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Newly decoded letters penned by Marie-Antoinette suggest France’s last queen had a torrid affair with a Swedish count and that two of the children she had with Louis XVI were illegitimate. Two centuries after the notoriously decadent royal was guillotined during the revolution, researchers have finally unlocked the secrets of blacked-out secret passages from her letters to Axel de Fersen, a friend of the royal family. Dated January 4, 1792, the declaration of love was penned in black ink six months after the count unsuccessfully tried to spirit her and her captive husband out of Paris.
Historians have long debated the nature of the relationship between Marie-Antoinette and Fersen – whether it was romantic, sexual or merely platonic. The question was crucial at the time as revolutionaries depicted the queen as a frivolous thief and a traitor to husband and country while royalists insisted she was loyal to Louis XVI. All previous attempts at deciphering the censored messages, meticulously obscured by circular scribbles to mask Marie-Antoinette’s original handwriting, proved fruitless. However, a team at France’s Research Centre for the Conservation of Collections, CRCC, has now managed to extract the original handwritteen text, using cutting-edge X-ray and infrared scanners. News of the revelations follow the publication of a new book by British historian Evelyn Farr, out in the spring, which suggests her daughter, Sophie, who died as an infant, was fathered by her Swedish lover. My Business - ARCHITECTURE This 'minor basilica' has morphed from a simple shrine into the current beautiful semi - gothic structure that we see and enjoy today. The more personal sections of the letters were carefully redacted by a mystery hand – thought to be the Swedish count himself or his descendants, in a bid to preserve her honour. I know with all the disappointments down here it is hard for you to comprehend that sometimes.

Over the years, devotion and love for Our Lady have helped scores of people  contribute towards its development and upkeep.
An arch above the main portal has the emblem of the Basilica – AM, initial letters of the famous greeting of Angel Gabriel to Mary at the time of the Annunciation, in Latin: AVE MARIA. These letters are mounted on a crown and enriched by two stems of lilies, symbolizing Mary’s queenship and her virginal purity.The third floor consists of four windows, and a prominent circle with the inscription ANNO JUBILAEI 1904 – the golden jubilee year of the promulgation of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception, and the year of the inauguration of this new Basilica. I want you to be in love with Me at all times, even when it seems as if My answers are "no" and there are long delays. When rung in unison they sound heavenly?      ?                              The Ave Maria emblem is clearly visible, 'Bandora' then 'Bandra' now                                          This bell is still rung daily                                                                                                      At each corner of each tower a stone pillar with Corinthian capitals is marvelously made to stand erect. In addition to the main entrance, there are four side entrances, and above each of these doors there is a large window throwing light into the nave.     The Life of Mary in murals?     The inside walls of this stone structure originally bore some beautiful murals, highlighting the events in the life of Mary, painted during the time of the first Rector. Since they had faded with the passage of time, they have been replaced by beautiful  fiberglass murals depicting the same story of Mary.
Vimala (PDDM) and a group of artists from Goregaon, under the personal supervision of the present Rector, Msgr. Nereus Rodrigues.  The Teak wood Workmanship The ceiling of the nave, 42 feet high, is made of teak wood.
The loft rests on either side on four teak wood columns, with fluted shafts and Corinthian capitals. The one to the North, dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, was consecrated by the late Cardinal Valerian Gracias on the occasion of the Consecration of the Shrine, 8th Nov 1954.       Projections Adjacent to the area of the side altars one finds projections on either side.

The projection on the northern side, which was earlier a side chapel for private masses, now serves at the Eucharistic chapel. When one observes this projection from outside one cannot but notice the letters IHS, encircled by a crown of thorns, which are mounted on the outer side of the rear wall. A number of liturgical symbols are engraved on the outer body of the pulpit, like the loaves and fish, the two tablets of the Ten Commandments, symbols of Christ – IHS and PX, etc.
A large Crucifix above the pulpit is reverently approached by most visitors.  Mary’s Prophetic Words on the Arch  Exactly above the pulpit, one can see Mary’s prophetic words – “ALL GENERATIONS SHALL CALL ME BLESSED”, prepared artistically in wooden letters and painted in gold. They occupy a prominent place on top of the semi-circular stone arch that separates the nave from the sanctuary. High up on the altar is the venerable statue of Mary with the Christ-child that attracts all visitors. The altar also has a beautiful circular tabernacle to preserve the Blessed Sacrament, with the words  PANIS VITAE (Bread of Life – in Latin) engraved over the door.   This Last Supper is highly detailed and is a must see for visitors  Embedded in the main altar is a marble plaque representing Our Lord’s Supper surrounded by his chosen twelve Apostles. This plaque was inserted later by His Lordship Bishop Longinus Pereira to whom it was presented on the occasion of his visit to the Jesuit Seminary, Vinayalaya, in Andheri.

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