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In addition to working as a marketing writer, Julia Selby Smith is finishing her master's in public communication and technology at Colorado State University. We’re a couple weeks in to the new year now, so…how are those New Year’s resolutions coming? It takes dedication and some serious talent to successfully pursue a degree, work, and maintain a busy family schedule.

She brings to ValuED insights about life as a student, research related to continuing education and online learning, and—her most preferred topic—(loosely themed) academic humor. I’m sure you’ve been hitting the gym, clipping coupons, and steadfastly writing those daily journal entries. As a culture, we have a tendency to lump college students neatly into one category: right out of high school, living on campus, engaging in hijinks whilst wearing togas… (Okay, that last part is just the result of watching too many 80s movies).

The infographic below illustrates data we found about the impact advanced education makes across different areas of life—from career to lifestyle.

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