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This was written to my boyfriend in jail while I was missing him more than words can describe.
My fiance is locked up in Bradshaw state jail, he has 9 months to go and I miss him so much.
Subscribe by Email for your weekly emotional release with our Loving, Healing and Touching poetry and quotes! WOW - I love checking in on this poem from time to time to see the comments - I wrote it so long ago but the feelings stay fresh so we never forget the feeling of missing each other.
This poem was really good made me cry cuz its exactly how I feel and looks like I'm not the only one sharing this pain especially since my boyfriend and I were to be married a week after his arrest. Loved the poem and I'm very happy to hear you are happily with your hunny (to author of poem) ladies it does suck to have a loved one incarcerated.
My daughter's boyfriend and the father of her five month old baby girl has been in jail in Marion County, MS for three months waiting to be transferred to a state prison to complete a five year sentence. Wow just read this poem, and I either didn't realize that I wasn't the only one out there living this life with my husband in prison, this is the second time for him.
Wow - I wrote this poem almost 4 years ago and cannot believe the response it is still receiving! I am only 16 and my boyfriend went to jail not that long ago and I haven't seen him in a while and am going crazy with out him and this poem just explained my feelings. I am tearful and glad to read all of these stories, my husband has been locked up for 9 years and has a current release date of 2023. My boyfriend was taken to jail yesterday for trying to get his warrant off but the guards took him before he saw the judge. I miss my boyfriend soooo bad, he has been in jail for almost three weeks, and we are just waiting the court day to know what will happen to help God!!!
His past caught up with him and is doing a little time and our heart have to be a part right now and it's the worse feeling in the world to be in love and have to be a part.
He may have done some wrong things but everyone makes mistakes and it sounds like you two love each other very much and that's what counts.
It's really hard to not know what's going especially being 5 months pregnant and not knowing if he will be there to see our baby born I really enjoyed this poem and I thank you to who wrote it. After reading all the messages I do not feel so alone, I sat here in tears but actually feel like, we too can become stronger from this and it has helped us become a lot closer. No one knows or understands the true love for a loved one who is in jail the way that the partners of the incarcerated do. Since MS doesn't recognize our Constitution's Bill of Rights in its entirety, he has been sentenced as a violent habitual offender, even through Florida public records clearly show that his arrest record does not met MS's habitual offender requirement.
He has not been sentenced yet and it is very stressful to imagine what may happen and how long I will have to wait. I have now been married to the inspiration of this poem for over 3 years - and I know every circumstance is different and being with someone in jail doesn't always turn out to be "worth it" - but I do believe those of you going through this know in your hearts if the pain and waiting will be worth it. My boyfriend of 6 years has been in jail for 4 months now, and since then I've been visiting him twice in a month. My husband and I have been together for 5 years, and have a beautiful 3 year old daughter, who is without her father. I have never been with anyone that's been in jail and this has been the hardest weeks ever, I miss him so much it hurts.
My husband is in Federal Prison and sometimes I forget just how many others are feeling the same as me.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I write him 2-4 letters or cards a week to keep his spirits up and a smile on his face he calls to tell me he loves me as much as he can. We had a baby boy a month before he went to jail and he passed away and it just really hurt him. I really do miss him like crazy and everytime I go to a visit I just wanna bust down the glass so I can touch him, and we all know that's not gonna happen.
I am 18 years old and my boyfriend is locked up and it's very hard for me to be away from him. Stay strong I can relate to a lot of posts my pain is sooo much I don't even have words to express my sadness, anger and even joy sometimes.
We started dating about five months ago and a day or two after dating I found out he was going to jail for up to five years. I've raised all five of my children and four of his pretty much by myself now they are all grown up and on there own and now going through this again is hard and yes you do have to be strong, and it's hard but when I also read this poem it's just how I feel, along with every other family going through this it's hard that's for sure but I'm gonna write this poem also and thank you so much but I know it went right to the heart !
I am so grateful to have my man home and I will never forget that time apart and what it felt like - I also know because of that test of our love - I can say with confidence that I would have waited for him no matter how long it took. He was my high school sweetheart and we have 5 amazing children together, last one born 2 weeks after incarceration.
Now he has a new charge and I won't see him till at least Tuesday :( I'm going to send this to him. I'm waiting because I want him to know and understand what a real woman looks like and how real love feels. I know it's not as long as most of you have to wait, but it still hurts and I worry about him more than anything.
I can say I've moved on as I am married with 3 beautiful children, but I'm always going to have them "what ifs" and my heart just feels like a little piece of it is missing. It's been hell but its made us stronger and knowing we can do anything as long as we have each other.
And you reminded me I'm not the only crazy one out here loving someone worth waiting and daydreaming for!! I just want him to know that I love him more then words can explain and I'm here for him no matter what. I just love and miss him so much and this poem was so perfect just what I wanted to send to him!!!
The first time he was locked up it was for 3 years, now I'm not sure how long it is going to be. He is doing 7 years and its only been four days since he's been locked up I'm am four months pregnant and I am due in September.
My own is in there for the next 7 months (not nearly as long as the rest of you), and my heart goes out to everyone. The stress of knowing he was leaving made us both snap at each other and I regret it with all that I am.
Honestly, I have felt very alone until now because my family and even his family do not agree with my waiting for him. This has been the hardest time for me as I have to stay strong for both him and my daughter while coming up with stories to tell her when she keeps asking why he does not come to see her. It was hard when I first found that he'll be going to jail for 10 months but now I'm trying to be strong and yeah, I'm determined to wait for him because we were supposed to have married by now but he keeps telling me that we will when he gets back.

He was since about 300 miles away and I wasn't able to see him but now he has been transferred closer to home and so now I will get to see him for 2 hours a week. But I'll never get the answer to why he would want to hurt and leave someone he claims to love so much.
I talk to him for 20 minutes a few times a day and see him once a week behind glass for 20 minutes. This poem says everything I have been trying to say for months now so just wanted to say thank you to the poet for writing this so I could tell him what I've been wanting to say! I get so annoyed because every second of every day I get punished for that stupid mistake he made. No one can judge him because they do not really know him, and their opinion is unimportant.
I found out that I was a month Pregnant after a month he went to jail, He knows and he's excited about it and so am I. Stay strong out there ladies that are going thru the same thing either it will break your relationship or make it! He talks to his daughter at least once a week as it hard for him since he cannot touch her and hold her. In all these years I have seen written and been sent beautiful poems, this one is close to the top by far!!! I'm a 20 year old girl who just wants to be happy, but I'll never be happy until he is home with me where he belongs. My boyfriend has my support and love regardless of what he has done and how his actions will affect our lives. I love him and cannot wait for the day when the three of us will be reunited and we can move on with our lives.
Thank you for putting it out here it helps express feelings of longing for him at times I can't breathe. I have made the decision to go on with my daily life, working full time, and being mommy and daddy to our baby. It's hard being in love with someone who's got sent away but I feel lucky he's close to home and not that far away!!
It is so sad, but I am doing it, and doing it with a smile on my face, even if it is a fake one. And when I do it's only for an hour every couple weeks and that time flies by way to quick. I love him, and believe it or not, am still planning every detail of our wedding, where we had left off before this.
I hate it, but what I realized is the more we all stress about our loved ones that have gone away the more miserable it makes us.
Be strong for you and them and keep your promise if you say you'll wait because that's what keeps them going.
I will definitely be sending him this poem, it will make him feel a little better about this awful situation we are in.

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