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The website also includes information on turning your house into a greenhouse to help save the environment. The Elder Scrolls SkyrimThe Elder Scrolls Skyrim is a site dedicated to Elder Scrolls Fans. This site only has a couple HTML5 tags in it but combined with JavaScript the developers were able to make a beautiful site for the fans of this game. Banner InspirationBanner Inspiration did a great job developing a website that is interactive with the viewers.
The site only uses a couple elements new to HTML5 but they did a great job mixing it up with JavaScript and CSS. HTML5 AwesomeThe name says it all here; HTML5 Awesome uses many different elements exclusive to HTML5 to bring their site to life. CibgraphicsCibgraphics is a design studio that provides printed materials and web design to their clients.
KeyzoKeyzo is an IT solutions company that provides a range of services to meet their client’s needs.
CSS ReligionCSS Religion is a site all about religion and is presented in a clean and efficient manner. The site does not use much HTML5 native elements but it is loaded with CSS that works with HTML5.

An Event ApartAn Event Apart is a website that offers training for web developers all over the country. The site is built to attract the attention of web developers and it uses a lot of different features to do this. MW TemplateMW Template is designed to show off websites that have gone the extra mile and created an impressive mobile website. MW Templates is another site that only uses the basic HTML5 tags and a whole lot of JavaScript and CSS.
The Inspiration GridThe Inspiration Grid is a site designed to provide inspiration to the viewers with a gorgeous website. Rockstar WorkingRockstar Working is a web site designing company with a unique website of their own. This site was built using mainly on JavaScript and CSS but it does use some HTML5 functions. Theme Design GalleryTheme Design Gallery is a website dedicated to showing off and selling cool and unique websites. This site was built using a mix of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5 to give the viewer the best experience.
Will Work for ArtWill Work for Art is a site that is designed to show case different types of art.

Web Banner GallerWeb Banner Gallery is a banner display site that offers a user rating section. Web Banner Gallery offers an easy way to view highly ranked web banners for webmasters to view and get ideas from. Editorial TemplateEditorial Template is a WordPress template that is designed to meet the publishing requirements of digital magazines.
AX VisualAX Visual Design Studio offers design services to meet the needs of their clients. Film Review FridayFilm Review Friday is a film review site that is designed for smaller, or Tweet sized, film reviews. The author’s views below are entirely his or her own and may not reflect the views of WHSR. Share your view with us on Facebook and Twitter.WHSR Web Hosting AdviceWhy trust hosting review sites and web host ranking charts blindly when you can learn everything for free?

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