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This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. When asked on whether Trade Ya is the "original 418 but got pushed back", Jim Miller replied "yes" and states that it was "pushed back for production reasons". Elsewhere, Applejack and Rarity each find a vintage item they want, but each item costs all of their goods. Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie stops Twilight from trading away all her books for a young filly's broken quill, enforcing the rule of the Traders Exchange that a trade is only fair if both ponies end up with something they want.
Back at Twilight's stand, Pinkie becomes something of an auctioneer and hypes up Twilight's books to the crowd of ponies.
Finally, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy make the exchange for the orthros and make their way to the Daring Do stand; the two pass Applejack and Rarity along the way, who continue to bicker. Pinkie continues to promote Twilight's books, especially the "princess" aspect, and is about to make a sale until she mentions that the books made Twilight the princess she is. Twilight presides over a small trial to decide the fairness of the trade; because Rainbow Dash said the trade was fair, her hooves are tied. In the end, Spike turns out to be the only one of Twilight's friends to walk away from the Exchange with an uninterrupted trade. Pinkie Pie: According to the rules of the Exchange, a trade is only fair if both ponies end up with something they want.
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We'll help you learn how to do all of those things you do with a cigarette without one, so you can finally quit for good. Thanks for viewing "Immature people quotes".You can also find us on popular social media sites including Facbook, Pinterest, Google+ & Tumblr. However, all she has to trade for it is an old, rusty horseshoe, which the collector refuses to accept.

Applejack seeks a pie tin that Rarity visibly disapproves of, and Rarity seeks a brooch that Applejack notes looks no different than the one she's currently wearing.
Because she doesn't have any plans to trade her own possessions, Pinkie decides to help keep Twilight from making the same mistake and sets up a booth to promote the books as "official princess merchandise", which draws in a large crowd of ponies.
Twilight becomes uncomfortable with the attention, stating that no one should trade for her books simply because she's a princess.
The Pegasi find their path blocked by a crowd of ponies and see the Daring Do collector beginning to pack away her untraded goods for the day. Rainbow Dash argues that the trade cannot be fair because, though she wanted the book more than anything, nothing is worth more to her than a friend.
I have felt the same way lately but even if some friends go there will always be SO many others who will ALWAYS stay! The collector only agrees to trade the book for an orthros owned by a dealer of ancient beasts.
Pinkie acknowledges Twilight's feelings but proceeds to mention to the crowd that the books were given to Twilight by Princess Celestia, exciting the crowd even more. Twilight herself also realizes how much the books mean to her, as they—like Pinkie said—made her who she is. Gallop over here for your chance to trade for authentic, one-of-a-kind, official princess merchandise! As the official princess representative for the Exchange, Twilight finds a large welcoming party waiting for her. When the orthros breaks the dealer's lamp, he agrees to trade the orthros away for a new lamp. Remembering that the Exchange ends at sundown, Rainbow and Fluttershy assist in making oat burgers and moving the line along faster. In their haste to reach the stand, Fluttershy drops her bear call, which is lost among the returning crowd. Fluttershy asks the collector to reconsider, demonstrating her expertise at taming the canine. Suddenly, Rainbow Dash zooms onto the scene and pleads for Twilight to exert her princess authority and declare a trade unfair.

Rainbow Dash returns the book to the collector, and Twilight declares both the trial and the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange closed.
In return, Applejack gives Rarity a jeweled barrette that she traded her half of their stash for.
Thus, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy approach Stellar Eclipse, a trader of Discord-shaped lamps, who agrees to trade one of his lamps for an antique chicken statue.
Realizing they don't know what kind of chicken the lamp trader wants, Rainbow Dash sends Fluttershy to check while she remains by the chicken stand to keep other buyers away. The collector agrees to give Rainbow the book on the condition that Fluttershy stays in Manehattan with them to help train the orthros.
When Pinkie Pie asks about the orthros, Rainbow Dash says she traded it for a bird whistle for Fluttershy.
The Pegasi fly over Applejack and Rarity, who are arguing for the other to get what she wants to prove themselves the better friend.
Fluttershy reasons she would need to leave Ponyville for countless moons but reluctantly agrees for Rainbow's sake. As consolation for giving up the first-edition Daring Do book, Twilight gives Rainbow her old paperback copy of The Sapphire Statue. Rainbow and Fluttershy find a trader of crystal chalices who, ironically enough, agrees to trade one for Rainbow's horseshoe.
Upon returning to the lamp stand with the antique chicken in tow, Rainbow and Fluttershy discover that Stellar Eclipse has gone on break, frustrating Rainbow Dash.
Rainbow eagerly makes the deal and claims the book as her own, only to realize moments later that she has just traded away her friend. Rainbow cherishes the gift even more than the first-edition because she can read it with all of her friends.

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