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This recipe is from my dear auntie, she got it from her best friend, who is a native Menado. I'm a fellow food blogger, but I've been on hiatus for years & now I'm starting fresh with my new blog. Btw, I think jinten is cumin in English and fennel seed is a completely different aromatic seed. At Terrey Hills Golf & Country Club we understand the significance of the most important day in your life. Our team of Internationally trained Chefs, your passionate Wedding Co-ordinator, our friendly and attentive service staff, will oversee all details of your Wedding Day. Sydney’s Terrey Hills Golf & Country Club is set amongst the breathtaking beauty of Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park on the boundary of the Northern Beaches, just 30 minutes from the CBD. Our spectacular clubhouse is both modern and elegant offering stunning course and bushland views. To compliment these amazing surrounds our club provides grandly proportioned rooms with classic wrap around verandas and sweeping windows, offering complete hospitality for 50 to 160 guests. Championship tees are strategically positioned to challenge low handicappers, while flexibility in the design of each hole accommodates the thinking, the conservative, and the adventurous golfer. Nestling in unspoilt bushland on the fringe of a great National Park, yet within the boundaries of a major international metropolis, is a magnificent 18 hole Golf Course.
Reflecting the true sporting tradition of Australians, our members come to the club to enjoy themselves with friends who share a common love for the great game of golf. If you are searching for some fish and squid main course food picture, so this is the right place to find pictures you're looking for. To download this pictures about , simply right click on the image above and select "Save Image As". If you are searching for some Main Course at La Capanna Restaurant food picture, so this is the right place to find pictures you're looking for. We began with a press briefing from Airbus’ German head of communications Florian Seidel (pictured below), who gave us an introduction to Airbus and the role it plays in Germany. Swag from Airbus; a luggage tag, A319 model, Airbus notebook, A319 sticker, A380 string, and an Airbus pen. A380 cabin installation hangar for an Emirates A380 in foreground and a Thai Airways example in the background. After the A380 cabin assembly, we headed over to an earlier stage of A380 manufacturing, the fuselage component manufacturing hangar. A piece of an A380 fuselage inside the fuselage section assembly and equipping hangar at Hamburg.
The Hamburg facility is certainly a complex production area; this A380 tail was spotted lying outside the hangar and is absolutely massive. After we toured the A380 fuselage production floor, we moved over to the main event; one of the A320 family final assembly lines.
After viewing the factory, we went over to the Airbus canteen for a specially prepared lunch. On the tables for lunch was a beautiful die-cast model of the A319, which almost every journalist and employee at the table tried to discreetly disassemble and hide in his or her bag at some point during the day. After lunch, myself and another German journalist were shuttled off for a two on two conversation between ourselves and American CEO Tom Horton as well as American’s Chief Commercial Officer Virasb Vahidi.
It was clear to us at that time, that American needed a major renovation; the renewal of our fleet.
Each Boeing and Airbus brought very attractive deals, and very attractive financing alongside the deals.
So it wasn’t just the renewal of the fleet and growth under the right cost circumstances, but also get access of the neo generation of the Airbus, and of course we worked with Boeing to get them to launch the MAX. Because the other airlines had gone through bankruptcy and American tried to avoid that, our cost gap became quite wide… so we had to structurally adjust that. And interestingly, he said that American tried to the use the order as a galvanizing moment to bargain with its labor teams and stave off bankruptcy. And we were hoping that that [the deal] might drive a good dynamic for renegotiating the labor contracts. Almost as soon as we had finished speaking with them, the two executives dashed off to the main event; the delivery ceremony at the Airbus Delivery Center Jurgen Thomas. Overview of the buffet – the joke amongst the Press and Corporate Communications delegation was that we had taken so many pictures of food between lunch and the refreshments as well that we might all have to start food blogs. The A319 was hidden behind a curtain and after a few minutes of mingling, the ceremony began. The first comments were from John Leahy, Chief Operating Officer – Customers, who I was excited to hear speak.
It’s been slightly over two years since we signed this deal and announced it at Dallas-Fort Worth. The people who two years ago, in Dallas, in 100 degree heat, negotiating a deal that would change aviation history.

Next came remarks by Jean Paul Ebanga, the CEO of CFM who is providing the engines for the new American Airbus fleet. And then he related that CFM parent GE actually delivered its first commercial aircraft engine to American Airlines in the early 1960s. Interestingly, he referred to the whole Airbus and Boeing order together as a 460 frame order, instead of just the 260 at Airbus. He shared some of the effort that was put in on Airbus’ part to win over American and re-build the relationship. Once they sensed that the deal was possible, they [the Airbus sales team] locked on and never let go. The Texas sun was no match for the competitive fire in the Airbus team; who essentially re-located to Dallas for May through late July of 2011 to get our aircraft deal done. The first gift was a complicated metal sculpture depicting an aircraft almost taking off; which was almost dropped by John Leahy as he handed it over to Barry Eccleston who would hand it over to Tom Horton.
The First Gift from Airbus to American – all media members and employees at the event got small versions of this sculpture to bring home.
After the presentation of the gifts was completed, Airbus announced formally that the delivery of the American Airlines A319 had commenced and shot confetti into the air while pulling up the curtain and revealing the aircraft. They then rolled out the celebratory cake; a New York style Cheesecake bracketed by sparklers.
Before jumping on to check out the airplane, I pulled aside Virasb Vahidi briefly to ask him about the new product. This [the first A319] actually represents the future of what our narrowbody fleet will look like. On the new technologies front, the American A319s and A321s will also be equipped with Airbus’ Runway Overrun Preventions System (ROPS) technology. I then spent a few moments talking to Jim Thomas, an A319 delivery pilot who had recently re-trained onto the aircraft after flying 737-800s, including many delivery flights, for several years. It includes ground school, learning about the aircraft systems, and then simulator training.
I also asked him about the fly by wire system on the A319 versus the conventional system on the 737-800, and he said that the two fly very similarly.
The 24 Main Cabin Extra seats offer up to 6 inches of additional legroom and early boarding priviledges to passengers.
And the 96 Main Cabin seats also feature the new economy class seats with an innovative cradling recline to increase comfort while protecting personal space.
After the event wrapped up, the American Airlines group headed back to one more hangar to check out an American A319 on the FAL, MSN 5753 which will be delivered in August.
All in all, being present for the delivery of the American A319 was a fantastic experience. I've got almost all the ingredients (couldn't find candlenuts and fresh galangal) & I hope my sate babi turns out as yummy as yours! This ensures that we will make it the most treasured and memorable experience of your life.
Our beautifully manicured gardens and golf course encompass the clubhouse to provide the ideal setting for your ceremony and capture those unforgettable memories. Before you save this fish and squid main course food picture, make sure you read the article or see all of our photo gallery related to this image.
Before you save this Main Course at La Capanna Restaurant food picture, make sure you read the article or see all of our photo gallery related to this image.
Our day started at the hotel in central Hamburg, from where we were transferred by bus to the massive Airbus facility. His press briefing was long and covered lots of different ground, but he shared a couple of interesting pieces of information. We will be doing an in-depth story about the factory itself but I will share some of the highlights here.
According to Airbus, for an A320, it takes between 25 and 30 days from the time the aircraft enters final assembly to the time it is delivered to the customer. The lunch was for the media, our liaisons in the American and Airbus corporate communications teams, as well as several American and Airbus employees from the US. Shown here holding up the model is Ian Bradley, who works for American’s corporate communications team out of London. We only had 6 or 7 minutes to speak with the executives as time was running out before the delivery ceremony at 3 pm. And, when we looked at them, we decided that given our needs, and given the fact that we could vastly improve the economics of our company and also create some flexibility and opportunity for growth, we decided to take both deals, and that was fairly surprising to both Boeing and Airbus. We were unable to succeed on that… ultimately our board made the decision to restructure [via Ch. There was some very interesting decor, and an awesome food spread that sadly mostly remained un-touched.
And that was when American Airlines made history by announcing the largest single order for Airbus aircraft ever in North America.

Ebanga’s remarks were much more subdued but he as well made a couple of interesting notes. Ebanga’s remarks, Airbus presented a short video that showed the building of the American A319, some shots of the test flight, and several renderings. I like to think that at American we know something about tenacity and competitiveness, but the Airbus guys really showed us something. I believe there were more Airbus executives in Dallas than there were in Toulouse or Hamburg that summer, and they were so intent at doing a deal with us that one Saturday morning, frustrated with what they saw as a lack of progress, they endeavored to track me down.
This A319 model (one of several) was present and will be delivered to American’s offices in Fort Worth following the ceremony. The American delivery actually represents the 100th A320 family airplane installed with sharkets and the first such A319.
So this is the first one coming off the line, but all of our future narrowbody aircraft coming – they will all have the all-leather seats, inflight entertainment on every seat, and Wi-Fi and connectivity for passengers. The ease of use, the lighting, being able to see things quickly, being able to flow in and flow out.
The process of swtiching over from the 737-800 to the A319s, known as Transition Training, usually takes 5 weeks to complete, and is comprehensive at the Airbus training facility for American at Dallas Fort Worth, where he is based.
The 8 leather first class seats on board the A319 are supplied by Weber and feature 39+ inches of seat pitch. Personally, I found that the non-exit row Main Cabin Extra seats had more space than Economy Plus seats on United (I’ve never tried Economy Comfort on Delta). He has been covering the industry in some form since 2008, and currently covers the industry for Bangalore Aviation and Aspire Aviation in addition to his duties for Airchive. According to Florian, roughly 35% of every Airbus A320 family aircraft is assembled in Germany, 35% in France, 17% in Great Britain, and the remainder in Spain (the four major countries that joined together to form Airbus). When we were on the FAL, there was a US Airways aircraft on the floor in final assembly, as well as aircraft destined for Aeroflot and Finnair. Lunch was an elaborate 4 course meal featuring an amouse bouche, salad, a main course, and dessert. Then, American Airlines CEO Tom Horton took the stage for his remarks that provided a bit of color on the deal. It turns out that morning, I was running a road race near my home… and I was impressed to see Barry and John waiting in the 95 degree heat to ambush me at the finish line.
The sharklets reportedly improve fuel burn on the A320 family by an average of 4% for customers in service. The IFE system includes a vast selection of up to 200 movies, 180 TV programs, 350 audio selections, and 15 games displayed on a 12.1 inch tilting touchscreen monitor in every seat back. His area of specialty lies in airline finance and business practices, as well in data analysis. The Airways logo is protected by United States copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcasted without the prior written permission of Airways International, Inc. We provided background coverage on the aircraft, its significance for Airbus and American, and the role of the A319 in American’s fleet and network yesterday in Part 1. Parts of the fuselage and much of the cabin systems for every Airbus airplane are built in Hamburg.
There are 4 stages to the FAL, and interestingly, unlike the A380, all of the cabin installation for the A320 built in Hamburg happens there, but also that the cabin installations for the Tolouse A320s happens there. Bhaskara has been an avgeek since his first long haul flight, when his fascination with Delta’s route map birthed a lifelong passion. All photos, unless otherwise noted, are the property of Airchive & AirwaysNews and may not be reproduced without consent.
The only aircraft with final assembly lines (FALs) at Hamburg is the Airbus A320 family; for which there are 3 FALs at Hamburg (the largest manufacturing site), 1 in Toulouse, and 1 in Tianjin, China (with one soon to come to the US at Mobile, Alabama).
The Hamburg FAL represents really the peak of lean manufacturing for A320 family aircraft, and Airbus used the facility as the model for the FAL in Tianjin and will use it as a model for the FAL in Mobile as that is built. In his life beyond aviation, Bhaskara is the co-founder of Admissions Hero, a college consulting service tailored towards students seeking acceptance to elite American universities. All of the parts for the A320s are brought in by container ship down the Elbe River to the Airbus facility, and all of the materials for the A320 family aircraft destined for Tianjin (and soon Mobile) are consolidated in Hamburg before being shipped off to the respective FALs, a process that takes roughly 6 weeks to both China and the US.
While every care is taken to ensure that the content of Airways is completely accurate, the publisher cannot accept liability for errors and omissions. The Airbus team admitted that initially, figuring out how to add the onboard showers to the Emirates A380s was a bit of a challenge, but it has since become so common (Emirates has already taken delivery of 35 A380s, with 55+ more to come) that the process is now routine for the Airbus cabin installation team(s) in Hamburg. In what little free time he has, he enjoys watching and playing all types of sports, as well as binge-watching USA Network television shows and Bollywood films.

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