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Even when our minds have forgotten the faces of our loved ones, the site of a child still brings joy to our eyes. I just didn’t know until that day we found your boxes of journals, love letters, and newspaper clippings the passions of your heart. I’d love for you to follow The House of Hendrix below, and if you haven’t already, Like us here on Facebook and join our Pinterest community.
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After loosing our parents unexpectedly at the age of 70, I can tell you that all 7 children wish we would have asked more questions earlier on.
You are killing me today, I keep reading your posts and each one is hitting closer and closer to home.
Since I do this for a living, I can’t sit around waiting for the Inspiration Fairy to fly in my window. An ad in a business magazine about a company’s environmental policies might start me thinking in that direction about going green, whether the company is sincere or just chasing a politically correct trend, where to find money for this sort of thing in a tight economy, other things that are green (frogs, money, eyes, cupcakes, boogers, envy, etc).
You might not realize it to look at me, but I exercise almost every day because it stimulates the creative process.

Glasbergen Cartoon Service is a cartoon bank of more than 2500 cartoons, cartoon stock for any occasion, a cartoon resource for any type of print or electronic media. I’ve been meaning to ask my grandparents a bit more about their history whilst I am still able to enjoy their company.
Hopefully this will get the conversation started for others, and I will start answering some of these questions for my kids and grandkids even before they ask. After a few minutes of brain storming, I’ll start jotting down ideas and after an hour or two I usually have 10-15 new cartoon ideas. Specializing in business cartoons, health and fitness cartoons, medical cartoons, education cartoons, family cartoons, love and marriage cartoons, lawyer cartoons, real estate cartoons, holiday cartoons and animal cartoons. We would talk about being a delegate in the Nixon administration and visiting the troops in Europe when people didn’t just fly to Europe. She is only 2 yr old now but I am sure that she will enjoy reading them when she gets older.
We were blessed to have Gram, (David’s grandmother) nearby until a year and a half ago. Maybe we, as a younger generation, are so consumed with ourselves, we have forgotten the legacy from which we came.

I want to know what is was like being a single mother at a time when that was frowned upon.
I start by refilling my coffee cup, then I grab a yellow legal pad and pencil, and some sort of idea-stimulator like a magazine, an old cartoon book, or an article on the web. If I’m feeling sluggish on some days, a 15-20 minute walk around the block will usually help. I did not understand the courage and perseverance behind your choices…because I never really thought about your choices. I imagine this is true for any type of creative idea work, whether it’s a project at work or school, a sermon, a magazine article, whatever.

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