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Home$20 credit on Living Social Restaurants Plus promo code$20 off first dinner promo code for Munchery! ENTER the Lyft promo code “ADRIAN1542” in the highlighted section and click Apply to receive your free $20 ride credit! Have you ever been stuck downtown after a night of drinking and didn’t see a taxi cab around in sight?
No longer will you need to stress about finding parking, calling a taxi cab, or waiting for the long lines of public transportation.
The first step to trying Lyft is to download and install the app on your compatible smartphone. Ride sharing promo codes help you get access to free rides on services such as lyft, sidecar, and uber. While both parties get credit for the referral I would definitely like to thank you in advance for using the coupon code! If you would like your comment approved below, simply link to our site :), and comment below with the source url. How I Made This SiteCreate a coupon website easily and simply with this wordpress coupon plugin.

You can enter your Lyft promo code directly into the Lyft app by pressing the “Menu” button (three horizontal lines in the corner of the screen), and then selecting “Payment.” Afterwards you will see a text field below your credit card info where you may enter your Lyft $20 promo code.
The best thing is that this code works and is easily given to friends to use when they sign up as well.
Have you ever wanted to get to work in the financial district where there is no parking and parking structures cost an arm and a leg?
Just open the Lyft app, request a Lyft and someone will come find you within a matter of minutes. Links to do that have been provided below, or you can just open up the Google play or the Apple App store, search for Lyft, and install the app.
Not only does a promo code for Lyft work well to earn you free $20 ride credit, it also gives other new riders the ability to do so as well by just sharing the Lyft promo code with them before they sign up!
The unique new ride service business model allows you to use your app which will auto-locate you a near by Lyft Driver. As a blogger who absolutely LOVES traveling, I like to keep up with the latest trends, news, and deals going on to give those on the road an easier time.
This Lyft promo code gives a person $20 in any city from Virginia Beach to Hawaii but will only work once per account.

As much as this promotional code works as a discount for these ride sharing services, it does take a little while to understand how the service actually works.
As a start, youll need to install the Lyft app on your compatible smartphone and create yourself a user account. If any of these questions apply to you, those reasons alone are worth trying out an on-demand ride-sharing service like Lyft. Most people however find that lyft, uber, and other on-demand peer-to-peer ride sharing services are much more cost effective than traditional taxi services, and work just as well.
Either way, unless the government decides to limit these modern services, these coupons and codes are here to stay. Dont forget to use the Lyft promo code ADRIAN1542 to apply your free ride though!

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