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We tend to love ourselves from the outside in, using exterior forces such as weight, success and praise to determine our capacity for worthiness. First know, loving ourselves from the outside in, is crazy easy, which is why it’s our default position. We allow our feelings of ourselves to be colored by the people and images around us, rather than turning inward and believing from our heart, “I am enough. Of course it’s one thing to know that contentment, happiness and yes even success lie within loving yourself from the inside out, but it is an entirely different story to actually do it. Release Rancid Restrictions-  These are the unconscious rules we make up that keep us looking to others for love and validation. Trust-  The reason why you love from the inside out daily, is because reprogramming rancid restrictions ain’t easy.
Ask for it-  Just because you are now loving yourself from the inside out, does not mean you can’t ask for outside love when you need it. Moral of the story….Visual markers aren’t reasons for self-love, but rather indicators of it.
Jamie is unbelievably passionate about teaching women how to listen to their bodies and release the inner berating that’s bogged them down for years. Jamie has appeared on radio programs such as Martha Stewart Living Radio, ABC’s View From The Bay, The Green Gate on Fitness Radio and various television programs. Perhaps puberty, getting through high school and those pesky unrealistic expectations we see in the media are to blame, but it’s no good. With the help of some friends and family, I decided to find out what kids love about themselves. If you asked me what I love about myself, I’d say I love my wild enthusiasm, and it’s ability to spread joy to my friends!

Quote of the Week: Life Is A Journey, And If You Fall In Love With The Journey, You Will Be In Love Forever.
All items on this website are free to download for personal use only, unless noted otherwise. She also writes articles for The CRAVE Company, SpaWeek and various other online publications. Is loving yourself something that comes easily to you, or do you struggle with low self esteem? Our lives shouldn’t be measured solely by our capacity to love others and be loved, but also how much we can love ourselves.
You know, before they decide they don’t like their curly hair or the length of their legs. When she's not traveling across Canada helping people find their sparkle, she's busy behind the camera photographing portraits and spaces for various businesses and publications. Here you'll find adventures in starting a business, lessons and tips in branding + photography + social media, but you'll also get an intimate look into goals and personal development. Jamie works with overwhelmed women who feel stuck, spread too thin and are hungry for something more.
I had to turn 50 to finally get it that I have to be gentle with myself, accept myself for who I am and unconditionally love myself, in order to be happy. My mother was one of those mothers who was extremely hard on me and I was never quite good enough. I remember as a little girl I wasn’t blessed with thick and long hair, so I would braid ribbons and pieces of fabric into my hair to make it go further. After all, we’re stuck with ourselves forever so we might as well nourish our bodies and souls with love and kindness.

In fact, most adults have trouble admitting they like anything about themselves, myself included. She's also proudly the mama of #ourguysaunders and could live off chocolate macadamias, green juice and pomegranates.
At Jamie Living, women on a mission love their bodies, adore their food and lead kick-ass lives – that’s what Jamie is all about. I don’t ever remember feeling sad about my hair, I only remember feeling extra awesome when I could feel it move and touch my back as I twirled around.
Kids are seriously awesome, and I have certainly learned a thing or two hearing these answers. That could mean a career, volunteer work, something separate from your partner or children. With others, or alone, kids happily run around with food on their faces, mismatched clothing and bruises on their knees, loving themselves and embracing life.
When I knew I had done a good job, then I no longer relied on anyone to tell me I was good, or pretty, or smart or whatever. There is only one you in the world, and you’ll be able to love others more when you learn to love yourself. Of course there are daily, weekly or monthly, setbacks, but independence is a wonderful thing.

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