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If you own the copyright to this image and you do not wish it be included in our index, please report it here and we will remove it as soon as possible. To better protect you, we have implemented a new security feature that lets you know the country from where a profile was created.
Beware of any profile where the country of residence that our system has detected is different from the one the member claims to be living in. Are you looking for islamic marriage, muslim matrimonials, muslim matrimonial ads, muslim personal ads? When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. New research reveals we're not the nation of Bible thumpers Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee like to tell themselves. New research reveals we're not the nation of Bible thumpers So true, 99% of the churches are no longer Bible thumpers, going to them is pointless. The real problem America has is delusional, idiot fascists along the line of this fool and her ilk at Salon.
One of the most glaring intellectual errors of the left is their belief that atheism, agnosticism and secularism generally are non religious.
OK, so we’re supposed to give up because a majority of Americans do not sit in a pew on Sunday.
So if we should discard religion as a force for moral good because we aren’t as pious as we like to think we are, then how many other things should be discarded because we don’t do them 100% of the time that we should or that we claim we do them?
Does the writer truly miss that her words demonstrate her view that in its transition into a secular nation, America necessarily comes from Christian origin?
The idea that theists of various stripes owe you or some facsimile of the Enlightenment an apology is to pretend that the world was not created 5000 years ago, but yesterday. When we think about the fadish death as text beheading, let’s remember who invented the guillotine.
Mao and Stalin killed over 100 million people this past century on the intellectual and academic premise that religion is primitive and archaic. Public sensational killings are not simply tolerated by the secular— they are the celebrated signature. Christianity uniquely critiques the killing of the innocent and says a Resurrection stands between the statist fantasy of genocidal fed obedience and a world of human liberty.
Rule one of Creation which these self important are too blind to see: You will serve Heaven or you will serve Hell.

I wish some foundation would send Amanda on a fact-finding mission to share a few of these thoughts with her friends at ISIS. Christians know that the majority of the country is now under the control of the Wicked One. There is little evidence that Americans are religious (at least within the context of traditional faiths). If you have not added your picture yet, please sign up, go to 'My Account' and then click on 'Modify Profile' and then upload your pictures. Are you looking for marriage, looking for a muslim wife who wears hijab, a religious muslim spouse, wife or husband, a true muslim bride?
The 2016 presidential campaign has really and truly started now, and already the religious pandering is getting silly.
I served in the Army, as a bouncer and a guard and I have never seriously contemplated getting one. But then again, maybe that’s why our economy, culture, and world respect is in a flat spin.
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Is she going to tell Asian Americans to stop whining about not being let into prestigious universities at a rate commensurate with their high school accomplishments? Is she going to tell African Americans to stop blaming everything on The Man use and riots to extort money from the public trough? Marco Rubio is so desperate to be seen as a religious right savior that he spread himself out, claiming formally to be Catholic but attending a Bible-thumping holy roller church that believes in young earth creationism and demons.
That one or two bakeries might not supply cupcakes for her gay cousin's wedding reception? And not just that, but that the secular-minded majority is getting even bigger and more secular all the time. While most Americans are believers, that doesn’t mean that they believe that religion should have the power over our personal lives, our government policies, or our own consciences that the religious right believes it should. To hear Republicans speak of it, legal abortion and easily accessible contraception are affronts to our supposedly Christian nation. In reality, most Americans, regardless of religious affiliation, are pro-choice and pro-contraception. Despite church teachings, Catholics don’t differ from the general public on their opinions on abortion.

A report by Catholics for Choice, in fact, showed that only 14 percent of Catholics agreed with the Vatican’s belief that abortion should be completely illegal.
And despite efforts by conservative media to treat the contraception mandate like it’s an affront to all Christians and especially Catholics, research shows that 63 percent of Catholic women and 66 percent of Protestant women supported the contraception mandate. The sexual behavior of religious people isn’t measurably different than the sexual behavior of the non-religious. Catholics and Protestants get abortions and use contraception at the same rate as non-believing women. When it comes to sex, we’re a secular country with just a few religious trappings for ornament.
Indeed, the moral teachings of various religions, particularly the conservative ones, don’t have nearly as much impact on how Americans think and behave as they would if ours were truly a Christian nation.
Most Americans believe that divorce, birth control, premarital sex, single parenthood, and homosexuality are morally acceptable behaviors.
Not exactly the picture of a secular elite imposing its will on a conservative and pious majority. One of the ways that the religious right claims that we’re a deeply religious country unlike our secular counterparts in Western Europe is by pointing to our supposedly much higher church attendance rates.
While the French and English spend their Sundays snoozing in bed, Americans supposedly get up and get to praying. And it’s true that if you ask Americans how often they go to church, they report putting their butts in pews on a regular, often weekly basis.
Research shows that pews are about half as full as they would be if Americans were telling the truth about church attendance.
We just lie about it, possibly because we buy into this myth that we are a religious country, which makes some people feel pressure to front like they have more faith than they actually do.
So when we see that the numbers of admitted non-believers are rising, it’s not because masses of religious people are suddenly choosing to become secular. It may just be people who were only nominally Christian feeling freer to admit that they don’t really believe in any of that stuff at all.

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