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Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features. A British socialite is paying host to a holiday visitor she never expected: The ghost of a woman she believes died in her house 100 years ago. Peaches Geldof, the daughter of Live Aid organizer Bob Geldof, recently took a selfie of herself and her son Astala in the bath.
But when she looked at her picture, she noticed what looked like a mysterious third party: a translucent hand of what looks like a ghost just above her shoulder. Geldof, 24, posted the spooky selfie on Instagram, and believes the haunting hand belongs to the spirit of a woman who committed suicide in her home 100 years ago after delivering a stillborn baby. In 2011, researchers at Northwestern University led by Joel Voss did a study showing that the human brain is wired to look for familiarity and meaning in the most abstract squiggles. Here's why: Our brains automatically identify similar objects and then organize them according to type. In 1916, retired Scotland Yard Inspector Arthur Springer took this picture in Tingewick, Buckingham, England.

Rich Gang’s Jacquees recently sat down with Vlad TV for a one on one interview, which you can check out below. I sent that to Danny on FB and he said he knows about it and it will be on here tomorrow hah.
He says he’s not trying to be Wayne but dresses up and wears his dreads like Wayne dafuq? We didnt need anymore confirmation and its only like that one retard who believes he is working on a Drought mixtape instead. Vlad would probably die if he ever had a chance to get an interview from Wayne his self lol. He interviewed him back in 2006, the LWHQ social media pages linked to it for Throwback Thursday months ago. Jacquees droppin Quemix 2 tomorrow btw, yall should check it out this nigga can sing his ass off..
Not going to front on here you guys know about wayne way more than me so I would like to ask you guys if anyone can name some slow wayne songs the ones the are not heard of or even features that he has a very slow flow?

And no that isn't my hand -- one of mine was round his waist to hold him during the photo, the other holding the camera to take the shot.
That’s why we can look at a baseball cap and a fedora and know right away that both are hats.
Wayne Was About To TAKE THE CROWN & Jay Knew It, So He Acted Like He Was Passing Down The Torch. I always wanted him on C5 before you say anything look him up on YouTube and my favorite song is How Bout Now remix which in my opinion is better then the original . Hes trying to keep up with all the news that coming about Weezy every day or so and I think Danny’s doing a very satisfying work! Kobe is old but top 5 all time and can still play and keep up with the young talent with more rings.

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