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Relationships include: Fights, Jealousy, Argument, Faith, Tears, Disagreements, But A Real Relationship Fights Through All That With Love. I hope these quotes help you understand the soul of a relationship and prove as a guide in your lifetime relationships.
Relationships are of two types one is the relation with your family members, and the other is someone special person, to whom you love and want to spend the whole life with them. Share these quotes with your loved ones to let them know that you value your relationship and let them also benefit from the wise sayings.

It is said that relationships never die a natural death they are murdered by Ego, Attitude and Ignorance. For example if you are in relationship with a girl you should leave no stone unturned to earn her trust and respect. When a person is in relationship he should give much time, care and love to the person he loves. It is useless to expect something from the other person while you yourself do not take care of it.
Remember that your partner needs your attention and trust if you create unnecessarily distance it will destroy your relationship.

You have to give your relation some time rather to criticize each other and end up breaking the relation.
Also share these quotes with your partner and tell them you want this relationship more than she does.

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