for you, and go get a cup of matcha green tea! Choosing to make a mobile website with purpose-built WordPress themes, on the other hand, will give your website(s) a makeover like you wouldn’t believe.
You’re going to want to tweak the bits of code that define how these sites appear to mobile users when they visit on their phones, tablets, or other mobile device.
Now, though, mini-PCs are exactly what the humble cell phone has become, and with that transformation, the need for mobile websites has exploded. Keep reading to learn about all the different ways to make a WordPress based website that your phone can be proud of!

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