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You need to right click the resource file and open it with notepad, and then add the line beneath the entry that's already there.
Okay, so I know at this point you guys are sick of hearing from me but that mod apparently hates me.
Thanks so much for the help, kinda new to the sims 4 , should of read it more carefully, but thanks again ?
Are you putting in only one code at a time into the white box that appears when you enable cheats (cntrl shift c), without quotation marks? I read somewhere that in older versions, alien abduction can sometimes get male Sims pregnant. James (dark hair) gave birth to twins and Matt (red hair) is currently expecting a child by James' brother Louis (SO MUCH DRAMA).

I hate to be a bother but is there a way that part where you add the line to the resource file can be broken down and better explained? The cheat codes only activate the animations and moodlets for the various stages of pregnancy. Mods are needed right now, I'm hoping they might add it into the game later like in the Sim 2 with alien pregnancy or sims 3 they added it later (but it wasn't that good).
Unfortunately, in the Sims 3 when males got pregnant they basically became obese and not pregnant looking at all. It was extracted from Winzip and put into the Sims 4 mod folder and checked as "script mods" in the box and still I don't have the option of 'Have a Baby' with my male Sim couple.
Any other issues about installation troubles should be taken up with the author of the mod.

They do not actually make the sim pregnant with a child, so all the labor cheat code does is activate labor and without any intereference that sim will just be in labor forever. I think some users also have to type in "testingcheats true" in order for the cheats to work.
Also, putting in only the not showing option will not do anything, since the pregnancy doesn't progress normally I think.

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