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What if I told you, there is a single core issue responsible for almost every break up and break down, and, not just in our romantic relationships, but in all our relationships? As a relationship coach for almost twenty years, I share this insight with you now so that you can gain the wisdom and power to find love in all the right places.
In most cases, this pivotal answer is, a€?I am worthy ifa€¦.a€? Until we awaken, Conditional Worthiness is the foundational belief for almost every human being on this planet, and the core belief that every other belief is based upon. Most people spend their entire lives trying to prove that they are worthy of love, never considering that the quest for worthiness is impossible to fulfill, nor understanding, that this impossible quest covertly sabotages virtually every loving relationship. If you look deep, you will find that the core wound of all emotional wounds is the belief of unworthiness or conditional worthiness.
As a way to cope with the emotional wound of unworthiness, the well-meaning ego selects a a€?primary emotional need,a€? that when met, temporarily fills this wound. Although we are usually unaware of this primary emotional need, there is a part of us who is constantly tracking for the fulfillment of this need, and, consequently, altering our behavior in order to get it met. We might sacrifice our desires for approval, compromise our values for appreciation or hide behind a false self in exchange for being understood. In an unconscious attempt to heal this wound, many of us search for that one special person who can love us enough to make us whole, but we fail to take into account that the wise Universe has another plan. A substantial component of what we call romantic chemistry is the unconscious pull towards someone who will not meet our primary emotional need, and, as a result, trigger our emotional issues. If you unconsciously believe that you are only worthy of love if your primary emotional need is met, your love receptors will only turn on when you perceive that this condition is satisfied, but, as soon as the condition is no longer satisfied, the receptors turn off. The bottom line is, even if someone truly loves us, if our conditions are not met, we unconsciously block love. On the surface, challenging relationships that our based on the a€?worthiness gamea€? might seem like a waste of time, but, by no small means, this dynamic is by Divine Design.
Relationships are meant to trigger issues so that we know that they exist within us, and we have the opportunity to heal, and free ourselves.
Many years ago, I found myself in a long term relationship where I felt completely unappreciated.
The true purpose of emotional pain is to wake us up, and make us pay attention to the false belief(s) that is causing the pain in the first place. Of course, you can ignore this pain through methods of distraction, addiction, rationalization, etca€¦ but pain is designed to grow stronger the longer you ignore it, requiring greater and greater methods of avoidance.
Until we are fully awake in our lives, the purpose of relationships, and especially intimate ones, is to alert us to our disempowering beliefs, so that we can heal and wake up.
If you dona€™t love yourself, you will need others to behave certain ways so that you feel worthy of love, but others can only demonstrate your belief that you dona€™t feel worthy of love. In addition, because worth is intrinsic and unconditional, it cannot be proven or disproven. OrLANtech has been serving the Maitland area since 1995, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses. Online dating has been around long enough that it no longer carries a negative social stigma. After the scammer has established the illusion of a genuine and meaningful relationship, he or she will begin asking the victim for money.
If the victim complies and sends money, he or she will probably receive further such requests. Finally, the victim will come to realize that he or she has been duped, perhaps after waiting fruitlessly at the airport for a "lover" who, will of course, never arrive. The Business of Breaking HeartsAt this point, you may be thinking, “I’m a business owner in a happy relationship.

In the example we shared from Hoax-Slayer, the scammer was pulling on people’s heartstrings to directly con them out of money. If the email address the employee uses to communicate with the scammer happens to contain sensitive work information, then the relationally-suave hacker can access company files after hacking the account. Scams coming from online dating is just one avenue that hackers will use to get at your data. Even relationships that begin with incredible love, faithful promises and the best of intentions often come to a bitter end. Because we have amnesia of our true selves, and we have forgotten that we are unconditionally loved by an All Loving Source, we come into this world asking, a€?Am I worthy of love?a€? From our first breath, we seek this answer, not knowing that the life-long quality of our relationships, prosperity and health all depend on our immature interpretation of the signs.
If you believe that you are fundamentally unworthy of love unless you meet certain conditions, you will construct a reality built on this false premise, and, as a result, you will embark on this game of life, seeking love outside yourself, and building unsustainable relationships upon that search. This belief is so painful because it is completely untrue, but since our parents, teachers and peers all suffer from the same debilitating belief, it seems perfectly normal.
The a€?primary emotional needa€? is specific to you and your life experiences, with the most common emotional needs including: appreciation, approval, acceptance, understanding and being heard, but there are many more, as well. Without knowing it, your primary emotional need runs your life, making you do things you dona€™t really want to do, and keeping you from expressing your true self.
When our partner is not meeting our primary emotional need, we either sacrifice ourselves to do whatever it takes for our partner to love us in the way that we desire, be that through appreciation, approval or understanding, etca€¦, and if our partner still does not meet this emotional need, we defend ourselves with anger, resentment, resistance or we just shut down.
I bent over backwards and even sacrificed my own integrity in order to receive morsels of appreciation, but no matter what I did, I still felt unappreciated. Depending on your ability to tolerate emotional pain, eventually, there will come a point, where the only way to be free of this pain is to uncover its true source and pull it up from the roots. I began to see a hidden history revolving around my need for appreciation that began with my mother in childhood. Other people, we call family, lovers and friends unknowingly act out our false beliefs and trigger our issues so that we have the opportunity to recognize and release these false beliefs and heal our wounds.
The mere act of trying to prove that you are worthy or getting others to treat you a certain way so that you feel worthy, comes from a belief that you are not worthy. Herea€™s How to Find Out if ita€™s a GMO Product Cancer charities allegedly misused $187 million for concerts and dating sites, U.S.
In fact, you may know of some success stories from online dating--or you may have even successfully used online dating yourself. The profile will include information, and possibly a photograph, of the person along with a way for interested people to make contact. They may soon bypass the dating service contact system and start communicating directly, usually via email.
He or she may discuss family, jobs and other details designed to make the correspondent seem like a real person who is genuinely interested in the victim. For example, the scammer may claim that he or she wants to meet in person and ask the victim to send money for an airfare so that a meeting can take place. With his or her judgement clouded by a burgeoning love for the scammer's imaginary character, he or she may continue to send money. A more savvy scammer with bigger goals may take the false romance route to get at your company’s data, which is much more valuable than a plane ticket. In a situation like this, they could also gain access to any company accounts associated with the email account. By implementing mobile device management tools and security solutions to bolster an airtight BYOD policy, you will be able to stay ahead of hackers looking to swipe your data from all the wrong places, including the heart.
This means that if your primary emotional need is acceptance, you must somehow get others to accept you, again and again, in order to feel worthy of love.

It is an invisible prison of your own making, and, even if you can get others to meet this emotional need, it is never enough to fill this bottomless pit of unworthiness. We withhold love from our partner by denying him or her their primary emotional need in return. You might also have self- imposed conditions, for example, if you dona€™t look a certain way, even if your partner is meeting your emotional need, you wona€™t feel loved because your love receptors are turned off. No matter the facts, details or history, the greater part of us is conspiring for our awakening. I could see that my need for appreciation was a symptom of trying to prove that I was worthy of love. Therefore, if I believe that my worth is conditional and I must prove that I am worthy, my partner can only reflect this belief by unconsciously offering behavior (withholding my primary emotional need) that activates my feelings of unworthiness.
Or, the scammer may claim that there has been a family medical emergency and request financial assistance. Thanks to the growing trend of people using their personal devices for work purposes (BYOD), any online scam that threatens an employee’s personal life can, by de facto, put your company’s data at risk.
If you have a lonely employee using an online dating service from the same device they use for work, then you will want to take steps to safeguard your business from this risk.
An employee with a high level of clearance to your company’s data will make them a valuable target for the seduction tactics of a scammer. Our personalities become molded according to this need and our unconscious strategies to get this need met, influencing our choice of careers, friends, clothes, interests and just about everything else. We dona€™t attract people who will meet our emotional needs because if those needs were met by others, we would remain oblivious to the deeper wound, which is not feeling worthy of love, and that wound would go forever unhealed, keeping us out of alignment with our true spiritual nature. As I grew resentful that my partner withheld appreciation, I began to withhold understanding. I could also see that there was an empty space inside me where my own self-love was missing. However, the "person" that the victim thinks he or she is corresponding with, is likely to be purely an invention of the scammer.
Additionally, due to a hacker having a romantic connection with the duped employee, manipulating them to reveal sensitive company information will be easy. In fact, this is a common tactic used by enemy countries to get military personnel to reveal national secrets.
We need someone (important to us) who will withhold the very thing we believe we need most, so that the pain and suffering associated with not getting this need met, will alert us to this wound, in such a way, we cannot ignore. The key nuggets of our frequent arguments were, a€?You dona€™t appreciate mea€? versus a€?You dona€™t understand me.a€? As I felt unappreciated, I also felt unworthy of love, and as the pain grew with the passing of time, I arrived at the point where I was done seeking appreciation because it was just too painful. It became perfectly clear that in this unconscious game of trying to prove my worth, the cards were stacked against me. The victim's apparent love interest may look completely different to the person in the photograph and, in reality, may not even be the same gender.
Be careful when interacting with strangers online and don’t get caught in a malicious Cupid’s crosshairs!

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